10 Best Pot for Marijuana Growing

The key to growing your cannabis plants successfully involves a good pot. When the seeds are just germinating, they need just enough room to grow their roots into the soil. These pots must also make it easier for you to transfer your plants to your outdoor garden soil or your indoor container.

What kind of pots should you look for when it comes to marijuana seeds? Let us help you out by giving you our top 10 pot marijuana containers. These starter pots will help you develop the seeds into bud yielding plants.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Pick of the Pots for Cannabis Plants

Garden Monks Peat Potseach peat pot from Garden Monks are made of vegetable fibers that are sturdier than other biodegradable materials. The fibers allow the soil and the root to breathe while keeping everything together. You can also plant the seedlings along with the pot so you can protect it from transplant shock.

Plantation Seed Starter PotsA tray comes with 10 pots where you can germinate your cannabis seeds. The pots retain its shape no matter how much you crush it because of its biodegradable materials. Each tray has an amazing water retention property to keep the soil from drying. Because each tray is biodegradable and is soft enough to allow the roots to penetrate it, you can plant the pot with the seedlings onto the medium.

Ogrmar Garden Planter PotAn Ogrmar pot is made from a thick layer of plastic material. They incredibly durable and have a long lifespan. This feature lets you reuse the pots for multiple plants. The drainage hole at the bottom efficiently takes away excess water from the soil.

Reviews of the Best Pots for Cannabis Plants

IGGRO Peat Pots

We start with IGGRO Peat Pots that comes from the biodegradable paper material. The peat material is light enough to carry and will decompose naturally within a season.

Because of the peat material of the pot, you can easily transfer your cannabis plants into the soil with the pot. This helps you avoid breaking the complex root system of the plant and make it easy for you to replant them. In addition, the decomposing material will actually improve the soil where the pot is planted in.

The walls are also just hard enough to keep the soil intact. This allows the plant’s roots to break out of the wall and spread throughout its surrounding soil as it grows.

Every 100 pieces of peat pot have a 3 x 3-inch wide hole. This is enough space for your cannabis seeds to develop its roots during the seedling stage.


  • Biodegradable material
  • The bulk pack provides 100 pots
  • Easily degrades into the soil within a season
  • Material improves the soil


  • Pots can break or tear when a certain amount of pressure is applied

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Brillante Plant Starter Peat Pots

The Brillante Plant Starter Peat Pots comes from organic wood fiber and peat. These ingredients are completely biodegradable with no added chemicals or unnatural additive. These are safe for both people and the surrounding soil.

The walls of this natural pot are sturdy enough to hold the soil in. At the same time, it allows for the roots of your seedlings to penetrate the shell of the pot. This allows you to plant your cannabis onto the soil directly without disturbing its root system, which helps you prevent the seedlings from the shock of taking the plant out of its pot.

Each 30 pack of peat pot measures at 4 x 4 inches. The size is ideal enough for the roots system of a seedling to develop.


  • Natural peat and organic wood material
  • Pots can be planted with the seedling
  • Walls are soft enough for roots to penetrate it
  • 4 x 4 space for ideal root development


  • Pots can attract mold if in a damp environment

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Vegetable & Tomato Organic Biodegradable Pot

The Vegetable & Tomato Organic Biodegradable Pot comes from spruce fibers and peat moss. These materials are organic and biodegradable. There are also no other chemical or harmful ingredients within the pots, which makes the pots environment-friendly.

The spruce fibers and peat moss walls allow the soil to breathe while holding everything together. Roots can also break through the walls, which lets you plant the pot along with the seedling. This prevents any shock damage on the seedlings and making it easy for you to plant them into the soil directly.

A pack has 30 pots that have 4 x 4-inch spaces to allow your seedlings root to grow optimally. In addition, you get 10 free plant markets to help you identify what type of strain the seeds are.


  • Organic and biodegradable material
  • Walls allow for roots to penetrate them
  • 4-inch diameter space allows for the good root system
  • The material provides aeration for the soil to breathe


  • Molds can grow on pots that are constantly wet

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Jiffy Pots

The Canadian Jiffy Pots are made entirely of sphagnum peat. It has no harmful ingredients or chemicals, which makes each pot eco-friendly. The peat can hold in the nutrients and moisture in the soil, while still allows air to flow within the pot.

