10 Ways You Can Grow Marijuana Organically

Since the beginning of the international boom and the popularity of marijuana, different forms of growing method has gained an enormous amount of attention and consideration. In the United States and other parts of the Americas, during the 1970s marijuana and other forms of drugs were put on grave threat with regulations and the so-called War on Drugs. These later paved ways for people to try out growing marijuana indoors or at their very own homes. Chemicals were used as organic and natural fertilizers may be difficult indoors. Unfortunately, the quality, fragrance, and the overall experience that come from marijuana that was grown through chemicals were not as good as the organically grown ones.

Luckily, Organic Cannabis was born. This is when marijuana or weeds are grown through organic means or through managing healthy soil nutrition, the involvement of microorganisms, and most especially dealing with the organic way of growing.

In case you are highly interested in growing your marijuana through the organic method, you have to have a better picture of the process which includes seeding, vegetative, nutrition, flowering, harvesting, and cloning if that is what you like. So, to help you start, here is a simple list of the 10 most effective ways for you to grow marijuana in the organic style.

Choose your Seeds Wisely

Before growing your marijuana, it is best to understand which types of strains to use for you to grow a healthy one organically. Organic growing of marijuana needs or at least requires hardy plants as it may have to have a healthy environment for it to grow properly. Some growers both novice and experienced ones are going after hybrid strains or feminized seeds in order to grow organically. If you choose to have hybrid strains, they usually take a shorter period of time before flowering to perfection.

Choose your Growing Method Wisely

Whether you are growing your marijuana organically or not, it is still best to understand that different methods apply to various strains. You can either choose to grow organically outdoors or indoors that use methods namely: hydroponics, grow box, grow tent, and closet growing. Just make sure that the nutrients of the plants are natural and that they will not require any artificial add-on.

Get the Right Fertilizers and Boosters

Since you are planning for an organic marijuana, of course, you have to have the organic fertilizers and boosters with you. If you do not invest in the right set of fertilizers, your plant may be damaged and the leaves may be too dry or may weaken as well. So, it is best to choose organic ones that are usually made of natural ingredients and elements as well.

Sunlight is Still Golden

Just like any other plant out there in the world, cannabis also needs enough sunlight to grow perfectly. When grown indoors, it requires a good lighting fixture for it to grow harmoniously. When grown outdoors, it requires a good amount of sunlight to thrive accordingly. So, light is still important as this is where they get most of their nutrients.

Build a Compost

One clever way to capitalize on the organic essence of a marijuana growing is by building a compost. A compost starts with scrapped leaves, soil, some animal manure if needed, and other scavenger ingredients. Some of which are paper products, dry leaves, pine needles, coffee grounds, corncobs, feather, hair, and fur, among others. It is best to compile all of these to make an organic process for your marijuana to grow the healthy way. In doing this, you have to have a compost bin to work with your plans properly.

Make a New Soil

Just like building a compost, making your new soil is helping the marijuana strain to grow harmoniously through organic growing method. Just make sure that you have the well-balanced composition of nitrogen and carbon elements plus the play on healthy microorganisms.

Make a 420 Fertilizer

In growing marijuana organically, it is best to use a fertilizer that is water-soluble or a compost of soil that is healthy enough to help you grow your plant properly. In the case of the famous 420 Fertilizer, it just requires the right balance of nutrients for it to help you in your activities. This is composed of phosphate, Epsom salts, humic acid, Azomite, and Dolomite.

Always Measure Temperature

In growing just about anything, it is best to treat the temperature with love. Whether you are growing outdoors or indoor, it is the best to measure the temperature as it can greatly affect the health and overall flowering process of a marijuana. If it is too hot, the plant may not grow while if it too cold, it may shrink and wither.

Beware of Molds

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Molds, mildews, and plant diseases are some of the common harmful attacks to any marijuana strain that is grown organically. Since the compost and or the soil are rich with microorganisms, some of the pests and molds take advantage of it. However, it is also the advantage of organic growing to shield the plant against these harms.

Take Care of Time

Just like any other strain whether indica, sativa, or hybrid ones, all of them require the best time or the perfect period of time to grow properly. Hybrid cannabis that is grown organically can thrive easily after about 4 to 8 weeks while the regular indica and sativa ones can be harvested after about 7 to 12 weeks.

Now that you these 10 ideas on how you can maintain a proper growing system and cultivation of your marijuana. It is best to take note of these ways to help you have the best-cultivated marijuana that is grown through the natural process without any synthetic or artificial elements. Make sure that when you start growing organically, you will have to take note of the soil nutrients, the compost, lighting, air circulation, time, and of course the particular strain.

Good thing that you start thinking of growing marijuana organically so that you help build a more quality cannabis and an environment that is free from synthetic nutrients and artificial healthy plants.