Ultimate Guide to Growing Cannabis in a Cupboard

Cannabis plants are among the most versatile and robust plants. These can grow almost anywhere from large guerilla growing spaces to micro growing stations you can place on your terrace. But do you know that you can grow cannabis in tiny areas such as a cupboard? Here is a guide on growing cannabis in a cupboard, the benefits and the disadvantages of this growing method. 

Why Grow Cannabis in A Cupboard?

If you don’t have space to grow cannabis indoors then a good way to cultivate weed is from a cabinet or a cupboard. Since a cupboard is already set in your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about space or where to set your growing stations. 

  • You can grow cannabis secretly

No one will suspect that you have some cannabis plants kept growing inside your cupboard! Choose the most unsuspecting, farthest cupboard in your kitchen and make sure you use a lock to keep your plants safe and secure. 

  • You can cultivate cannabis even in your home

Cupboard growing lets you grow cannabis even while at home. You can grow strains for recreation or as medication. No need to buy your supply from a dispensary and of course, you can save money as you’re growing the supply of your favorite strains. 

  • You’ll save money when you grow cannabis in a cupboard

There’s no need to buy supplies to construct your growing room or growing space. The money you saved can be used to buy other supplies for your growing area. 

  • You’ll save space

No need to provide space to grow cannabis. Grow tents and cabinets take up a lot of space and may not be appropriate for indoor use. A cupboard is elevated, is out of the way, and thus perfect for people who live in a small space. 

Consider these Disadvantages Before You Start

Indeed there are a lot of good reasons to grow cannabis in a cupboard but there are disadvantages as well. Consider the following. 

  • You can only grow a limited number of plants

A cupboard won’t hold a lot of plants. You will only be limited to a few plants and these will be small strains that can only produce a small amount of yield. 

  • You can only grow small cannabis strains

You won’t be able to grow tall and productive sativa strains and wide and dense indicas too as these two cannabis types can eat up a lot of space. 

  • You’ll have limited space for your growing equipment

Aside from your plants, you also have to consider your growing equipment such as fans and lamps as these need space as well. You can’t use powerful lamps and fans as these won’t fit inside a small cupboard space. 

How Growing Cannabis in A Cupboard is Done

Growing cannabis inside a cupboard is a very straightforward way of cultivating cannabis. As long as you provide everything that your plants need, it’s a guarantee that you’ll grow healthier, well-developed, and productive plants. 

Things you will need 

  • Cannabis seeds – choose good quality small and compact cannabis strains as these are the only strains that can fit a small cupboard space. 
  • Small pots – you can use any kind of small container like a party cup to grow your mini weed plants
  • LED lamps – choose small, compact, and bright LED lamps that you can easily install on the top of your cupboard. 
  • Cleaning supplies – you need to thoroughly clean your cupboard shelves before use. 


1. Clear and clean the cupboard you will use 

Whether you use your cupboards to keep food or to store kitchenware and tableware, you should clear everything inside and clean the inside well. Remove all food residue as these can start pest infestations and mold growth. Use soap and water to clean and use paper towels to completely dry everything before you place your plants in. 

2. Inspect and repair the cupboard

Aside from cleaning the cupboard, you must inspect it for any holes, scratches, and dents. These must be repaired to keep the cupboard lightproof. 

3. Prepare your cannabis plants

Start by sowing your seeds in the soil. Use only viable and fresh seeds and sow these in good-quality, healthy organic soil ideal for growing cannabis. It will take only a few days for these seeds to sprout from soil and afterward, you will have healthy seedlings to take care of. Once your seeds have sprouted, place your plants inside the cupboard under strong LED lighting for 20 hours and 4 hours of darkness. 

4. Install growing equipment

Growing equipment like lamps should be installed on the top shelf using wires or tape. As you need to keep a short distance between your plants and your lamps, use a flat and stable object to prop your plants like wooden planks, old books, blocks, etc. You can always remove these once your plants are taller. 

When it comes to installing your fans, use a saw to cut two small holes, big enough to accommodate the fans.  You must install one fan near the bottom of the cupboard and the other one near the top. The lower fan will take in fresh air while the fan on top will take old, used air out of the growing area. 

5. Monitor your plants’ growth and overall health

Now that your mini growing space is ready, you may now install your plants. Because of the small space, you need to constantly monitor your plants’ growth and health. We recommend a digital hygrometer to help you accurately monitor temperature and humidity levels. 

Growing cannabis in a cupboard is great for people who have no space to spare for a growing closet or tent. Because a cupboard is an elevated growing space, you don’t need to prepare a lot of space for your plants. As this is not an ideal growing set up because of the size, we recommend that you consider closely the pros and cons of growing cannabis in a cupboard before you proceed. Use only good quality seeds that can thrive in small tight spaces.

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