Everything You Need to Know About Bud Mold

In growing cannabis, you have to be well aware of the possible problems you might encounter. You should know something about the different diseases that you have to avoid. You might be wondering about the reason why your plants end up getting damaged. You must have enough knowledge and idea about bud mold. By this, you will be able to identify it and you will know how to get rid of it or maybe avoid it. 

If you are interested to know more about bud rot, then you came in the right article. Through this article, you will get enough knowledge about it. You will be able to know what bud rot is as well as how to avoid it. 

Bud Mold: Brief Description and Information

What is a mold? How can you possibly avoid it? Maybe, these are the questions you have in your mind right now. Well, bud mold refers to the mold which develops at the cores that are a dense area of your marijuana buds. It is an infection that begins with the inside stem part of your plant’s bud and it will eventually spread on the outside part of it. This is the reason why it is difficult to be identified at an early stage. 

Cannabis growers should be well-aware of the mold for the reason that it is always prepared in striking your marijuana plants. Hence, it is very much important that you know the things you should do in preventing mold development in your plants. Many kinds of mold can damage and infect the marijuana plants. There are two usual types of mold and they are the botrytis cinerea as well as the powdery mildew. 

You have to take note that when your plants are getting infected with it, it will spread in every direction. It will produce spores of its own that could spread to some areas of your garden or plants. The feature of rot will be white as well as wispy. When the buds turn mushy, it will become black as well as gray. 

Be informed that if the bud starts to mold, consumption of it will not be safe. Therefore, those buds with molds must not be used. Some growers treat their plants by removing the area that is being infected with molds, but there are scenarios that the whole plant is infected with it. In protecting your other uninfected crops, you might have to remove your garden. 

How can it be Prevented?

If you are experiencing this problem, then you need to know the solution to it. Even if you are still not experiencing this problem now, you have to know the ways of preventing it. For you to avoid this problem, you must know the factors that cause the mold. Here are the lists of the reasons that can trigger bud rot:

  • Humidity is high
  • Ventilation is poor
  • Temperatures are mild
  • Buds are dense
  • Foliage is dense
  • The immune systems of the plant are weak. 

If you want to prevent the mold, you need to start identifying the type of marijuana plant you have or the marijuana strains. Sativa plants in the regions that are equatorial humid can grow with airy, wispy well as light buds. If the buds have good airflow, then the plants can be resistant to mold. On the other hand, those indica plants in the regions that are mountainous and dry that grow denser buds, have a high risk of mold. It will happen, especially if it is being introduced with the humid climate. 

Training as well as pruning your cannabis plants can help prevent this budding problem. You have to observe how crowded of dense the canopy is for the ventilation and humidity control of your plants. If you prune your plants, it would help increase the flow of the air. Hence, it will reduce the collection of moisture. If you train your plants, it will help in increasing the ventilation through the process of colas pulling so they have enough space and they will not touch each other. 

If your plants are healthy, then it will have a low risk of getting the mold problem. How can you grow healthy plants? Well, you can cultivate your plants organically. You can use organic soil as a growing medium and with this; it will help your plant’s immune systems and will be able to fight the possible infections. 

 Aside from this, you need to protect your marijuana plants from getting excessive moisture. You can water your plants in the morning to prevent the humidity in your cannabis garden. You can also grow your plants indoors or in the greenhouse so you can protect them from the rain and it would help prevent mold on the buds. 

What should you do if you grow your plants outside and there is heavy rain? Well, if it happens, you can use a blower for the leaf in wicking off the water on your plants. There Is also an easy way for you to do that, you can walk by your marijuana garden and simply shake the marijuana plants one by one to remove the water and you have to do that carefully as well as lightly. 

In regulating the humidity, you can use fans or Dehumidifiers, this is if you cultivate weed indoors or in the greenhouse. By using devices in monitoring the moisture, you will be assured of a growing room with a level of humidity that can’t be possible for bud rot. 


As a grower, you must know some of the factors that can damage your plants. In this article, it was stated what the bud mold is. The growers need to have some ideas about it. You will not be able to prevent this problem if you do not know the cause of it. Therefore, you have to know the factors that can trigger bud rot. If you have already known it, you will be to understand the ways of treating and preventing it.

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