What You Need to Know About Hermaphrodite Weed Plant

With all the fascinating facts about weed plants, it’s very informative to know that cannabis plants can be classified into two categories when we talk about its sexuality. For instance, there is a specimen that bears two opposite sex separately, and there are others that can only have the opposite sexes merged into one.

Regardless, aside from figuring out the biological sex of cannabis, a phenomenon called hermaphrodite weed plant is bothering growers because of its unknown identity. Conventionally, this should not be a problem in the first place because why does sexuality matter anyway? Well, tell that to meticulous growers who have specific preferences, which is a good thing to do. 

After finding out that female cannabis plants are better by all standards, the love for male plants lessened. This conception is related to the identity of a hermaphrodite weed plant because it confuses a lot of people. Since the majority of growers are heavily reliant on the biological sex of the plant, finding out they have hermaphrodite weed plants will surely make them scratch their heads. To avoid further complications, here’s what you need to know about hermaphrodites.

What is a Hermaphrodite Weed Plant, Anyway?

For growers who feature their strict observing property, it must have been strange to spot something odd in their plants, despite them knowing all possible occurrences. Sure, it’s discoloration of leaves are common, and so are curling leaves or varying size of buds. But, what about having an unexpected object in the buds? What if it’s not in the expert’s guide?

Well, for starters, those are called hermaphrodite. Hermaphroditism occurs when two sexes, male and female, are appearing in the same bud or flower. Now, this may be similarly similar to monoceia – a term for cannabis specimen that has two sexes in one physical body. 

But hermaphrodite is another story for it can cause problems when you belong in the marijuana market or if you wish to taste the weed yourself. Nonetheless, it might actually be interesting for some so they would keep it but if you feel bothered and that you have grown such thing, then here lies information you might need.

How does Hermaphrodite Weed Plant Form?

One thing’s for sure when you found out that you are carrying a hermaphrodite weed plant: this event does not happen naturally. Meaning, there are simulators that encouraged it to grow. To familiarize yourself with things that cause hermaphroditism, and what to avoid, especially if you don’t want it, the following should help you diagnose your plant.

  • Genetically normal

One of the most typical driving forces is the genetic of a plant’s parents. It’s common knowledge that ancestors play a massive role in the product of their offspring. Though many are working their way out of producing hermaphrodites, there are times that plants can only live as they are because of genetics. 

On the other hand, out of all offspring bred by hermaphrodite weed plant, male plants are most likely to dominate female plants and another hermaphrodite. This case is rare, and when it does happen, cultivators find it hassling and less beneficial.

  • Stressors from the environment

Next to a genetically hereditary condition, poor handling of the environment can encourage hermaphroditism to occur. The thing is, the adaptation of the plant in a poor conditioned location will allow them to evolve in a hermaphrodite weed plant. What happens is that female plants tend to get eliminated first, whereas male ones will self-pollinate and create immediately. Thus, resulting in having both sexes in one flower.

  • Stressors from how the growers handle the crop

As the term implies, this is a mistake on a grower’s part. For instance, there are genetically-reformed cannabis strains that once have pure hermaphrodite ancestors. When this happens, growers will have to be careful not to place them or in a location that can drive it to show its hermaphroditic signs, or provoke them by doing wrongful acts. 

For an expounded explanation, these particular strains get stressed out, and showing their hermaphroditic blood is one way to protect themselves. Sometimes, these occurrences are visible with hybrid strains, especially if they get fed by excessive fertilization.

  • Overly-ripening of the plant

When a cannabis plant becomes mature, they resort to their last survival approach, which is to drive male flowers to self-pollinate. When this happens, hermaphroditism will likely to happen. Moreover, female plants can also produce hermaphrodite weed plant, but the odds are thin.

  • Improper employment of solution agents

One surprising fact about the cannabis plant is that they can intentionally invert their initial sexuality when exposed to particular chemical agents. This happens because there might be present elements in the solution that can prevent female plants from producing ethylene, which will force the crop to produce pollen. 

So far, cannabis plants are reacting the same to colloidal silver, silver thiosulfate, and other chemicals. Though they do not automatically become hermaphrodites, they still generate male ones to inhibit the production of female flowers. By definition, they are going by the term of an intersex plant rather than hermaphrodite weed plant.

How to make hermaphrodite weed plant beneficial?

If you think you’re in the end game upon knowing that you produced a hermaphrodite weed plant, then you’re undoubtedly wrong in that matter. There are ways to take advantage of them. For starters, some specimen has the ability to eliminate male flowers during a certain period of their developmental stage. Thus, leaving you with a female flower to tend to. 

To do this, you will have to carefully remove the male ones when they’re not close to the harvesting period yet. Doing so will allow male ones to be discarded in a short time and will only leave a female flower. 

However, if the plant remains showing its hermaphroditism, the best thing to do is to not smoke the bud, but turn it into rubbing alcohol. Though it is only applicable during its advanced flowering stage, it’s actually convertible to other useful things. You can also make BHO or butane hash oil out of it since resins may already be in an increased state at the moment.

To conclude, though many growers despise the idea of growing a male flower, turns out hermaphrodite weed plant isn’t entirely a source of hopelessness. There are ways to make something out of unexpected bargains; you will only have to be more innovative. 

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