The peat wall is durable enough to keep the soil intact and still allow the roots to break out of the pot. This lets you plant the seedlings along with a Jiffy Pot onto the main medium you want your cannabis to grow. The direct transfer means less shock damage to your plants, which prevents it from withering.

A Jiffy Pot has a 4 x 4-inch space for your seeds to grow its root system. There are a six-pack and 12-pack of these pots available. The bottom of the pot has slits to allow for proper water draining of the soil.


  • Completely Made from Canadian Sphagnum peat
  • The material allows for the soil to breathe
  • Roots can penetrate Jiffy Pot walls
  • Pots are eco-friendly and biodegradable


  • Packs have fewer pots than others on the list

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Garden Monks Peat Pots

Garden Monks Peat Pots comes from a mix of peat and vegetable fibers. The vegetable portion of the pot provides the soil with some added nutrients that can help in the growth of your plants. This peat pot is also eco-friendly and is biodegradable. After the pots decompose, the surrounding soil will enjoy a significant amount of nutrients from the peat and vegetable fiber. In addition, the fibers decompose easily and quickly when it is planted in the ground. These features make this a contender for our top weedpot marijuana planters.

Another reason why this is our favorite pot is its durability. While some peat pot breaks apart because of its low-quality material, the vegetable fiber makes the ones from Garden Monks sturdy.

The walls can hold in the soil while allowing a good amount of air to circulate it. The peat and fiber also make it possible for the seedlings to grow its roots outside of the pot. This lets you plant your cannabis seedling to your garden medium.

A pack from Garden Monks has 100 peat pots. Each pot has a 3 x 3-inch space for your cannabis seed’s roots to grow.


  • Vegetable fibers offer natural nutrients to seedlings growth
  • Biodegradable material allow for the roots to expand outside of the pot
  • Packs contain 100 pots
  • Pots are eco-friendly


  • Pots do not have slits to allow for soil drainage

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Seedling & Herb Peat Pots

The organic materials that go into making Seedling & Herb Peat pots are spruce fibers and peat moss only. There are no unnatural chemicals or additives to make each pot. The biodegradable part of the material makes each pot-friendly to the surrounding soil.

Like Vegetable & Tomato Pot, the material allows for the aeration of the soil and for the seed’s roots to break the walls. You can plant the pots to the medium where your cannabis plants will grow. The direct transfer lets you avoid shocking the roots, which can damage the seedlings.

A pack of Seedling & Herb Peat Pots comes with 60 pots that have 3 x 3-inch spaces. In addition, a pack comes with 10 plant markers that will help you identify the strains as they grow into bud yielding plants.


  • Affordable bulk price for 60 pots
  • Pot can be planted to medium directly
  • Peat moss and spruce fibers provide air circulation to soil
  • Each pot are biodegradable and eco-friendly


  • Damp pots can stick to the most surface

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Jolly Grow Peat Pots Tray

The Jolly Grow Peat Pots are great for germinating multiple seeds. These trays are great for buying regular cannabis seeds that usually have 10 pieces. In addition, the pots are proudly Canadian made from biodegradable materials within the country. This makes each tray eco-friendly to the environment.

Cannabis seed roots can penetrate the walls of each tray section. The peat material of the tray is sturdy enough to hold in the soil while allowing air to pass through.

When you need to transplant the seedlings to their main medium, you can just cut each section of the try and plant it. This makes it convenient for you to plant the seedlings as well as avoid damaging its roots when transplanting them.

Each tray contains 10 peat pots that have a 1.75 x 2-inch space. A pack of Jolly Grow Peat Pots comes with five trays and 10 plastic plant markers. In addition, a pack comes with a no-hassle return policy should you not like anything about their pots.


  • Tray design allow for germinating multiple seeds
  • Biodegradable Canadian materials
  • Each tray section can be cut for direct planting
  • Roots can break through the pot walls


  • Trays can easily break if applied with too much water
  • Cutting each pot section can be a hassle

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Plantation Seed Starter Pots

The Plantation Seed Starter Pots are a tray with 10 sections for multiple cannabis seeds. What makes this seed tray unique is its biodegradable material that is durable than other peat pots. In fact, the pot returns to shape even after you crush it.

While each pot is incredibly sturdy and durable, the porous material lets in air to allow the soil to breathe. The walls also allow the roots of the seedlings to grow outside of the pot. Because of this feature, you can cut the pots from the tray and plant them in the soil. This helps prevent your cannabis plants from withering because of transplant shock.

