10 Best Stealth Cannabis Strains to Grow

As years go by, many parts of the world are now slowly but steadily legalizing marijuana. While certain groups of people have been fighting for the legalization of cannabis, it has only been recently that countries are now allowing its use for medical and/or recreational use. This has led growers, users, or farmers to cultivate their own cannabis back at home or in a privately owned property.

However, though legal, there are still some reasons why growers need to be stealthy or discreet about their business. For one, cannabis still isn’t socially acceptable even in some parts where they are legal. There are also some growers that may want to be a little more subtle about cultivating marijuana plants because of how they don’t want their nosey neighbors to keep asking or because of how they don’t want to arouse suspicion. Those are the reasons why stealth cannabis strains have risen in demand today.

Whether it is because these strains are shorter and have less pungent odors or scents, here are the top stealth cannabis strains for any grower to cultivate:

White Rhino

A hybrid between White Widow and an indica that’s native to North America, White Rhino tends to be discreet and subtle not only because it doesn’t grow very tall but also because of its subtle earthy scent that tends to give off a woody fragrance despite being pungent at times.

Durban Poison

This strain is a 100% sativa that is native to South Africa. Despite being a potent strain that’s mostly used by users for a burst of energy to aid in productivity, it’s a pretty subtle plant. In contrast to its reputation as an upbeat strain, Durban Poison’s plants don’t tend to give off a strong odor and actually smells sweet when properly cured. On top of that, it’s pretty easy to grow and any kind of farmer and grower can cultivate it properly.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush has always been an all-time favorite because of its effects. It has attributes that certainly tend to grab a lot of attention because of how its indica properties deliver a relaxing buzz that helps the user take the edge off. However, it certainly does not grab a lot of attention like a plant because of how small it is. On top of that, it has a scent that delivers a lemony fragrance.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a legendary sativa strain that’s beloved all over the world. It delivers a high that invigorates the user while giving him/her an uplifting euphoric buzz that will certainly make him/her happy and jolly. But, despite growing tall, Jack Herer is a good stealth strain because of how it doesn’t tend to give off a strong odor. It’s a rewarding plant that won’t grab a lot of attention.

Kali Mist

An energetic sativa, Kali Mist, is a mellow strain that doesn’t tend to deliver a strong buzz while helping the user get through his/her daily tasks by improving mental focus and acuity. Despite having moderately tall plants, Kali Mist is a good stealth cannabis strain because of its lovely scent. It gives off fragrances that are akin to citrus and wood.

Purple Afghan Kush

This indica strain delivers a high that will certainly make the user feel a lot more relaxed and dreamy. It’s not only a delicious treat for the eyes but is also a lovely experience for the user’s palate because of its fruity sweetness that’s akin to the grape. As an indica, it is known to grow short and is a great stealth option for subtle growers because of how its aroma tends to carry the same fruity sweet scent its flavor has.

White Widow

This strain certainly lives up to its name because of its snow-white appearance. A hybrid that was born out of the marriage between a Brazilian sativa landrace and an indica that’s native to South India, White Widow is a Dutch staple not only because for its effects but also for its flavor. It tends to grow as a discreet and stealthy plant because of how it smells like flowers.

Northern Lights

This pure indica strain arose when Afghani strains were crossed with Thai landrace strains. Northern Lights delivers a high that tends to promote dreamy thoughts while relaxing the entire body into a state of euphoria. With a height that barely exceeds two feet, this strain’s plants are shorter than most. More importantly, it’s a strain that doesn’t have a strong scent and has the pleasant fragrance of sweet pine.

African Free

A hybrid that’s dominantly sativa, African Free has a colorful green appearance that’s accentuated by the brown hairs surrounding the plant. This strain doesn’t necessarily look like it’s actually a marijuana plant because it resembles a Christmas tree more than anything else. That characteristic, alongside its sweet and fruity fragrance, makes it a good stealthy strain of cannabis.

Master Kush

Master Kush is an indica strain that came about when two Hindu Kush landraces were crossbred. This strain delivers a relaxing effect that tends to calm the user without having to sedate him/her into a state of couch-lock. It can actually promote productivity. Nevertheless, it is a great stealthy strain because of how subtle its scent is. It produces an earthy and citrusy fragrance that is even akin to incense. Because of that scent, it is hard to make anyone think that a Master Kush plant is actually cannabis.

From what can be concluded from the properties of those 10 strains, scent usually plays the biggest factor when it comes to stealth and subtlety. Marijuana plants are known to be skunky and pungent in nature but there are certain strains that are actually subtle and are pleasant to the nose.Size may also contribute to making the strain stealthy especially if the plants don’t grow tall enough to exceed the height of the fencing. In such a case, strains that are usually short can also be regarded as stealthy. And when both scent and size coincide, that’s when the plant becomes a true stealth strain.