10 Best Marijuana Trimming Scissors

In growing marijuana buds, experienced growers are basically trimming buds for some reasons – appearance, harshness and THC concentration. Trimming can be done before (wet trim) or after drying (dry trim) which depends on the grower. To perform the proper procedure of trimming cannabis buds, there should be an efficient use of trimming scissors.

There are numerous brands that offer the best marijuana trimming scissors and each of them cater to your personal standards and needs. While it can be so difficult to pick the right one, we have searched and gathered the top ten of the best units of trimming scissors you can use in improve the overall value of your plant.

The following details provide a thorough understanding and review of the marijuana trimming scissors which may work well for you. Continue reading for more information.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Pick of the Best Marijuana Trimming Scissors

Before proceeding to the main part of this review, we want to give you an idea of the best three trimming scissors for your cannabis plant. This will save you time and make the selection process easier and more accurate.

One of the most interesting trimming tools is Tabor Tools K-17 Trimming Scissors which offer the best quality and features to all gardeners. For a price range of only $9 to $14, you get an extremely reliable tool for your gardening needs.

Another incredible item you can try is the Hydrofarm Soft-Touch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip which is very easy to use when cutting the smallest and most hidden stems or branches of your plants. At a maximum price of $13, you get what you are looking for in a trimming tool for the marijuana plants you grow. Moreover, you can use it for a long period of time without worrying about the pain and discomfort it may bring when you use it.

Lastly, you can look at more details of how Fiskars Trimming Scissors can help you in achieving the best amount of products you can harvest. This Fiskars tool features non-stick blades and soft-grip touchpoints that can make you feel so comfortable. You can reach even the most hidden parts of the plants.

By giving these top three of the best trimming shears for your cannabis plants, you can save time and energy in searching from hundreds of options available out there. The details provided below gives you further details on each brand of the best marijuana trimming scissors.

VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner

VIVOSUN Pruning Shear features straight strainless steel blades with micro tip snips built to reduce constant hand strains. These tip snips are also spring-loaded to automatically open for you. It can reduce hand fatigue, thus, making this shear extremely useful if you are suffering from hand, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other wrist issues.

VIVOSUN Gardening Pruner also features precision-sharpened blades that are always on-the-go to tackle your shaping, deadheading and trimming needs. You can use it in your annuals, roses, vegetables, marijuana strains, and small gardens.

Using the micro tip snips, it will be so easy to get between your cannabis plants to perform clipping and snipping on specific areas you wish to cut. You can do so with only one hand without damaging other vital branches and stems of other plants.


  • Good value
  • High quality


  • the shear lock on its handle slides up
  • requires more friction

This VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner can be an incredible gardening tool for regular visits to your small cannabis garden. This tool set is very sharp; thus, it is worthy of your money. When not in use, you can just keep it in your pocket while roaming around your greenhouse or small garden.

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TABOR TOOLS K17 Scissors

Featuring sharp stainless-steel blades, TABOR TOOLS K17 pruning scissors is an ideal tool for your gardening routines. Whatever type of marijuana strains you planted in your backyard or garden, you get high-quality scissors that can help improve your goals of harvesting high yield and obtaining dense buds.

TABOR TOOLS K17 Scissors has an open-close strap to deliver an optimum performance and increased comfort. On the tip of its upper handle, you will find this strap which allows safe and easy storage. Moreover, the presence of embedded shock-absorbing springs to bring additional comfort while you cut. This way, you will be free from fatigue as you work even for long hours.

In addition to these cool features, TABOR TOOLS K-17 snips are also razor-sharp floral shears which are light enough and got a long blade for deadheading, picking flowers and managing herbs. These pointed and thin blades guarantee that you will not struggle in reaching those tightest and narrowest spaces such as stems in the bundles. Although you cannot use K-17 Pruning Snips on woody or hard stems, it will be a perfect tool for taking care of your marijuana plants regardless of their types.


