10 Cannabis Strains For Beginner Grow Box Growers

The rise of how marijuana is now becoming more accepted both socially and legally has allowed more leeway for commercial sellers to sell the seeds of their strains to the general public. Because of this, many users are now growing their own cannabis plants back at home whether indoor or outdoor.

Since not everyone has the right amount of outdoor space or live in a place where growing conditions can be met in a natural way, more and more growers are now cultivating their plants indoors. However, the problem with indoor growing is that not all growers can control the natural odor of these plants or even hide them in plain sight. Such problems can be remedied by grow boxes.

Grow boxes essentially act as housing units for marijuana plants. They allow the user to mimic the right lighting and environmental conditions needed for a strain to properly grow while also making sure they hide the plants and their odor. Because of this, the grow box has become a beginner grower’s best friend when it comes to growing marijuana.

For beginners wanting to explore the world of marijuana cultivation using grow boxes, here are the ideal strains for that endeavor.


An indica-dominant strain, Papaya was created when Ice #2 was crossed with Citral #13. The result was a mimic of the Mango strain and a bud that provides a mental kind of relaxation that does not tend to make the user feel lazy but actually energizes him/her. Papaya is great for grow boxes because of how they tend to be short and are resistant to molds, diseases, and other adverse conditions.

Aurora Indica

This indica-dominant strain is 90% indica and is the result of the crossbreeding between Afghan and Northern Lights. Because of its indica dominance, this strain perfectly offers what any kind of indica can deliver. It calms and sedates the user both in mind and body to help him/her relax all the stress and pains away. Aurora Indica is a great strain for small and compact places like grow boxes.


This strain is perfectly deserving of its name because of the twinkling effect its coating gives it. A multiple-time award-winning strain, Nebula offers a balanced high that hits both the mind and the body in equal amounts. Though this strain gives off a sativa effect, it acts like an indica when growing and normally stays short. This makes it perfect for grow boxes.

Durban Poison

This pure sativa perfectly does what any good sativa offers. It gives the user an intense energetic high that tends to uplift the mood. Because of that, Durban Poison allows the user to improve productivity during a busy day. This strain’s plant, though tall, is resistant to molds and other adverse conditions. Because of those attributes, it can be cultivated well in a grow box.

Northern Light

Northern Light is a world-renown pure indica that is known for its quick flowering period and for its ability to resist a lot of adverse conditions. Because of its pure indica effects, it allows the user to enter a calm state that deeply relaxes the entire body to the point that the muscles will feel like butter melting under the hot sun. What makes it a great grow box strain is that it is extremely resistant to heat.

Colombian Gold

A classic strain, Colombian Gold is a sativa that delivers an uplifting buzz meant to improve the user’s focus and energy. It makes the user productive while also offering medicinal benefits that help treat muscle pains and stress. It is suitable for grow box growing because Colombian Gold can handle bad weather conditions and is resistant to molds.

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is a sativa-dominant strain that delivers an extremely powerful high. It tends to take the user into a psychedelic trip that energizes the mind while also making the user feel an enhanced sensory experience. Despite this strain’s gigantic size, it is good for growth box cultivation because of how well it thrives in a hot environment.

Orient Express

An Asian strain, Orient express is a hybrid that came from Vietnam Black and China Yunnan. This strain offers a relaxing type of high that improves mood while also making the user more sociable. Because of its background as an Asian strain, it is suited for tropical or warm climates. It is also highly resilient to molds. Those qualities make it an ideal plant to be grown in grow boxes.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough lives up to its name as a strain that truly tastes and smells like fresh strawberries. It is a strong and potent sativa-dominant bud that delivers a mental kind of high meant to uplift the user. Strawberry Cough is one of the most resilient and resistant strains out there since it can survive and thrive well in bad weather and wet conditions. This is the reason why it is often grown indoors and in grow boxes by beginners and experts alike.


Called GG4, Gorilla Glue #4 is a well-known and award-winning strain that sedates the user into couch lock. It is a heavy bud that hits hard enough to make the user feel so lazy and lethargic while also bringing about a euphoric sensation that would leave the user smiling and happy throughout the day. It is a good choice for grow box cultivation because of how it thrives well in a warm environment. And though it actually grows into a tall plant, it can grow well in tight spaces.

While all of those mentioned are considered the best for grow boxes, any good strain will be able to thrive well in a grow box as long as it fits certain categories. First, it must be resistant to heat because grow boxes tend to get hot. Second, the strain must be resistant to molds because of the high humidity contained in such a compact space. And third, the plant must be able to grow well in tight spaces. When all or some of those factors converge, that is when a strain is an ideal choice for beginners and veterans alike in grow box cultivation.