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Recreational Marijuana 101: Everything You Need to Know

It is natural for any first-time marijuana user to wonder what is recreational marijuana. It is also common to ask what makes marijuana recreational and what makes it medical? If you live in Canada then you must understand the different recreational marijuana Canada rules as well as the different ways to purchase and grow this […]

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How to Make Cool Weed Smoking Devices?

Are you tired of the usual, traditional, boring glass bong? Have you ever thought smoking a joint is just too unexciting? You can actually make cool weed smoking devices by using simple household items. Plain things found in your home can turn into fantastic smoking devices for weed that will surely amaze your friends. Here […]

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How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

Weed has a natural smell that can be off-putting. Some cannabis strains have a very strong odor while some have an intoxicating smell due to its wide array of terpenes. It is also very evident how strong weed smells when it is consumed. The most popular way of consuming weed which is smoking a joint […]

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How to Come Down From Weed?

Have you ever been in a situation when you had so much weed you don’t know how to get down from your high? We have had that feeling once: dazed, euphoric, couch locked and just feeling plain weird. Don’t worry, no one has ever overdosed with weed before! All you need to do is to […]

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How to Make a Homemade Bowl for Weed?

Store-bought bongs and bowls could be very costly and too complicated to use. Sometimes the best bowls are the homemade kind, something that you can use especially when you are in a pinch. Here is some quick and easy homemade bowl for weed projects that you can make on your own. Making a fruit bowl […]

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How to Save Money on Weed

Weed and various cannabis products are now becoming more expensive. The price of cannabis smoking accessories also cost a fortune. If you need to take weed regularly then you must consider some of these money saving tips to get by. Here are the best ones: Grow your own weed Possibly the best way to save […]

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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes If You Smoke Weed

There are things that you need to know about the redness of the eye caused by smoking cannabis. This is total into dangerous and is considered as a common side effect of taking cannabis. Once you will experience this one then you need to remember that it is totally too serious and there is no […]

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How to Sex Marijuana Plants

Many of the marijuana growers still find it hard to determine what sex their plants are. This is one of the most annoying things about growing as you might be growing the wrong gender. Many of these growers do want their female cannabis plants from being fertilized. It is through this one that they are […]

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How to Set up a Grow Tent for your Marijuana Plants

Sometimes it’s not feasible to grow marijuana plants outdoors. It could be that the strain you picked isn’t accustomed to getting plenty of suns or perhaps the plant emits a foul smell that will make your neighbors call the authorities. With these scenarios in mind, setting up a grow tent for your marijuana plants become […]

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