  • sharp shears
  • easy to use
  • durable
  • clean edges


  • the mechanism and handles are stamped only and not forged

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SHINE HAI Soft-Touch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

SHINE HAI Micro-Tip Pruning Snip measures 6 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces. It can be ideal for trimming, shaping, deadheading, and quick snipping on smaller plants. This gardening hand pruning shear is also made of stainless steel with precision-cut and ultra-sharp blades to help you achieve high-quality trimming results in your plants.

SHINE HAI Soft-touch trimming scissors also boast easy spring-action design which gently opens the blades with the help of its built-in springs in each cut. This way, you do not need to deal with hand strains making it perfect for those who have carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist and hand issues.

On the other hand, the presence of safety lock design is made to secure and protect you from the blades when not in use. Apart from this, SHINE HAI trimming scissors are also heavy-duty and long-lasting. Its sharpness will last long making it ideal for your bonsai trees, shrubs, and cannabis.

Its non-slip soft-touch features comfortable grip handles which you can freely and conveniently use whether you are a left or right handed. You can trim your marijuana strains for longer periods without dealing with pain or discomfort on your hands.


  • works well for pruning
  • strong and durable enough


  • the handle may break easily

SHINE HAI gardening shear is developed with the gardeners in mind because of its impeccable features and benefits. Almost everybody can enjoy trimming their small plants with ease and convenience.

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Happy Hydro Trimming and Pruning Scissors

Designed for trimming and pruning plants, buds and flowers, Happy Hydro Scissors features straight, Teflon and non-stick blade which is made to last. It works well in making floral arrangements, trimming herbs, bonsai trees, and vegetables, and bud trimming. These scissors stay sharp while these keep you trimming even for long hours.

Happy Hydro Non-Stick Scissors have built-in safety lock designed to keep all razor-sharp blades secured if you are not using this tool. It is also easy and safe to hide in your storage in the garden sheds, greenhouses, toolboxes or grow rooms.

Furthermore, Happy Hydro introduces a comfortable grip handle designed to reduce hand fatigue as you use it. This trimming tool is perfect for outdoor, hydroponic and indoor gardeners who are suffering from arthritis and having restrict hands strength.

The best part of using Happy Hydro Trimming Scissors is that it is resistant from corrosion. Its Teflon blades maintains a non-stick clean edge which lasts for many rust-free years with consistent sharp cuts. Happy Hydro Scissors give a gardening pleasure as you take good care of your plants in the hydroponic gardens, grow tents, outdoor gardens or greenhouses.


  • comfortable grip
  • dependable and sharp handle


  • only efficient for small plants
  • stiff spring

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Fiskars Soft-touch Pruning Snip

Fiskars Soft-Touch Pruning Snip is made for trimming, shaping, deadheading and even quick snipping on small plants in your garden. This tool has been received the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation Award for its helpful design among gardeners who have arthritis and limited hand strength.

Moreover, this tool measures approximately 6’ and guarantees a lifetime warranty for its users. You will benefit from its easy spring-action design that gently opens its blades while you perform every cut. With this feature, you will be able to prevent constant hand strain and any discomfort when trimming and pruning. On the other hand, there is Softgrip touchpoints feature associated in this tool to improve control and comfort.


  • precise and easy to use
  • great control when cutting


  • cannot cut thicker branches and stems

Fiskars Soft-Touch makes a good gardening experience for everybody. This 6-inch trimming tool will make your trimming and pruning of cannabis plants simple, easy and pain-free.

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Greenthumbpro Hydroponic Microtip Pruning Shears

Hydroponic Microtip Pruning Shears by Greenthumbpro are a two-pack straight/curved blade which is basically used in flower and leaf trimming. Using this pruning tool does not mean experiencing hand stress. It is simply because Greenthumbpro’s Hydroponic Pruning Scissors are designed to reduce the daily hand stress in long hours of use.

Aside from being made of sharp stainless-steel blades, it has also included soft grip handles and quick spring release for added comfort and ease. Its professional design makes this tool perfect for any type of gardening activities – trimming, pruning, etc.

Greenthumbpro Hydroponic Trimming Shears are lightweight and durable. They belong to the most quality pruning shears because of their impressive features and benefits offered to the customers. It will help your job get done quickly whether it is trimming buds or flowers and pruning stems or roots of your marijuana plant.


