The Basics of Applying Aquaponics for Cannabis Growing

Have you ever heard about aquaponics for cannabis growing? Well, you may be missing a very potent method of cultivation if you haven’t tried it yet. Aquaponics is a growth strategy that brings together two effective systems to act coactively with one another. 

One is aquaculture which is the method of fish farming. The other one is hydroponics which is a way of cultivating plants even without the use of soil. Once these two systems are blended, you can potentially make an almost self-sufficient loop system that bears cannabis plants for intake.

Understanding Aquaponics for Cannabis Growing

The setup of aquaponics for cannabis is almost the same as hydroponics. Their only distinction is the origin of nutrients meant for the cannabis plants. With aquaponics, nutrients are not supplemented to the water tank – rather they are created through the waste that is induced by the fish. The watered-down fish waste is drained and carried to the root system of the plants. 

These roots penetrate the nutrients and filter the water before it is brought back to the aquarium. Technically, the only thing you will need is fish food. You can have it grown or bought for the system.

The main nutrient generated from the waste of the fish is nitrogen with small bits of other minerals. Considering this fact, the system has been proven to be efficient for leafy greens. But since you are growing cannabis, you will have to supplement other nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium. This is fixed through a double-root zone.

Employing a double-root zone lets you break down the roots into two parts. The lower half of the pot is immersed in the water while the top half portion of the pot can be occupied with soil. This will permit more nutrients to be given to the root system without polluting the water. 

The two parts may be disjointed through burlap, which permits the roots to move through while inhibiting the soil from getting into the water. When putting in more nutrients, refrain from over-soaking the soil to maintain the cleanliness of the water in the aquaponics system.

How Aquaponics Work?

The major element to a prospering aquaponics system is the valuable bacteria that is in-charge in transforming fish waste, dissolving plant matter, and unconsumed food into ammonia and other elements that are fed by the plants. This normally existing, nitrifying bacteria, possess each and entire surfaces of the aquaponics, particularly the growing medium in the hydroponics.

Although over 50 percent of the waste generated by the fish is ammonia-based urine, the remaining 50 percent is defecated through fecal matter. The waste, together with the unconsumed fish food and dissolving plant matter, is transformed into ammonia too through mineralization. 

Consequently, the nitrifying bacterium transforms the ammonia to nitrite, then transformed to nitrate, which your cannabis plants eagerly consume as nutrients.  This keeps the water clean and safe for being used again in the aquaculture tanks.

Even though aquaponics is comprised of around seven parts, the three major parts are the aquaculture tanks devised for cultivating the fish, the hydroponics bed devised for cultivating the plants, and the regulated beneficial bacteria.

How to Succeed in Applying Aquaponics for Cannabis Growing

The key to any prosperous aquaponics method is patience. You have to establish equity between the plants, fish, and bacteria, and this task could certainly consume time. Sadly, there is no easy way to hasten these things as the bacteria is being transplanted. You can assist the bacteria to grow, however, they require time to accumulate their volume and create a booming colony.

That implies that in a new aquaponics tank, you should allocate time preparing the bacteria, and meanwhile, you may have plenty of adjustment to do to keep the balance so you could keep both the fish and the plants alive: supplementing nutrients, replacing the water, examining the levels of the nutrient, controlling pH, and probably removing or adding fish.

However, as you make more balanced, and the tank turns more mature, your task becomes lesser. Through time, you can arrange the system to perform most of the upkeep by itself.

Why Grow Cannabis through Aquaponics?

There are several reasons why you should try the aquaponics system. Through time, this method has established impressive results and these are enough to entice potential growers. To name a few, here are some reasons for growing through aquaponics:


Substantially, all authorized cannabis has to comply with organic measures. There is a minimal list of nutrients and organic pesticides permitted to be used. Cultivating cannabis in a technology that does not require supplemented nutrients, nor routinely supplemented pesticides will surely expand your wallet.


The Aquaponics system is very sustainable when growing cannabis. There are unique fish foods that are exclusively meant for aquaponics. It guarantees that the aquaponics remains vigorous while giving the fish all essential nutrients.

Water Consumption

Figures display that the aquaponics system consumes a maximum of 90 percent less water than conventional systems by re-distributing water. 

Multiple Returns

If applying aquaponics with a consumable fish such as tilapia, you are receiving multiple returns. While you grow your cannabis plants, you are also cultivating protein-abundant fish. Overall, take around 6 to 9 months to come to its coveted size for consumption. However, the rate of growth relies on the temperature of the water.

Grow Fast

Aquaponics is an impressive method to grow cannabis plants fast. The system lets the root system to consume more oxygen than they would normally have in the soil, which boosts nutrient absorption and development.


Aquaponics for cannabis growing is a viable method. It is flexible and can cultivate cannabis essentially anywhere, given you are following the rules of the government. It gives a quality end product with distinct selling marks that can assist growers to excel in the market.

With aquaponics, you can have something to give a boost to while they are soothing themselves after an exhausting day. You should learn the basics of this system and start with your cultivation.

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