Guide to Growing Weed in Closet

Is cannabis growing illegal in your area or country? Are you reconsidering growing cannabis because of many restrictions? Then, you must consider growing weed in the closet instead. One of the ways to hide your cannabis growing setup is by cultivating weed inside a closet. Let’s find why many growers resort to weed growing in a closet and find out if this is the right growing station for you.

Why Grow Weed in A Closet?

Would you believe that a lot of cannabis growers cultivate cannabis inside a closet? There are many advantages of closet growing that you may not be aware of. Here are some of them.

  • A closet serves as a secret growing station

No one would suspect that you’re growing weed inside your clothes cabinet or utility closet. Just remember to secure the doors with a lock and to disguise well the area to avoid suspicion. 

  • A closet saves you space

You don’t need to construct a growing area for your plants as you’re using a built-in closet. And you don’t have to use shelves too as closets usually come with handy shelves, hooks, and hangers to hold your plants and growing equipment. 

  • A growing closet lets you grow your favorite recreational and medicinal strain

You don’t need to go to a dispensary anymore now that you can grow your favorite strains at home. No matter what type of strain you wish to cultivate, recreational or medicinal strains, you can cultivate these in secret inside your closet. 

  • A growing closet avoids pests and accidental pollination

A closet will secure your plants, keep them safe from pests. If you’re growing cannabis for weed, you can protect them from accidental pollination as well.

What are the Disadvantages of Growing Inside A Closet?

As there are many great reasons to start a cannabis closet-growing activity, there are also some disadvantages of cultivating cannabis in this manner. 

  • There’s not enough space to grow your plants

There’s not enough room for growing many plants inside a closet unless you’re using a large and spacious closet. 

  • You can’t grow tall or wide cannabis strains

You are only limited to growing small or dwarf strains when you’re growing cannabis inside a closet and sadly, only a handful of strains are small strains. Mostly, dwarf strains are one of the most expensive strains. You need to spend more just to grow only a small amount of weed. 

  • You can’t cultivate all kinds of cannabis plants

Forget growing stately sativas or plump indicas when you’re growing weed inside a closet. 

How Growing Weed in Closet Works

Growing weed inside a closet is just like growing weed indoors but with some special considerations. First, you have a very limited space to grow cannabis and thus, you must only consider smaller strains or strains that won’t grow too tall or too wide. Careful consideration of the strain’s growing needs and mature size and shape will let you grow healthy, productive cannabis strains.  

The Things you Will Need

  • Cannabis seeds – to fully take advantage of a small growing area, you must grow only small strains. We also recommend autoflowering strains are these are small plants that can flower earlier compared to other strains. 
  • Soil – the best type of soil is organic growing soil made especially for cannabis plants. 
  • Small growing containers – small containers like party cups and small plastic containers will let you grow more plants in such a very limited space. 
  • Strong lamps and good fans – the best kind of lamp for a small growing space is an LED lamp. This is a compact lamp that won’t make the growing area too hot. For your fans, use PC fans as these are efficient, easy to install, and are available everywhere.  
  • Cleaning products and materials – soap, water, paper towels, and a large brush to scrub the cabinet clean. You also need repair materials like putty, tape, and nails to make simple repairs on your growing closet.  


1. Clean and clear your growing closet

Your closet must be clean and sanitized to grow all kinds of strains. You need to clean everything inside out. Wash all the surfaces with warm soapy water and rinse well.  Afterward, let everything dry before you install your growing equipment and plants. 

2. Repair any holes, tears, and gaps 

Inspect the closet you want to use for any holes and tears. These must be repaired right away since you need this to be lightproof. Patch holes and gaps as soon as you find them. Don’t overlook this as you may end up wasting light. 

Pay close attention to the closet hinges, locks, and shelves as these must be in the best condition to grow your plants well.  

3. Install your growing equipment

Now that your closet is ready, you may now install your growing equipment. Secure your grow lights at the top of the closet using wires or tapes. Use pieces of wood or old books to hold your plants closer to the light if needed. You may remove these or add more as you go along. 

Install your fans by cutting a hole at the top and somewhere near the bottom. The top fan will remove stale, used, and warm air out of the growing closet while the bottom fan will pump in fresh and cool air. Secure all electrical equipment with wires or tape and keep sockets away from moisture or water which can accumulate inside the growing closet. 

4. Place your plants inside the growing closet

The closet and your growing equipment are ready, you may now place your plants inside. Adjust the lighting accordingly and monitor your plants’ progress regularly. Use a digital thermometer and hygrometer to make accurate measurements. Adjust the values accordingly. 

Growing weed in a closet is a very straightforward thing. As long as you provide correct lighting, air circulation, temperature, and humidity, you will grow healthy and productive plants. Be sure to monitor your plants regularly band take action against incorrect temperature and humidity quickly as these can easily change in a small growing environment. 

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