10 Best Marijuana Vape Pen – Review and Buying Guide

Vaping has been a fascinating alternative to the usual smoking that we all grew up with. It is also considered as a new and fun way of taking in some of the incredible head and body high that marijuana can provide your body. You can actually do a lot of tricks when you master the art of vaping compared to the regular smoking and it is actually less harmful to your health especially if you’re allergic to smoke.

Vape pens are becoming a necessity among weed enthusiasts since it can offer a better way of administering and enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Many people are shifting from the old school smoking of marijuana to this new and up-to-date one due to the convenience and portability that this device gives them. There are a lot of available vape pens in the market that offers different features that you may definitely like.

The best marijuana vape pen is out there somewhere and it is up to you to find it. Don’t you fret! We listed down below several of the possible medical marijuana vape pens that you can choose from. Without any further ado, here are our top picks with their corresponding marijuana vape pen reviews to guide you.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Pick of the Best Marijuana Vape Pen

If you’re into a customizable vaping experience then the O.Pen Vape FIY Kit is the device you’re looking for! It is the world’s very first “Fill-It-Yourself” vape pen which allows you to mix and match your favorite strains through its very convenient container.

Puffco Pro 2 offers you a different one-button experience wherein everything is controlled with just a single button! You can change the settings and do a lot more things with just a number of clicks away.

Easy charging and a long battery life are what OG Four 2.0 Rip’ N Go can be proud of. It is for those people who are always on-the-go and doesn’t have much time to do complicated loadings since you can load your concentrates easily on its chamber.

Reviews of the Best Marijuana Vape Pen

O.Pen Vape FIY KIT

O.Pen Vape FIY will immediately impress you with its stylishly designed containing vessel that is convenient to carry around. The lid can be used as a mixing dish where you can stir up your favorite cannabis oil.

The vape pen itself is really elegant and simple that can be easily gripped and won’t slip away. Although this pen is a little bit longer than your typical vape pen, it can fit perfectly on the pockets of your pants or even on your coats.

This device is considered as the very first fill it yourself vape pen in the world. It heats up instantly and there are no complicated buttons on it. All you have to do is to inhale and the pen automatically turns on.

  • The automatic on and off feature is really to die for
  • You won’t have to wait for it to heat up
  • USB charging
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The included syringe must be cleaned properly or it will affect the flavor of the vapor
  • It requires long charging hours to fully fill up the battery

Puffco Pro 2

A single button can do all for you when using this Puffco Pro 2. There are 3 various temperature settings that this vape pen has to offer you depending on the color it shows in the light: low, medium, and high. It has a “Sesh Mode” which means it will be on for about 12 seconds of using it.

There’s no questioning about its portability since it can be carried and placed in your bags, purses, or even your pockets. The included case contains everything you need to get things going, from the charger to the cleaning materials, everything is kept safe in it.

It is an ideal vape pen for those stealth and discrete vapers since it can be kept anywhere and fits perfectly on your palms.

  • You only need one click of a button to control the whole pen
  • It is made from stainless steel material
  • It can produce thick smoke
  • The chamber has a large capacity
  • Cleaning this pen is quite easy
  • It only offers a limited range of flavors
  • Frequent cleaning of the device is required
  • It has a short battery life

OG Four 2.0 Rip’ N Go

OG Four 2.0 Rip’ N Go is a very portable and convenient vape pen since it comes in a small and handy look. Don’t be fooled by its size. It can deliver a powerful and high-quality vape experience that you will surely love.

This vape pen has a lava quartz vaporizer that offers its users a burst of flavor in every inhale and exhale. OG Four 2.0 Rip’ N Go offers an easy charging experience wherein you can plug it into your wall sockets or even to your computers. It also has an easy loading mechanism which involves unscrewing of the mouthpiece, placing your solid concentrates, and screwing back the mouthpiece.

The package that comes with this vape pen contains everything that you need for your vaping pleasure.

