Growing Weed in a Cup: Guide for Beginners

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants. It can grow in almost all environments and will survive an indoor or outdoor growing environment. You can also grow cannabis in any container even in small cups. We’ll show you how growing weed in a cup is done the easy way. But take note that this is not the ideal way to grow cannabis. We recommend cultivating cannabis in large, spacious containers to reap the maximum benefits of marijuana plants. 

Why Grow Weed in A Cup? 

Most growers start their plants in a cup because

  • Cups save space

Indeed, growing in a cup saves you a lot of space. Compared to cultivating cannabis in a large, traditional growing pot that occupies a lot of space, growing cups will only take a fraction of the growing area. Therefore, you can grow more plants than what you would in a regular growing pot. 

  • Growing seeds in a cup let you monitor your seedlings better

Since pots occupy only a small space, you can also grow many plants all at the same time. Even in a small space like a growing closet or tent, you can grow a dozen small marijuana plants in a cup. 

  • Cups are cost-efficient

Party cups are more affordable compared to clay pots, plastic containers, or ceramic pots. 

  • You can get cups almost anywhere

You can buy party cups in a supermarket or from a convenience store. No need to search for a garden supplies shop for pots or growing containers. 

Some disadvantages of growing weed in a cup

Despite some benefits, growing cannabis in a cup may also have some disadvantages

  • Your plants may suffer from root lock

A small growing space like a party cup will bind the roots and this can affect the way these absorb nutrients to benefit your plants. 

  • Your plants may have stunted growth

Most plants have grown in a limited party cup often have stunted growth. Your plants may not reach their full growth potential.

  • Your plants may have fewer yields

Aside from not reaching their best growth size, your plants may have fewer yields. 

  • Not all plants grow well in a small container

There are many types of cannabis strains and some will not grow well in a small cup. Strains like sativa strains are very tall and large plants and thus, require a larger space to grow and produce good yields. 

How to Grow Weed in the A Cup?

Growing cannabis in a cup is easy but to ensure success, consider the following

Things you need

  • Cannabis seeds – we recommend using small cannabis strains or automatic strains as these are best suited for growing in small containers and spaces. Just some of the mini weed strains to consider are Lowryder, White Dwarf, and G14.
  • Party cups, one for each seed – you can choose from plastic cups and Styrofoam cups
  • Growing soil – we recommend sandy-loamy soil or organic soil that has good amounts of nutrients
  • Scissors 
  • Water
  • Strong lighting – the best kind of lighting at the seedling phase is LED or CFL lighting. 


1. Prepare your cannabis seeds

Choose good quality, viable cannabis seeds. These seeds must be carefully inspected and should be purchased from a reliable source. 

You can germinate the cannabis seeds separately before you sow these in the soil or you can germinate the seeds directly into the soil. 

2. Prepare the party cups

The cups must be durable and should have holes at the bottom where excess water can drain from. Use scissors to poke holes at the bottom of the cup. You may also use a nail to poke smaller holes. The hole must be the right size to keep soil in but remove excess water out of the cup. 

3. Fill the cups with soil

Fill each cup with soil but don’t compress it. Leave at least an inch from the lip of the cup. This space will be enough to hold soil and water in. Once the soil is in each cup, water the soil until you see excess water running out of the cup bottom holes. Leave the soil to dry up a bit but only until it is moist. 

4. Sow the seeds

Sow the seeds in soil by digging a small hole in the middle. Cover the seeds well and never compress the soil. Water some more until water is along the lip of the cup. Do the same thing for all your cannabis seeds. 

5. Place under strong a strong lamp

Place the newly-prepared weed in a cup of plants under strong growing light. It may take up to 5 days for cannabis seeds to sprout and at this time, the plants need strong lamps to provide good lighting. 

What you Need to Know About Transplanting your Weed in A Cup

There will come a time when you need to transfer your plants to a much bigger growing pot or container.  This has to be done when your plants have grown four sets of leaves. At this time, the roots will already be growing thicker and longer and thus, you need to transplant fast. 

To transplant, get a bigger pot or growing container and fill this with soil. You need one pot per plant. When the soil is in, water the soil until you find excess water has run out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. 

Remove the plant from the small cup in a gentle manner. Slowly and gently shake the plant out or you may simply peel the cup to get the plant out. 

Whatever you do, never touch any part of the root as doing so can stress your plants. Create a hole in the middle of the soil in the pot, just enough to place your plant in. Cover the roots with more soil. 


Growing weed in a cup has its advantages and disadvantages. You must weigh all the options before you decide. Consider your growing space and your growing skills in caring for cannabis plants in a cup and you’ll surely get the best, healthiest and productive plants. 

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