What Is Brick Weed And How Is It Made?

Considering that the world of marijuana changes, its type of strains, techniques of toking, and language have all developed with the progress of time. Brick weed has come to be as one of the features of weed culture, which makes you think of the recent past, listening again to the more superficial world of cannabis. Additionally, brick weed was made popular during the ‘70s and ‘80s. It was a simple transportation technique for large numbers of marijuana before the widespread legalization campaign began, which took place in all parts of the world.

With that, in this post, we will sort out the origin of brick weed as well as the process of making it. 

Brick Weed: What Is It?

As the name implies, brick weed is a brick-formed pile of weed, which is concentrated to a degree of consistency. The procedure of compressing the weed into bricks resulted in brick weed a lot simpler to transfer and with a few possibilities of confederate interception internationally. Also, it was simply the most taken kind of marijuana before. Throughout cannabis banning, it was a method to illegally transfer huge amounts of cannabis without trouble in the international market. 

Brick weed was normally smuggled in the border of Mexico into the US and they came in different quantities wherein some of them weigh at below one ounce and others were about one pound of cannabis. In the present day of marijuana culture, brick weed remains available and transported all over South and Central America and in some countries in Asia at the same time. Because of the developing legalization of marijuana all over the US, with the majority of the regions either with lawful recreational or therapeutic utilization, the essential of brick weed has given a less important role.

Brick Weed: Its Origin

The majority of brick weed came from South America, Mexico, and Thailand and had a surprisingly long process to move to arrive at the consumers. Open-air marijuana plantations were frequently harvested but without accurate consideration of the results and punctually blocked by utilizing manufacturing presses as a whole, merely for the market overseas like the American and European marts. With that, smugglers had the chance to bring a lot of smuggled marijuana, which made it both simple to transfer and push up the amount of revenue from sales that exceed the costs in a business. As such, a lot were thankful because it is dense.

The weed that was not in the shape of brick was not common to the typical western smoker. Also, the obtainable hash was similar to a brick. In the end, the popularity of brick weed began to lessen and there are various grounds why brick weed is not well known anymore. Though some consumers still toke brick weed frequently, global manufacturing has greatly dropped down. With that, the majority of marijuana users have changed to other and more powerful choices. 

Brick Weed: Is It Good?

A lot of people indeed loved brick weed long ago, however, when you are searching for cannabis that has an unusual flavor and enduring effects, brick weed is no good for you. It is permanently low quality compared to other kinds of cannabis that were satisfactorily parched, cured, and kept. The primary ground why brick weed was well known long ago is because of its price. 

This kind of commodity was highly inexpensive that is why brick weed is so extensive up to these days. Naturally, regardless of its low price, some individuals really love how brick weed relishes. In addition to that, when you are fortunate enough, you could actually have brick weed that has excellent quality. However, all-inclusive, it is clear that the cheap price was the impetus behind the massive admiration of brick weed as a whole.

Brick Weed: How Is It Made?

The process of making brick weed is simple. Compared to the buds that you can acquire in a dispensary, brick weed is not cut or cured because this marijuana is harvested, parched, and then squeezed to bricks by utilizing a hydraulic press. 

Last 2017, a Brazilian marijuana correspondent discussed the making of brick weed in Paraguay. He had the opportunity to pay a visit to a marijuana farm in the boundary of Paraguay and Brazil and saw the direct ways of making brick weed, which was permeated the marketplace in the majority of the nations in South America. Also, he instantly narrated that the herbs being utilized to make brick weed were great, sometimes originating from the high standard seeds of popular seed banks. He stated that the herbs are cultivated accordingly though male plants incline to pervade the plantations and impregnates some of the female plants. 

When the harvest time arrives, the whole boughs of marijuana are stacked into large sections of canvas and dried under the sun instead of using artificial heat. With a lot of plant materials that are near each other, condensation will be cornered and sections of the herb begin to decompose, and that what provides brick its robust ammonia aroma. 

When the boughs are parched, the shoots are ripped up from the larger boughs and trembled to take off any bigger foliage. With this procedure, a lot of trichomes will be lost and plenty of foliage, stalks, and seeds will be left behind.

Lastly, parched marijuana is stacked to a hydraulic press wherein it can provide an enormous 50 kilograms block of pressed weed. After that, the blocks will be chopped into little bricks, swaddled in plastic, clenched to each other with tape, and then transported.

The Bottom Line

Brick weed was extremely well known long ago and with a great cause. Nonetheless, the period has changed and marijuana aficionados have lots of great choices nowadays. Would you attempt to use brick weed when you have never consumed it before? The answer will depend on you. When you are interested and wish to have an experience on its flavor personally, have a try on it. On the other hand, when you desire high standard cannabis that has excellent and enduring effects, brick weed is not suitable for you.

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