  • It has a very long battery life
  • This vape pen contains a heating chamber made from polycarbonate
  • The airflow mechanism is adjustable
  • It is user-friendly
  • The design may not appear classy

Dr. Babber Aurora X Ahol Collaboration

Dr. Babber Aurora X Ahol Collaboration presents a very aesthetically pleasing design that is packed with wonderful features. This vape pen can easily vaporize your favorite cannabis strain in minutes without putting so much heat on it. This product boasts a Snaptech Magnetic technology which allows a tight connection between the batteries, mouthpiece, and atomizer.

What makes this vape pen unique is its capability to let you experience three different customized vaping levels through its serialized heat settings. Its mouthpiece is made from a strong ceramic material while the rod and halo are also composed of the same substance. It also has an automatic shutoff functionality that turns off when not in use for about 10 seconds.

To properly maintain this vape pen, it is required that you change the coils every 2 to 4 weeks or depending on how frequent you are using it.

  • It offers 3 various ways for you to enjoy vaping
  • The temperature can be adjusted
  • It has a very lustrous design
  • It can quickly vaporize the concentrate
  • It has a tendency to overheat
  • It can only produce low levels of vapor

R2 Rip N’ Go Kit -65

R2 Rip N’ Go Kit is an ideal vape pen for cannabis concentrates in solid form. This is a recommended marijuana vaporizer for people who are always on the go. The heating chamber of this vape pen is made from a durable polycarbonate material which enables this very compact device to perform beyond its size.

This smart vape pen can sense inactivity which lets it shut off by itself especially after 10 seconds of idleness. This mechanism enables it to prevent the occurrence of overheating and it definitely saves a lot of power.

It is an ideal vape machine for beginners and even veteran vape smokers alike.

  • Its usage is a breeze
  • This vape pen doesn’t cost that much
  • The heating chamber doesn’t promote overheating
  • It can only accommodate solid concentrates
  • There is no wall adapter included

Yocan Evolve Plus XL -91

Yocan Evolve Plus XL boasts a sleek and competitive design that fits your pockets like an ordinary pen. Although it may seem to be a bit larger than other vape pens due to the chamber, it has the unique atomizer cap mechanism that Yocan is famous for plus it has a quick heat technology making waiting for a thing in the past.

It has a very accessible ceramic chamber that can be easily reloaded any time, anywhere! The cap also has this capability of keeping the heat intact within the pipe and chamber. This vape pen shuts itself off after 15 seconds of inactivity.

  • It has a dual quartz atomizer and a silicone container for good keeping
  • The battery life of this vape pen is quite longer than expected
  • It has no preparation time involved
  • It is very affordable
  • This vape pen’s heat settings may be not pleasing to everybody

Quickdraw 300 DLX Vaporizer

The box of Quickdraw 300 DLX Vaporizer is constructed beautifully and it doesn’t look very much feminine. This vape pen’s look doesn’t lean away from those of e-cigarettes. It is definitely lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you go.

The only problem that you may encounter in terms of its portability is the three separate cartridges that come with it. But you can always fill up one cartridge so that it will be less hassle for you to carry everything around.

It will only take you about an hour or less to charge this one up and provides 6 to 8 hours for the next charging. The chamber cant accommodate too much concentrates because it can affect the flavor produces by this vape pen. It also has a smart temperature technology that heats your concentrates perfectly and at optimum.

  • This vape pen is very economical
  • It can produce good quality vapor when was is used
  • One button does it all
  • It can accommodate any kind of material
  • The dry herb and wax chamber is somewhat difficult to load
  • The cartridges also get hot when in use

Linx Hypnos Zero

At a glance, you will surely notice how small this vape pen is. The only thing that you might find distracting is the location of the atomizer which is below the mouthpiece. This means that there is no actual protection for your mouth from the hot wax.

The atomizer, on the other hand, is a very sturdy and durable part of this vape pen since it is made from ceramic materials. It is both compatible for concentrates or wax and it doesn’t heat up the exteriors. The vapor that it produces is of the utmost quality and improves the flavor of your favorite cannabis strain.