  • lightweight
  • lasts long


  • locking device does not hold the pruners close

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Hydrofarm HGPP400C Precision Curved Blade Pruner

Hydrofarm is a recognized brand across the country as a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of hydroponics equipment as well as high-intensity growing lights. Now, it has introduced another premium quality product called HGPP400C Precision Cut Pruner.

This total is trusted by classic pruners, horticulturist, weekend gardeners, flower trimmers and professional growers. HGPP400C Pruner features stainless steel and razor-shaped blades with well-balanced ergonomic and lightweight design.

Moreover, it can be used by a right-handed and a left-handed person. This trimming scissors also boast other minor features such as double density, safety lock, and variety of style and colors.

On the other hand, you can also benefit from its trim-fast blade lubricant designed to be used on shears, snips and even automated trimming where food grade lubricants belong. You can also utilize it with any live plants. This feature will help you save both money and time.

Hydrofarm Precision Pruners are not just curved stainless steel blades, but there are also curved titanium and straight stainless-steel blades. Each has distinct functionality that will make your gardening simple, fast and easy. Feel free to select based on your personal preferences – razor-sharp, durable and rugged.


  • ergonomic
  • lightweight


  • slide lock failure

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Sago Brothers Pruning Scissors

Sago Brothers Pruning Scissors are basically used in cutting bonsai, bud and leaves of other small plants. With its handy design, clipping light branches, buds, leaves and small steps will be very quick and easy. Furthermore, you can use this for crafts and even other household chores that require small scissors.

Every package includes 5 pieces of pruning shears with 4 inches per piece. With its sharp blades, cutting these small leaves and stems will be so effortless. It works best for those who have difficulty in trimming the smallest branches, stems, leaves or roots in the plants.


  • ultra sharp trimmer
  • high in quality


  • not the best for trimming stems

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Corona FS 4120 Hydroponic Scissors

Corona Tools is a company originated from Southern California. Since 1920s, this tool has been designing various landscape and garden tools that are acknowledged by gardeners and professionals who are looking for long-lasting performance of tools.

Corona FS 4120 Hydroponic Micro Snip Scissors are perfect for regular landscaping herbs, seedlings, flowers and gardening. This 6-inch cutting tool comes in standard and comfortable gel handle styles. Each has different price, so you have two options to meet your specific needs and standards in trimming or pruning.

Corona FS 4120 Scissors will help you limit the chances of cross contamination of the flowers, seedlings. It is simply due to the fact that you can sterilize them. There is heavy duty spring attached in it to reduce hand stressing and assist individuals who are restricted to have hand strength and arthritis.

You can also find a double-sided lock which allows you to landscape, snip and garden your cannabis plant even if you are a right-handed or a left-handed person. Other features to look forward to Corona FS 4120 are adjustable pivot bolt, double-beveled tapered tips and stainless steel blades, and soft-touch feel handle.


  • comfortable handle
  • durable product


  • snips, but freezes up

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PRO 420 Spring Loaded Trimming Scissors

PRO 420 trimming scissors are best as harvest tools because of their sharpness and durability. The springs will automatically return after each cut to prepare the scissors for its next cutting position. Furthermore, the little lock will keep you away from any possible hazard when the scissors are not in use.


  • Sharp blades
  • easy to use


  • issue on the closing clasps

In general, PRO 420 Trimming Scissors are sharp and comfortable pruning tool, making them an ideal choice for trimming your marijuana plants. This cutting tool is indeed worthy of your time and money.

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Based on the information provided about each trimming scissors, it shows that TABOR TOOLS Pruning Shears provide the most impressive qualities and features that the right marijuana trimmer should possess. For a price range of only $9 to $14, you can get a trimming tool for your marijuana plants that can last for many years.

Finding the best marijuana trimming scissors for your small garden can be so easy if you know the criteria or standards in choosing one. With this review of the top 10 best pruning and trimming shears, you can assure you are making the right decision. You can even save a lot of time and money spent with the wrong brand of trimming scissors.

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