DIY Greenhouse Ideas for Your Cannabis

Cannabis plants are versatile as these can grow indoors or outdoors.  In the wild, marijuana can be seen growing in hot and dry areas while some strains grow in cold regions as well. There are many advantages and disadvantages of growing indoors and outdoors, this is why some growers keep their plants in greenhouses. This is a tutorial on how to make a DIY greenhouse for your marijuana plants. 

Why Grow your Plants in A Greenhouse?

There are many advantages of cultivating cannabis inside a greenhouse. Consider the following benefits:

  • Free lighting – no need to spend money on lighting. You can save money and spend it on other things that your plants need like fertilizer, supplements, and proper cannabis soil. 
  • Protection from pests –a greenhouse protects from pests. But some common cannabis pests are found in soil and thus, you must make sure to use good, healthy soil, not just regular garden soil. 
  • Security – a greenhouse provides a secure area to grow your plants. You can construct a greenhouse with a secure cover and door to prevent anyone from checking out your plants. 
  • You can watch your plants closely –a greenhouse lets you check on your plants more closely and to determine any problems early on. 

Some DIY Greenhouse Ideas to Try

We’ve rounded up some of the most creative DIY greenhouses for you to try plus steps on how to construct these out of simple materials you can find at home. 

DIY greenhouse out of PVC pipes

This is a very common small DIY greenhouse made of easy to find, everyday objects like PVC, some planks of wood, and large sheets of plastic. If you don’t have these handy, you can always purchase these from your local hardware store. 

Things you need

  • PVC – 1-inch diameter pipes
  • PVC couplings
  • Rebar stakes  – 6 – inch stakes, 10 pieces or more 
  • Blowtorch
  • Planks of wood – 2-inch x 8 – inch pieces, at least ten or more planks if you plan to build a larger greenhouse
  • Plastic sheets
  • Tape or thin wire
  • Garden soil, cannabis soil


1. Prepare the growing plot

If you’re growing cannabis straight from the ground, create a plot where you will sow your seeds. The plot must be raised at least 4 to 6 inches from the ground. If you’re growing cannabis plants from a pot, you may install your potted plants later. 

2. Install wooden planks

Fence the plot using wooden planks. You may connect the planks with some nails or you can simply place them securely on the ground. Keep the planks close to the plot as this helps prevent erosion and will protect your plant roots. 

If you’re growing potted plants, use the planks as a mini fence. This will keep the growing area neat and tidy plus will protect your plants as well. 

3. Install the rebar

The rebar pieces go in every corner of the plot plus along the sides and back. Leave the front part of the plot open as this serves as the opening where you can have access to your plants. 

4. Prepare the PVC pipes

The pipes need to be bent in position. Think of a semicircle as you proceed with bending the pipes using a blowtorch. Leave three long PVC pipes for the roof, right, and left walls of the greenhouse. These three long pipes must be as long as the length of the greenhouse. 

5. Attach the PVC pipe to the rebar

The ends of the PVC pipes will attach to the rebar, do this as if you’re making a tunnel. 1 semicircle PVC pipe = 2 opposite rebar pieces. Next, install one long PVC pipe in the middle of the semicircle; use tape or thin wire to keep the long PVC pipe in place. Then, install the two remaining long pipes on each side of the greenhouse. Use tape or wire to keep everything in place.

6. Install the plastic sheets 

Cover the walls and roof with plastic sheeting. Leave the front open or do not tape or wire the front so you can still access your plants. You’re done!

Square DIY greenhouse

A square DIY greenhouse is another simple greenhouse design that makes use of old pieces of wood. If you have old wood laying around then you can clean this and use it as a greenhouse. This type of greenhouse is perfect for growers who have a small space to grow cannabis outdoors. Also, this design can be elevated or rest directly on the growing plot for complete coverage. 

Things you need

  • Extra or old pieces of wood
  • Sandpaper, pliers, hammer
  • Screen (aluminum or plastic screen will do)
  • Plastic sheet


1. Prepare the area where your square DIY greenhouse will erect

The best location is a shaded area in your yard.

2. Decide if you want an elevated greenhouse or not
3. Clean and measure the pieces of wood

Wash the pieces with soap and water and dry under the sun. Next, use sandpaper to remove any stains or stubborn dirt. 

4. Assemble the pieces

Make sure to have enough pieces to construct the side and ceiling of the greenhouse. Make a simple door with hinges at the front.

5. Attach the screen

Install the screen around the walls and the front of the greenhouse. 

6. Attach the plastic sheet 

Place the plastic sheets on top of the greenhouse. Secure these with tape or thin wire. 

Small Cabinet-type Greenhouse

If you want to grow smaller plants then these would fit in a small, cabinet-type greenhouse. What you need is a small, old cabinet with doors. No need to buy anything to make this DIY greenhouse for your marijuana plants. 

What you need

  • An old cabinet with doors
  • Screen (metal or plastic)
  • Plastic sheets


1. Remove the door covers and walls of the cabinet

Gut out the cabinet door covers and walls. You will only need the shelves of the cabinet. 

2. Clean the cabinet thoroughly

Wash the wood with soap and water and let it dry completely out in the sun. 

3. Attach the screen

Install the screen around the cabinet and also on the doors. 

4. Attach the plastic sheets

Install plastic sheets on top. Your DIY greenhouse is ready. You may now place your plants in. 

With a DIY greenhouse, you’ll save money in the long run plus, recycling wood and other materials is a plus for the environment. Your plants will surely grow healthy and productive.

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