  • No doubt that it is super portable
  • It is very durable
  • This vape pen can enhance the flavor of marijuana
  • It is user-friendly that gives anyone a wonderful vaping experience
  • The container is rather small
  • It doesn’t produce much vapor or smoke
  • There’s no manual lock
  • The mouthpiece gets dirty easily

R Series Roil Vaporizer

This vape pen works wonders in solid concentrates. R Series Roil Vaporizer makes powerful and flavorful vapors without the use of coils rather it uses ceramic rings to produce that smooth sailing taste you deserve.

R Series Roil Vaporizer offers a reliable vaping experience which weaves a giant cotton candy-like smoke that is oozing with cannabis goodness. It can vaporize wax in a matter of seconds without having the hassle of waiting for the chamber to heat up.

The whole kit includes an easy loading coil-less ceramic technology with a Quad Airflow system.

  • This vape pen portable and is so easy to use
  • Its battery can last for hours
  • The design is beautifully crafted and is really stylish
  • Prep time is a breeze
  • It produces low-quality vapors due to the material used in the heating chambers which is polycarbonate plastics
  • It’s quite bulky

This Things Rips R Series 2

Rips R Series 2 is made to accommodate solid concentrates. This vape pen’s design is well-crafted for people who want to be ninjas in their own ways when vaping some marijuana.

It is fairly easy to place your concentrates in the polycarbonate chamber. The amusing thing about this device is that you can see the vapor inside and it also has an auto shutdown feature which turns off completely after 10 seconds of inactivity.

  • You have 3 options for voltage
  • It is very convenient to bring along
  • There is a lock for safety purposes
  • The USB charger is easy to be broken
  • It doesn’t have a wall adapter

Buying Guide

There are a lot of things you need to consider before deciding on which best medical marijuana vape pen that fits your preferences. To let you decide which one you should check on and try, we listed down some points to consider before going on and laying down some cash.

Batteries do matter

The first thing that you should check is the battery. It shouldn’t produce any heat or even heat up for that purpose because recent studies show that batteries that produce heat may contribute some carcinogens to the vapor you are inhaling.

It should be of low-voltage and shouldn’t cause any electricity generated heat on the coils when you take long inhales.

Be wary of the temperature settings

Make sure that the vape pen you’re going to purchase has its own temperature adjustment settings or even pre-set temperature features will do. Producing high temperatures will make your vapor, well, not vapor anymore which will lose the very reason why you’re switching to vape pens.

Know which marijuana concentrate they can vaporize

There are certain vape pens that can only work with solid concentrates or with wax only but there are a few which can utilize any forms of marijuana. You must also consider the method you want to use, whether, solid, wax, or oil, in your vape pen, to avoid any complications in the future or wasted money.

The easier to use the better

Of course, you wouldn’t like your vaping experience to be full of complications. Choose something that doesn’t complicate things and will be readily available when the need arises. But there are some people who love challenges and will go for vape pens that need a lot of tweaking. It all depends on your preference.


Our top 10 list presented their own pros and cons and why you should buy them. But for us, the true winner in this vape pen battle is the O.Pen Vape FIY Kit. There is nothing not to love about this vape pen since everything we listed in our buyer’s guide fits this product so well.

This vape pen almost had it all! The workable container, sleek design, and durability are the things that this product promises its users. It contains all the things that you need and lets you come up with your very own mix of concentrates that you can use in vaping. It doesn’t have any buttons and also wouldn’t need a long time for you to smoke up some vapors which is beneficial for those people who love challenges but doesn’t want to be stuck forever in figuring out buttons.

It is coil-less and works well with any type of concentrates. The refillable cartridge can last for almost 6 months and it can be filled up with any cannabis oil. It is fairly easy to use with a lot of features invested in it. It has a very strong battery that can last for a very long period of time making it the best marijuana vape pen in the market.