How to Come Down From Weed?

Have you ever been in a situation when you had so much weed you don’t know how to get down from your high? We have had that feeling once: dazed, euphoric, couch locked and just feeling plain weird. Don’t worry, no one has ever overdosed with weed before! All you need to do is to enjoy the ride and follow these simple, practical steps on how to come down from a high.

Just let go and enjoy yourself

No need to worry about the high. Just let weed take you to where you want to go and leave it all to nature. If you feel like sleeping, then sleep. This is one of the side effects of some strains so don’t fight it. You might feel euphoric, happy and sociable so get out and meet with friends.

Eat, eat, eat

One of the most common effects of weed is increasing appetite so don’t be surprised if you find yourself raiding the cupboards and looking for a snack in the middle of the night! Just let this be; you will eventually come down from the high and being hungry usually signals the final stages of a cannabis effect. So why limit yourself? Order from a local deli you have been wanting to try out. Indulge in chocolates, pastries, and pizza. You may even want to call a friend and let him join you as you feast the high away.

Have a fun, indulging day with friends

Speaking of friends, what could be better than to ride your high with a great company? Call them up and have them come over for a slumber party, literally!  Sometimes just being with great people is enough to feel safe and comfortable especially when you are unsure about the high a certain strain gives. Don’t worry, your friends and family will be there for you.

Chat the night away

Another common side effect of some strains is being talkative and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it.  You may be the type who just wants to be in the background instead of being at the spotlight in any event. But today, let weed take you to a whole new level of confidence as you join social events, meet new people and open up. This is why some strains are popular for defeating social anxiety and low self-confidence.

Do creative stuff

Some strains are known to boost creativity and focus. You can use this time to engage in creative activities like painting, crafts, woodworking, sewing and so on. You will feel this sudden burst of energy that you may have never felt before and this is thanks to the perfect strain you chose to get high with. So don’t fight it, just take this as a time to deal with unfinished tasks and work. You may even start with new tasks as well.

Rearrange your room

You may also take this time to do some redecorating. Now that you have newfound energy, you can use this to work on forgotten chores. You can paint your room a new color or add a new window treatment. Refurbish old furniture and clean that stinking carpet. There are a lot of things that you may have overlooked because you were so busy with work. Now, this is the time to work on these tasks without any excuses.

Take a nice, long bath or soak

Deal with the high on a positive note and take this time to relax and pamper yourself. Take a nice, long and warm bath and use bath bombs, flowers, candlelight, and music. Just let the high take effect and enjoy your time off.

Get out and get some fresh air

If the high is just too overwhelming for you, get out of your room, your house and just walk to get some fresh air. Most often this happens when you are new to a strain or you may have just had too much. So instead of just locking yourself up, get out and just relax. Don’t forget to tell someone where you are going in case you need more help. Stay safe and walk just nearby.

Walk your dog

Your dog is simply a ball of relentless energy and he is the best partner when you are having too much of a high. Take him out for a walk, play catch, run or jog. You and your dog will get plenty of exercises and your pal will love you for it. You may even make this a weekly habit.

Hydrate yourself

Take a lot of fluids especially water and juices. You need these to counteract dehydration which is common in people taking weed. But don’t drink alcohol because this can only worsen your high and become more prone to terrible side effects.

Preventing a worrisome high

It’s always better to stay safe than sorry. So before you start indulging, make sure you know what the effects of a particular strain are. Your budtender will surely be able to help you. You may also check the effects of helpful sites like If you are still unsure but would rather take the risk, just take it slow. Take a small amount first and then gradually make your way to a larger or stronger dose. Take note of the strain’s effects and side effects.

The most common side effects of taking cannabis are dry mouth, dry eyes, and restlessness. Very seldom do paranoia and headaches happen. If you have experienced these side effects, don’t be alarmed, it’s just the weed taking effect. If these are too overwhelming for you and you are using weed as medication then you might want to switch to a low THC strain instead.

And if you are still worried about being too high, use weed with friends. Use weed with people who support and understand you. Talk to your doctor to change your dosage or to use another strain if the effects are just too much. There are plenty of alternative strains to use, all you need to do is to ask for a better one.

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