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10 Fast Growing Marijuana Strains for Busy Growers

When it comes to cultivating marijuana strains for busy growers, it is important to know beforehand the right seeds to cultivate. The success grow depends on it. You can choose the popular fast-growing cannabis strains or the Autoflowering ones. Overall, most cannabis growers would prefer an easy-to-grow cannabis strain that is fast growing at the […]

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How To Tell If Your Plant is Ready to Harvest

With the Canadian Cannabis Law allowing you to only grow four marijuana plants per household, you want to make sure they produce high-quality buds. To do this, you need to harvest your plants at the right time during the end of their flowering period. Many first time breeders are likely asking when the right time […]

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How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

Many strains thrive well outdoors and are very likely to produce large yields. In addition, letting your plants grow under the natural sun will save you money on expensive grow lights and other indoor garden equipment. However, outdoor cultivation can be challenging for many breeders. What does it take to make sure your cannabis plants […]

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How to Grow Hydroponic Marijuana

A hydroponic setup has many advantages over the traditional soil medium when it comes to cultivating cannabis plants. A soilless medium allows for accurate control of your plant’s nutrition, which translates to better yields. It also gives you a clean surrounding for the plants, which means fewer chances of pests or plant diseases from occurring. […]

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