DIY Grow Room Ideas for Indoor Growers

Have you ever wanted to grow cannabis in your home but can’t because it’s prohibited in your building or residence? If so, then, you’re not alone. So many cannabis growers also have the same predicament but, they manage to grow their supply using DIY grow room setups. We have collected the best grow room ideas for indoor cannabis growers and we can guarantee that not only will these DIY ideas help you grow cannabis easily but will also allow you to cultivate better and more productive plants. 

DIY Grow Tent

Grow tents are costly with up to $200 just for the actual tent. You still need to purchase racks, growing equipment, and soil. But why buy a grow tent when you can make your own? A DIY grow tent can be used indoors or outdoors plus, you can use simple things in your home to construct a DIY tent.

You can use spare pieces of wood to construct the frame of the tent and use materials like an old tarp, bedsheets, or plastic sheets. Secure the sheets on the frame using wire or tape and inside the tent, you can use shelves to hold your plants. Make your tent taller or wider as you please and because you can use any kind of material, you can hide your grow room easily in plain sight.


  • Clean old sheets and wood before you use them
  • Consider the type of strain you wish to grow. Sativas need taller growing tents while indicas need wider spaces. 
  • Take note of extra space for your growing equipment like lights, and fans

DIY Grow Cabinet 

Do you have an old cabinet at home? Don’t just discard old furniture especially old cabinets as you can still use these as a DIY grow room.  Cabinets are handy as these come with shelves, and sections where you can place your plants and other growing equipment. To use a cabinet, you must clean it inside out and make sure that it’s not infested with pests, mold, or mildew. And of course, the best thing about using a cabinet as a grow space is that you can secure your plants better. You can lock doors and decorate it just like a regular cabinet so no one will suspect you’re cultivating weed. 


  • Place your old cabinet under the sun to kill molds and mildew.
  • Inspect every inch for pests like bedbugs, thrips, spider mites, and so on. 
  • Repair any holes, cracks, and openings as you need to keep the cabinet lightproof.
  • You can use cabinet shelves and partitions to hold plants and other equipment so check if these are still strong enough to hold much weight. 

DIY Grow Locker

Just like what it says, this is a grow locker, an indoor growing space made from an old locker. If you happen to have an old locker laying around, don’t take it to the dump. Instead, use it as a grow locker. There are many advantages to using a metal locker. First, you don’t need to worry about molds, mildew, and pests as these won’t remain on metal. Also, lockers have partitions to keep your plants. A metal locker is very durable so it’s a guarantee that these will last a lifetime. 

To use a locker, remove all the contents and inspect for rust or corrosion. Use sandpaper to remove all rust and next, apply a new coat of paint. Let everything dry completely before prepping it up for your plants. You may easily install your growing equipment from the top of the locker or the doors. 


  • Remove all rust, dirt, and grime inside an old locker before use.
  • An old locker is a durable growing area but may be limited to only one or two plants. 
  • Installing equipment should be considered very well as it’s not so easy to cut holes for fans and add frames to hold lamps. 

DIY space bucket

If you wish to grow only one or two plants but can’t do so because of strict cannabis regulations, a space bucket may be the best for you. As the name suggests, you’ll be using buckets; several buckets in fact to hold your plants. A space bucket is simply a stealth way of growing cannabis. You will use 5-gallon buckets with the lid as the top of the growing area. No one will surely suspect that you’re growing weed inside this small space unless they open the bucket and check inside. 

Although a space bucket is an amazing way to grow cannabis, consider that this is not for all cannabis plants. You should cultivate only small strains or autoflowering strains as these are smaller than other cannabis strains. 


  • Pick the strain wisely. We recommend dwarf strains of autoflowering strains.
  • Make your bucket lightproof by wrapping this with tape. Remember you need to keep light in to benefit your plants. 

DIY Grow Room Refrigerator

An old refrigerator will safely keep cannabis plants and will have shelves and racks to keep your growing equipment safely. Refrigerators are secure and lightproof but you must make sure that the interiors are clean, sterile, and mold-free before using. Before using an old refrigerator, clean it thoroughly, remove all shelves and inspect everything. 

The best part of using a refrigerator is that you can stealthily grow cannabis without anyone suspecting it. Decorate the outside of your fridge with magnets, stickers, artwork, and more to avoid suspicion. Also, you may install locks to keep the fridge secure.


  • Inspect an old refrigerator for rust, dirt, corrosion, and many more. 
  • Use the shelves and racks to hold plants and keep your growing equipment neat and tidy. 
  • If you must create holes to install fans, use a drill, circular or reciprocating saw. Follow safety instructions on how to use these tools. 

A DIY grow room should be secure, sterile, and safe for your cannabis plants. Always consider the needs of the type of strain you’re growing to ensure that you’re growing healthy, productive plants even in secret.

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