How to Make a Homemade Weed Grinder

Every weed smoker realizes the importance of having a weed grinder. Weed grinders work in mixing, blending, and conserving the weed by preventing spill. They also save you from the predicaments of staining your fingers or getting them to stink. Unfortunately, these grinders are easy to lose because of their small size.

So, what will you do if you happen to lose your weed grinder but have to carry out some grinding? Well, you can choose to make a homemade weed grinder. This customized grinder could let you attain similar outcomes.

Different Ways on How to Make Homemade Weed Grinder

If you are doomed with no luck in finding your weed grinder, you can utilize any of the different ways of making a homemade weed grinder. Although some alternatives are more helpful compared to others, each one still renders a purpose depending on the urgency of the situation.

1. Through a Chew Can

You can utilize an empty chew can when looking for a homemade weed grinder. This is the most proximate approach to make a homemade grinder of weed that fairly parallels a grinder brought from a store.

  1. Get a chew can and remove its contents. 
  2. Break via small nails over the top and lowest part of the can. 
  3. Find a way that will make sure that the nails will not squeeze in each other when inside the can.
  4. Place the weed inside the can and spin from each side.
  5. Unseal the can and experience the pleasure of wrapping your well-ground weed.

2. Through a Wire Mesh and Box

If you have an available wooden box, then that would be much favorable. If not, you can consider making a box too. Purchase a small quantity of wire mesh along with hot glue or nails.

  1. Cut the wire mesh into half of the box’s size.
  2. Put the wire mesh over the lower half part of the box.
  3. Smear the weeds on the mesh, making them weeds finely-ground and fall to the base of the box where they are collected.

3. Through a Shot Glass and Scissors

The use of shot glass and scissors is opted by many weed users when they run out of weed grinder. Depending on the kind of weed you are grinding, the use of scissors can get stain quite fast. Simply shave them clean and you are set for another round of grinding. It is commonly painless and fast, and it can also retain most crystals where it fits.

  1. Get a shot glass and make sure that it is dry.
  2. Place the weed inside the glass.
  3. Use a small scissor to cut off the weed.
  4. Continue with your cutting until such time that you get contented with the way it appears.
  5. Rush it on the rolling paper and proceed with rolling. This method is quite the easiest approach. It does not need any materials and it is very easy to do. As long as you got scissors and a shot glass, you can proceed with your grinding.

4. Through a Black Pepper Grinder

You may think that a pepper grinder cannot be considered a homemade grinder. However, it can be an immediate option to a grinder that is brought from a store. Do the following steps when planning to utilize your black pepper grinder:

  1. Place the weed into a pepper container.
  2. Grind the volume you like to consume and keep the remaining quantity inside the grinder.
  3. Black pepper grinder can make a unique place of storing your weed as long as it is placed far from the kitchen and away from kid’s access.

5. Through a Nickel and a Pill Bottle

This technique may seem impossible to work, but it does. This homemade weed grinder can give you nicely-ground weed. This is how you do it:

  1. Place some weed in a plastic pill bottle. Make sure to have the bottle emptied first.
  2. Slip a nickel into the pill bottle.
  3. Seal the bottle and forcefully shake it. It can rightly consume just several seconds of forceful shaking to disperse the weed and make it evenly ground.

6. Through a Chopping Board and a Knife

Perhaps the easiest to make a homemade weed grinder – with things you are almost sure to have in your home – is to use a chopping board and a knife. If these things can do wonder on vegetables, then there should be no reason they cannot do tricks on your weeds. This homemade method is efficient and the resulting weeds are nicely chopped. However, it is good to point out that this approach demands careful handling with the fingers, and is inclined to losing a valuable quantity of crystal.

  1. Get a chopping board and see to it that it is dried and properly cleaned.
  2. Wipe it with a paper towel or cloth.
  3. Put the weed over the board.
  4. Get a knife and begin chopping.

7. Through a Coffee Grinder

The use of a coffee grinder is best when grinding big volumes of weed. Although you do not like using your electric coffee grinder other than weeds after the first use, it can make a perfect investment once you choose to switch. It can grind weeds regardless of its volume in just a matter of seconds and will do the task without wasting any tasty crystal during the process.

  1. Put the weed inside the coffee grinder.
  2. Simply turn it on.
  3. Expect to see excellently-ground weeds.


The absence of a weed grinder can never prevent a stoner from consuming his weed. He will likely find ways to experience this pleasure. There are several alternatives for homemade weed grinders and any off-the-wall mind can easily figure out a solution to this problem.

Although there are several options to choose from, one thing that you should never forget is to ensure the cleanliness of the tools being used. Enjoy trying any of these innovative grinding techniques and feel the pleasure of getting high afterward.

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