10 Cannabis Strains that Every Grower Should Try

The cultivation of marijuana plants can be complex. Whether a novice or an expert grower, they have a lot of things to consider before they decide which strain to use. The location, flowering time, cultivation method, and climate are just a few that must be taken into consideration. There are different strains that can be grown without a fuss while some would really need an effort. If you are a marijuana grower, check out these weeds that every grower should try. You might get lucky and find a new preference.

Moby Dick

The cross between White Widow and Haze is the extremely potent Moby Dick. Any grower would enjoy raising this marijuana. It grows big and aside from that, it produces a high volume of yield which is perfect for those who wants to get more. Cultivation of this cannabis is not that hard. It has the resistance to molds and fungus. The strain is a renowned cult plant that created a huge impact on the international stage.


This easy to cultivate strain known as Cinex was derived by crossing Cinderella 99 and Vortex. Novice grower or not, it is something worth a try. It creates fewer worries due to its high resistance to diseases. Also, this cannabis is known to thrive on dry and warm weather but has the survival skills to flourish in a cold area. The yields it produces are abundant. It is guaranteed to give more than enough buds during harvest.

Dutch Treat

Getting the seeds of this one of a kind cannabis called Dutch Treat may be challenging due to the unknown parentage of the strain. However, this weed is exceptional that every grower should give it a shot. Once the seeds are acquired, it is meant to please the growers due to the high yields it can bring to the table. Also, it does not grow very tall but can get a bit branchy at times. In this case, the growers may need constant pruning to get the best results.

Wonder Woman

This cannabis is not the easiest plant to nurture if you are a marijuana grower. However, once you have successfully acquired the harvest it is an achievement that anybody can be proud of. This baby has deviated from Ice and Top 44. It is known to flourish on a greenhouse without any issues but can create trouble when raised outdoors. It would also need an ample amount of space as it can grow tall around 60 inches. There is a need of waiting time which can last between 10 to 11 weeks. The best part is once you get your hands on this rare potent strain.

Bubba Kush

The well-loved indica strain is something that should be tried by growers even once. Who wouldn’t want to get the chance of growing an American marijuana legend? The plant is known to have flowers that bloom quickly and it has always been generous as if it is rewarding the growers on the high volume of yield it produces. This baby is also famous for the abundant resin you can find on the buds. Cultivating this cannabis is not on an expert level as it is highly resistant to diseases and does not require large spaces.

Blue Cheese

The cannabis is created by combining UK Cheese and Blueberry. It is an outstanding strain that growers should try. It is in demand due to the potency of this marijuana. It may not be the easiest plant to grow but it is worth it. Blue Cheese has the ability to thrive indoors and outdoors. Also, it does not make much ruckus as it is highly resistant to pests, molds, and mildews. It may require a cool environment but getting the abundant and fragrant harvest is worth all the trouble.


The Papaya cannabis is the result of crossing Citral #13 and Ice #2. It is a popular strain perfect for pain and psychoactive ailment that makes it popular among marijuana users. Cultivating this weed can be easy. It does not grow very tall. Also, this plant may not produce a generous amount of yield but it has a fast maturity phase that may just take 56 to 63 days. Growers will have the chance to get their hands on this sought after cannabis.

Pure Power Plant

Cultivating this plant can be complex. It was derived by combining three strains namely Durban Poison, The Pure, and undisclosed indica cannabis. This rare marijuana strain should be on top of the list for every grower out there. It is top notch quality and it gives a high amount of yield. It may require a Mediterranean climate and some specific cultivation methods. However, the effort is worth it once you get your hands on this baby that is rich in THC and CBD.

Utopia Haze

This hazy cannabis was created by combining Grass Dream and a Brazilian Sativa. It is an award-winning strain and with that growers should give this weed a try. It may not be easy as this cannabis may require constant care and specific cultivation methods. The strain is high impacting and for that reason, it has always created a high demand on the market. Patience is also needed as it can take 84 days before the plant reaches maturity.

Industrial Plant

The cannabis is a great source of adrenaline rush to users. This creation derived from Afghani and Thai is one of the most sought after marijuana strains. Growers should give this a try and the best part is that it needs almost no maintaining care as it can survive on its own.

Growers should give these strains a shot when choosing which marijuana to grow. Some can be challenging to cultivate but for good reasons. The only sure thing is that it is worth all the effort as it can give growers pride and sense of achievement once they have successfully raised these strains.