How to Deal with Cannabis Manganese Deficiency

Providing the best nutrient solution for your cannabis plant is equivalent to humans eating every day. The practice of properly feeding the plants, with correct guidelines to follow, will allow its developmental growth to become interestingly successful. One of the most-acknowledged mistakes of growers is denying their plants complete macro and micronutrients. What they failed to understand is that any of the recorded absences will eventually harm the crop.

Manganese belongs to the micro-nutrients classification, which is why cannabis manganese deficiency is prevalent. Perhaps, growers must have thought that they are ready to go once they have provided the primary nutrients, which are the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium or NPo. The truth is, these core nutrients will not work well without any presence of micro-nutrients. 

To help growers who lack micronutrients, here are what you need to know about cannabis manganese deficiency and how to deal with them. Regardless of your approach to cultivating cannabis, the steps and detailed information are highly essential.

What’s the role of Manganese in Cannabis plants?

For a short introduction, you must have already known that manganese has a chemical symbol of “Mn” and is present in the periodic table with an atomic mass of about 55 and an atomic number of 25. This same manganese is a part of micronutrients to provide for weeds. Its typical role is to assist core nutrients in producing enzymes and chlorophyll. These two products are essential for the process called “photosynthesis,” and without them, the plant will eventually die. 

Without the presence of manganese in cannabis plants, or what we commonly know as cannabis manganese deficiency, it can greatly affect the chloroplasts and stem. The chloroplasts will suffer from discoloration, while stems will be negatively impacted. Leaves can also be exposed to many adversities; a grower wouldn’t want to have. It is also one of the prime reasons why an iron deficiency in the plant is reoccurring. 

How to spot for Cannabis Manganese Deficiency?

As leaves start to show up at the cannabis plant’s early stages of life, it will be quite noticeable what adverse effect it can bring without manganese. For starters, these new leaves that will show up will soon begin suffering from discoloration. First, they will slowly turn yellow. Then, small and brown spots will appear in the middle of the affected leaf. Though sometimes wrongly diagnosed, this specific occurrence is an indication of manganese deficiency. 

After a couple of days and if left untreated, the damage will spread further until all leaves are infected. But before that, veins will most likely turn green. Then, the other face of the leaf will become a darker hue of green. However, do not make it go this far because the mentioned brown spots have the ability to damage the whole leaf. Slowly over time, the leaf will disintegrate. 

Moreover, as it keeps getting intense, cannabis manganese deficiency will completely keep your plant from growing, and you will soon notice that all leaves had turned yellow with noticeable brown spots. Curing is no longer easy to handle, and treatment may become costly or require more effort. To evade this troubling phase, make sure you know how to deal with cannabis manganese deficiency.

Other causes of Cannabis Manganese Deficiency

Aside from lacking manganese itself, cannabis manganese deficiency may also originate from other causes. One of the leading causes, next to lacking manganese, is the uncontrolled level of pH. Excessive or shortage in pH level will cause manganese deficiency. 

Given that the grower had diagnosed the early sign of manganese deficiency if pH levels are left unchecked, the same thing will happen again. It may also worsen the situation and make the effect of cannabis manganese deficiency more unbearable.

How to Deal with Cannabis Manganese Deficiency?

With all points of cannabis manganese deficiency leading into an insufferable event, growers should try and push back the possibility of it taking place. This also goes out to other macro or micronutrients that aren’t given that much importance. As of the moment, there are two known ways of dealing with cannabis manganese deficiency:

  • The Early Treatment

Should you catch signs of manganese deficiency, know that they are effortless to treat during its first appearance. In fact, you will only have to even the pH level by combining it with water, with exactly 6.0 in measurement. Then, another 6.0 level of manganese solution to regulate the treatment. 

Afterward, you are required to monitor your plants and the environmental condition closely. Prevent recurring events by controlling slight changes in your first and early treatment. After a couple of weeks, the situation should now be remedied.

  • The Second Treatment and the Elimination Method

If you failed to spot the first and early signs of cannabis manganese deficiency, you would perform the last resort, which will start diagnosing the plants. By diagnosing, you will have to check the environmental condition, especially if cannabis manganese deficiency isn’t the only problem anymore. 

To resolve the issue, continue the first treatment practice by adjusting the pH level to 6.0 by blending the manganese solution with water. Then, observe for a couple of days. Observing means taking notes and recording events. 

If there’s no anomaly going on, you can proceed in applying small doses of nutritional supplements. In this case, you should be mindful of the level of what you will be pouring on to the plant. After all, the iron present in the nutrients may block the presence of manganese. Hence, it will give you another problem to treat. 

On the other hand, if your marijuana plant isn’t mature enough to handle the gradual addition of dosage, you may prune the plants, especially those already infected. This treatment is not at all entirely successful because you will still have to resolve the pH level. 

The problems brought by cannabis manganese deficiency should alarm you that all micronutrients are essential too. In this matter, they are being left out -sometimes- because they do not contain that much help, which is quite correct to most content. But only a day of absence will lead the planting cannabis experience into a disaster.

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