Growing Cannabis in Trees: Manual for Growers

If you’re planning to harvest more with your current foliage, then you must grow your cannabis plants massively. Yes, you can make them grow as big as a tree. Growing cannabis in trees is completely doable, all you need is to make some changes to your usual routine and care of your plants. 

You can even do this on indoor cultivation. Just a heads up though, growing massive cannabis plants won’t work with the conventional methods and you need to go extreme. For you to grow tree-sized cannabis plants, you must read this post that will give you the proper guide to grow giant cannabis plants. 

Will it Affect the Quality of the Plant? 

There’s no concrete evidence that growing cannabis in trees have negative effects on their quality. However, it will surely take plenty of effort to maintain it since it’s grown a lot bigger. You need more resources, space, lighting, and ventilation to name a few in maintaining big cannabis plants. 

Will you Have a Higher Yield When Your Plants Grow Bigger? 

Growing cannabis in trees. It depends solely on the type of strain you’re going to cultivate. There are massive growing strains out there that are perfect for this, but it will produce the same amount of buds and trichomes as the regular-sized cannabis plants. So, you need to perfectly balance the size of the plant and its yield so that your effort won’t go to waste. 

Without further ado, here is our simple, but very useful guide to growing giant cannabis plants. 

Make Room to Grow Your Plants Bigger

If you’re maintaining an indoor growing space, make sure you make room for your plants to grow bigger. You can start by measuring it twice so that your plants have plenty of space to grow. This will also prevent plants from culling later on. Regardless if you want to convert a small space into an indoor garden, you must measure it first before you create space so that you won’t make unnecessary adjustments later on. It’s very easy to measure your indoor growing space twice. Since your growing tree-sized cannabis plants, you need to consider that this will turn them into space-hungry plants, so you should be generous in providing them a good allowance of space. Also, you need to know that space should be measured twice vertically. 

Transfer your Plants to Bigger Pots 

Bigger pots or containers are very important so that the roots beneath it can grow bigger as well. Instead of the usual pot cultivators used for indoor growing, go for the bigger ones, most probably 10-15 liter-sized bucket. Also, an air-pot is a better option. Your tree-sized cannabis plants will need a lot of growing space for its roots to sprawl healthily beneath. If your roots have limited space, it will hinder the growth of your plant as well. So, start transferring your cannabis plants to grow massive roots. Also, an important thing you must take note of is that the pots you’re using will get heavy especially after you water it, so make sure you have sturdy flooring or a stand to put it in. 

Choose a Massive-Growing Strain/Genetics

For starters, the most ideal strain for growing tree-sized cannabis plants is the Triple X Dankness which has the potential to grow big. Also, auto-flowering strains can grow big when it is pruned and trained properly. Other strains that you can use to grow massive cannabis plants are Moby Dick, White Widow, Haze hybrid, Gorilla Glue, Haze Mist, Sticky Beast, and Royal Cookies. All of the mentioned strains are auto-flowering hybrids. These are fast-growing and space-hungry strains that will grow big in just a few months. 

Change your Watering Method

If you want to grow your cannabis plants massive, you need to water them frequently, especially if the strain you’ve chosen is known to be always thirsty. However, this does not mean that you water them more than your usual routine. This is because overwatering will just result in unwanted problems. To prevent this from happening, you must follow an efficient wet-dry cycle that is an important factor for the successful cultivation of your cannabis plants. Also, your medium might drown from water that will result in root rotting that affects your plants’ growth. Just add up to 20% of the water from your usual routine and this will depend on the container size you are using. If you’re using up to a 30-liters container, you must add 20% water when you’re watering your plants. 

Change your Feeding Methods 

There’s no need for a fancy feeding method to grow your cannabis plants massively. All you need to follow is the simple feeding-watering method that contains all the essential nutrients right from transferring its seedling from the main pot. Also, you must put in your mind to develop a root zone that is sturdy and healthy so, you should use nutrients that are known to boost your plants’ growth. Use good-quality base nutrients and bloom boosters to achieve the maximum growth of your plants. 

Add More Light

There are no massive changes with your lighting other than adding more of it if you’re growing indoors. Try focusing on the proper distancing between your lamp and the plant’s canopy. This will help your plant absorb more light that will help its photosynthesis. When adding lights, make sure you choose the appropriate wattage and the LED system. 

Prune and Train your plants to maintain better yields

Growing massive plants will be senseless if your yield didn’t increase, so you should practice less stress training, pruning, topping, and lollipop pink methods so that you’ll get better yields from your massive plants. Be careful though, since your plants are growing bigger, make sure to choose the sturdiest branch from your plants and apply these methods carefully. 


Now that you know how to start growing cannabis in trees size, you can be more efficient and exert less effort. By following the guide we provided above, you can ensure that your plants will grow not just big, but healthy as well.

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