10 Fastest Growing Marijuana Strains for Grow Tent Growing

Growing your marijuana in grow tents is not only satisfying for hobbyists and professional growers, but it is also very rewarding. Tent growing is extremely efficient and economical. It is perfect for people who have less space to grow plants but have the will and the enthusiasm to cultivate their crops. However, grow tents are not all advantages. It has some disadvantages too. For instance, a tent growing will limit your space. This is why it is very important to know which strains of cannabis to use if this is the method that you are included of using. Here is a list of 10 best marijuana strains for tent growing.


Tutankhamon is a Sativa strain of cannabis is the perfect marijuana to grow in a tent as it is quite a compact plant. Its smallness will become visible after just 15 days of growth. Another great thing about it is that even though it grows out many side branches, these branches stretch upward. This way, you can maximize the space around it. However, it is still advisable to provide some kind of space since once Tutankhamon begins to flower, the branches will lower due to the weight of the buds.

Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies is an Indica-dominant (80%) strain of cannabis. Cannabis that follow their lineage from indica genetics are known for being short, a structure that does not spread out, and quick duration of flowering. Royal Cookies is the same. Its flowering period starts at the 8th to 9thweek after it has been planted. This is a strain of cannabis that is cultivated by many indoor growers across Europe for many years. This popularity should be a good indicator of its quality as an indoor plant.

Melon Gum

Melon Gum is another short strain of cannabis. This cannabis strain is distinguishable by its large leaves that are attached to branches that grow quite close to the trunk. This makes it an excellent marijuana to be planted indoors. As well, unlike Tutankhamon, whose branches fall down and occupy much bigger space on the sides when flowering, with Melon Gum’s branches, stay upward. At this rate, it is not uncommon to fit 9 plants in a square meter area. However, nothing is perfect. Melon Gum may take a while to grow before you can set it to flower. Do not worry. Once Melon Gum starts to blossom it finishes rapidly.

Royal AK

Royal AK is a cannabis strain created by cross-breeding, not tow, not, three, but four strains of incredible cannabis. These include the Columbian, the Mexican, the Thai, and the Afghan strains of marijuana. This is a Sativa-dominant (60%) strain and is known for its flowering period that starts around 8 to 9 weeks from its cultivation. This unique genetic blend of cannabis has won multiple “Cannabis Cups” award during the 90’s. It is a favorite for many growers to cultivate indoor, especially for tent growing since it produces a high calyx to leaf ratio. It also has solid side branches that will maximize yields.

Haze Auto

Haze Auto is an autoflowering strain of cannabis. Autoflowering types of marijuana are among the more obvious choices for indoor cultivation since marijuana strains that autoflower will flower regardless of the amount or duration of light they receive. This means that it does not flower based on the season so you do not have to time your artificial lights when you are cultivating this strain indoors. The plant also does not take up space. Many growers reported that they were able to fit as much as 9-16 plants in a square meter in a tent.


Cinex is a sativa-dominant strain that is well-known for producing high yields despite its short morphology. People often think that the taller and longer the plant growers the more flower they produce. Cinex will prove them wrong. This plant is short and bushy plants and it can grow in smaller spaces. However, it yields are still at par with many strains of cannabis out there. Other than this, this plant is also pretty resilient. It is well-known for being mold and mildew-resistant.

Royal Moby


Royal Moby is a very good option for indoor growers, especially those who prefer tent growing, because of his high yields of up to 600g/m² when planted indoors. Other varieties of marijuana will just simply not produce as much yield when planted under a tent. A downside, however, intent growing a royal Moby is the fact that it has the propensity to spread out its branches. This may mean that you must limit the number of plants to take cultivate.

Sweet Skunk Auto

As the name suggests, Sweet Skunk Auto is another autoflowering strain of cannabis. As an autoflowering plant, it is not affected by the length or amount of light to flower, but as a crop, its health actually favors indoor cultivation. Truly, this is one cannabis strain that loves growing indoors. This is why it is great for tent growing. Sweet Skunk Auto will produce enormous buds on each and every tip of its branches.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze, a Sativa-dominant (70%) cannabis strain, is one of the most popular strains of cannabis for indoor cultivation. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate many kinds of pressure. This is why it is recommended for anyone, even to novice growers who have a little experience in cannabis cultivation. Aside from its resiliency to pests, to poor soil, and even to low light, this cannabis strain also grow short and does spread out its branches.

Power Plant

Even though it is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis, Power Plant possesses attributes that are commonly associated with indica-dominant cannabis. Among this attributes are its size, structure, and relatively short flowering period. The indica attributes of this marijuana strain make it an excellent plant for tent growing. It is relatively short so it can be housed in a place with a low ceiling. For its morphology, this strain of cannabis does not take up a lot of space. Unlike with some short strains that will grow sideways, this plant does not spread out. The flowering period is also quite short.

Now that you have finally learned about these incredible strains of marijuana, you can finally start growing your own crops in your tent. Go ahead, it will be extremely rewarding!