Each peat tray contains 10 individual pots. One pot has a space of 1.75 x 1.75 inch for your seeds to grow.


  • Pots retain their shape after getting crushed
  • Materials are biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Tray offers 10 mini pots
  • Pots can be planted along with seedling to prevent transplant shock


  • Pots need to be cut one-by-one when transplanting the seeds

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KingLake Plastic Pots

KingLake Nursery Pot comes from durable plastic materials. It will take an incredible amount of effort just to tear one into pieces. When taking care of, the pots are reusable for other cannabis seeds.

What makes these pots standout is its flexible material. You can push out the soil along with the seedling from within the pot. This smooth action helps retain the roots of the seedlings and lessen its transplant shock damage. In addition, the bottom of each pot has enough holes to properly drain the soil while keeping it inside the container.

A pack of KingLake Nursery Pot comes with 100 pieces of plastic pots. Each piece has a 4 x 4-inch space for your seedlings to develop its roots. In addition, you get a money back guarantee policy should there be something wrong with the pots.


  • Durable plastic material
  • Flexible pots allow for an easy transplant of seedlings
  • The pack comes with 100 pots
  • Sufficient drainage holes in each pot


  • Plastic pots are not eco-friendly or biodegradable

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Ogrmar Garden Planter Pot

The Ogrmar Garden Planter Pot provides a good place for cannabis plants that are in the vegetative stage. You can choose between a 1-Gallon, 2-Gallon, or 3-Gallon pots. All three can give your plants more room to grow its adult roots.

Each pot has a thick wall of plastic that gives the wall high durability and resistance against extreme temperatures. These make them suitable for nearly any kind of climate. In addition, the holes at the bottom of each pot allow you to effectively drain the water from your soil.

A pallet of any Ogrmar pots comes with five pieces. You also get five covers for each of the pot. These covers let you close the top of a pot or act as a drainage catcher at the bottom of a pot.


  • Highly durable material
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors
  • Covers that can catch drainage
  • Pallet offers five pots


  • The material is not biodegradable or eco-friendly

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Picking the Right Pots for Your Cannabis Plants

You need to check several factors in a growing planter pot for your seedlings and large planters for vegetating plants. Here are the things to consider:

Porous – Cannabis roots actually need air to keep the seedling healthy. Bottling them in any container may lessen the amount of air the roots can take. It is a good idea to pick a pot with a porous wall to allow the soil and roots to breathe. Pots made from organic or biodegradable materials are usually porous enough to aerate the roots while holding the soil in place.

Drainage – Quality pots make it easier for the soil to drain the water. Too much water in the soil can damage the roots. The pots you want should have some holes or slits at the bottom. These holes should be enough to take away the excess water from the soil, but not too much that it does not effectively hold the soil.

Water Retention – While being able to hold water seems to go against the previous quality, a good pot will drain excess water, but still be able to retain some water. This helps prevent the soil and the plant to dry out. There should be a good balance between keeping and removing water for your planting pot.

Biodegradable materials –pots made from this material can decompose in the ground over time and allow roots to grow through them. These make the starting pots ideal for transferring seedlings to a soil medium directly, which prevents any transplant trauma to the plant. The materials are also porous to allow air to pass through the wall and are able to retain water. Look for pots made from spruce, vegetable fibers, or peat moss.

Durability – you do not want a pot that is easy to break or tear away which can send the soil on to your floor. While peat pots come from biodegradable materials, you want one that is made from ones that can make a pot sturdy. Some examples of these materials are sphagnum peat moss or spruce fibers, and jute. Pots with these materials will hold on the wet soil for a long time or until the seedling is ready to be planted to another medium.


Garden Monks peat pots get our pick for the best pot marijuana planter. Each pot checks the list of everything a good peat pot should have: biodegradable material, enough space for seedlings to develop, walls that allow roots to penetrate it, and more. In addition, you get 100 pots out of a single pack. In terms of price, Garden Monks offer the best value if you plan on growing auto-flowering seeds, which can easily grow to a harvest yielding plant in a short time.

You might think why we pick Garden Monks instead of IGGRO pots since both offers nearly the same kind of peat planters. This is because of Garden Monks’ use of vegetable fibers instead of IGGRO’s paper material. The fibers make the pots more stable and durable than paper. You can be sure that Garden Monk’s pots will keep hold of the soil throughout the seedling’s life cycle until they are ready to be planted when they enter the vegetative stage.

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