Understanding the Whole Cannabis Ripening Process

In recent weeks you’ve been working hard! Perhaps you invested some cash in cannabis seeds or a growing tent; you eventually arrived at this critical moment after a long stretch of hard engagement and as you complete the necessary labor to keep your cannabis flourishingly healthy; reap and enjoy the fruits of the whole cannabis ripening process. Let us take a pause and revisit how rewarding and satisfying this ripening process can be. Read below.

When is Cannabis ripening process taking place

We can see here, this is the best harvest season, and attempt to explain what is happening in our pot plants over the previous weeks of blooming. In this manner, according to the desired outcome, you will harvest your seeds.

Unfortunately, the Cannabis ripening window is not always taken seriously; on other occasions, the grower simply does not have enough time to wait a couple of days to guarantee the highest THC levels. A few strains of cannabis are best when cultivated at their maximum rate of THC production when a few days later some are best.

In his manuscript in Marijuana Botany, R. Clarke says about trichomes and things they can teach us: When this resin trichomes get similar to their highest point of THC, they possess a transparent color as an indicator of the Cannabis ripening process taking place, also the Cannabis plant already makes resin and continues to produce it through trichome glands.

THC development is currently at its best, though CBD levels tend to stay low as well as stable, as molecules rapidly turn into THC. Even at the height of the development of terpene — scented molecules — there are beautifully growing floral clusters.

Several farmers are currently cultivating their Marijuana plants as they desire a clearer and more psychoactive cortical effect. At present, owing to lower CBD as well as CBN levels, THC has little sedative effects.

What’s all this about?

When the cannabis’ resin glands reached its complete form but not ripen – until they turn into amber – it is best to reap your plants if you don’t want to get stuck to your sofa. The cannabis ripening period is often decided by the strains as well as phenotypes of marijuana and between multiple cannabis varieties, from several days to several weeks. If the cannabis ripening cycle of the Indica strain is prolonged too, the flavor and potency would be greatly affected. Fortunately, the flora generally does not create big complications for most people for just a few days.

Close-up images with the HD camera can be seen, but a compact portable microscope is affordable and performs very well. When we look around at our weed buds with 50 lens magnification, it’s almost like being in an alien world!

If mainly Sativa hybrids are produced, assured that each resin gland is fully formed and 30% are yellowish-brown before plants are harvested. You run the risk of reducing your taste and the usual sativa “high”-stimulant effect if you prolong the flowering cycle. There are still exceptions: the strain of Haze takes three different times of harvest, once a long cycle of flora takes place. Any grower must master the “high effect” that he as well as his patients comprehend.

We have not addressed yield because we know that your plants will yield their maximum potential and comes close with the cannabis ripening process when they are in the third step of blooming and have fully formed resin glands.

Some guidelines you need to consider

Although few differences can still exist, the following guidelines can be used to help classify the plants’ harvest window in line with their trichomes’ period of Cannabis ripening:

1) Where completely formed but still transparent bulbous crowns of the Trichomes, plants have a “high” as well as a relaxing effect that is less sedative. Collecting powerful indica species is a perfect time.

2) The perfect time to reap most obtainable hybrids is when these bulbous heads become milky.

3) The harvesting of Sativa hybrids also the long-blooming strains (i.e. Haze) when 70% of trichome crowns are milky as well as 30% amber is the most opportune moment. It is also the perfect time to pick hashish plants.

Doing the right intervals matters!

Let us, for example, see what transpires to Jack’s Cleaner Cannabis: all trichomes translucent (only some of them turn milky) when harvested after a 56 days flowering process. The result is currently very positive, “up and up” and simple. The flavor of the acid citrus is very strong and it causes optical effects.

The same seedling, collected just a week later – a flowering time of 63 days – reveals milky trichomes, also 30% to 50% are amber. When picked at that time, the result would be thick and powerful, and the acidic citrus taste sweeter, which is similar to that of Lemon Heads, the sweet smell of fermented lemons also produces a nostalgic effect. Now the result is calming and sedative, making it a great cigarette to relax until you go to snooze.

It is a model of an unusually late crop harvest. However, we take advantage of the curative properties in this late stage of the plant altogether.

Killer Queen is another example. It tastes as well as smells chocolate and has a high as well as stimulating effect after 49 straight days of flowering. When reaped after 60 straight days of bloom, the “super” assassin Queen becomes almost hypnotic both with a skunky scent and a stronger influence.


Most farmers who obey the above-mentioned requirements will possibly reap the benefits of the cannabis ripening process, as plants with milky trichomes heads fully formed, the only issue here is that of harvesting your plants.

Too early harvest means fewer strong buds with fewer essential oils as well as terpenes, so the buds taste like grass or even hey if cured and dried properly.

The more developed buds-typically from the higher sections of the plant – is a good choice. This causes the lower sections of the Cannabis plant to become lighter with the final mass and density is improved.

You do not necessarily need to get close-up images and utilize a picture editing app when you possess an HD camera w/macro feature to zoom in and watch the trichomes.

The following tips on the cannabis ripening process will aid you to maximize the outcomes of your preferred marijuana varieties and set the required harvest gap of the seeds you first plant.

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