Learning the Basics of Guerilla Growing

Guerrilla growing is a method used by many cannabis growers. You will grow outdoors but in a place where it will not bring any suspicious, as much as possible hidden. Not everyone has their garden indoors which is why guerilla growing is a perfect method. Also, some marijuana growers opt for this method because they can have natural light. To learn about the basics of the guerrilla method here is some information that you might need.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marijuana Guerilla Growing

One of the apparent benefits of guerilla growing is that your marijuana plants will be placed away from your home. At the same time, this can be extra work because checking your plants if from afar, it will help you stay undercover, especially if weed is still not legal in your area. But, if your area already legalized marijuana, you will not have a problem with the complaints of neighbors because of the smell since your plants are far from home.

Still, you have to remember that growing marijuana anywhere has risks associated with it. The most significant risk that you will face is humans discovering it. Some animals can ruin your plant’s vitality and health. Some passersby can also steal from your growing weed. And the different weather conditions can also affect your crops, especially those which are outside. But, do not worry because it is still possible to use this technique once you learn the necessary things.

Finding the Perfect Location to Grow

The first and crucial thing when you want to use the guerilla growing technique is finding the right spot to grow. It would help if you found a discreet place, where it has less chance of being discovered. To achieve this, you need to go out and find a potential place. It can be any nearby place like garbage, pathways, and other places where people do not usually go.

Make sure that you consider the odor of the plants. It can be noticeable as far as 10-15 km away, so always take this note. Public places like parks and museums are not a good location because many people usually visit them. If you find a secret place, that is better. Also, make sure that there are no street lights nearby because this can interrupt marijuana’s natural dark cycle, and it can result in some reactions.

Take Note of the Distance

If you use guerilla growing, you must check your plants regularly. You also need to water them frequently and keep your eyes on things like pests and diseases. Thus, you may need a spot that is not miles away from your home. Choose a location that is accessible by bike, motorcycle, or foot.

Consider Water

Many experienced marijuana growers suggest that it is best to find a place near water. It can be a significant advantage if there is a stream or lake nearby. It will be easier for you to water your plants without raising suspicions to others. If you found a place near the river or lake, you will put little effort to water the plants since the soil can already absorb the water. Also, places near water are warmer, so when winter comes, your plants will not suffer from frost. But, growing your cannabis in streams can be quite risky since flooding can drown or wash them out.

How to Start Guerilla Grow

Start your guerilla growing with marijuana clones. It is ideal for getting from clones so that you can replant them when they have grown a little bit. Using this way, you will be sure that you will have a sure growth unless other factors affect it and they do not grow. But, if you want to grow them from seeds first, do not expect similar results with transplanting clones because growing seeds outdoors needs keen attention.

The best time to replant your clones is after the frost of spring. Ensure that your seedlings or clones will grow regardless of the weather conditions outside. Before you permanently plant them outdoors, place them under the sun for a few hours each day so that their system will be accustomed to natural sunlight.

Prepare the Outdoor Location

Before you start to grow your cannabis plants outdoor, there are essential things that you have to prepare. You need to get additional protection against wild animals or make your location invincible. Also, many growers use outside soil instead of natural soil to grow their marijuana because it is more suitable to raise healthy and productive strains.

Begin by digging a hole for the plant and fill them with coco or perlite soil as much as possible. Make sure you dig a hole huge enough so that the roods can spread into healthy soil.

Watering is another problem that is why it is recommended to get a location near rivers. But, if you cannot find a place like this, mix water-absorbing polymers to the substrate. The polymers will act as gels that store water wherein it will slowly water your plants during dry seasons.

Once you have your hole, fill it with the ideal substrate and the out your seedling or clone. Make sure you water the plant well until the soils become moist. There are many risks that your secret spot will be discovered which is why make it camouflage. You can also surround the cannabis with other plants or create a fence that will hide this. It is also essential that you do not just grow in one place so that if one place did not work, you would not lose all your efforts.

The Bottom Line

As you will try the guerilla grow technique, always make sure that you note all the necessary steps. This method is excellent, especially if you want your weed to grow in a natural setting with natural sunlight. Always make sure that you provide them with nutrients that they need even outdoors. You cannot predict what will happen in guerilla growing, but choosing the right marijuana strain can help. Remember never to use a location that can be easily spotted by the public. It is the most crucial factor to take note of when growing outdoors.

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