How To Germinate Weed Seeds

Growing and cultivating cannabis seeds can be tricky, you may want to consider the process of germination in which a new plant is born from a seed. This is the first step in starting your marijuana in your garden. To have the best quality and genetic diversity of your seed bank, you may want to obtain it online where you can acquire it legally. Know that when you want to cultivate using seeds, it should be matured with darker brown appearance, lighter accents, and harder grain. Consider the right area that is necessary for your cannabis to grow healthy. Pop the seeds when you are sure about the space, availability of time and the aim for your garden.

There are three things that you need to germinate weed seeds, these are water, sunlight, and air. There are many ways on how to germinate your seeds, the most common of this is using paper towels saturated in water. You will need two clean plates, paper towels, water, and seeds. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get the paper towels soaked with water

Using the paper towels, you may take how many paper towels as to the number of seeds that you want to germinate. Soak the towel with water, you may use tap water or distilled water, as long as it is clean. Soak it completely with precautions as it is needed for your seeds to develop.

Step 2: Put the soaked towels unto the plate

Grab the clean plates and lay the soaked towels on it. Get the seeds and put it on the soaked towels an inch apart from each other to avoid crowded germination. Then cover it with another set of soaked paper towels.

Step 3: Create a dark enclosed shade for your seeds

Use another plate to darken your seeds. To make this, you just have to grab another plate and flip it over, put it on top of the plate where you placed your towels and seeds. You now have created a dome for your seedbed.

Step 4: Place it in a warm area

Look for a place preferably warm area that ranges temperature between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are the four main steps to follow for a proper germination. After you have succeeded following these steps, we are now moving in for the waiting time. This may take time but patience is a virtue. Let the seed grow, from time to time, have it checked if the water is still present in the paper towels. If you notice that it is getting dry, you could put enough amount of water on to the towel. Do not leave it there dry.

There are different types of seeds that can germinate drastically but others may take more days than expected. You will eventually know that your seeds have germinated once the seed splits and sprouted as it appears. This is called the tap root, you can claim it as successful germination. Remember not to tap, squeeze or touch the root when it has already begun to split.

However, you may also opt for another way to germinate your seeds. I can share to you three easy and simple ways. First you may germinate it directly to the soil, second put it directly to the water, and third, you may also put it between two soaked-into-water cotton pads, this could be another option for soaked paper towels mentioned above. You just have to choose the best and easy germination for you. We can elaborate this further:

Soil as a Seedbed

This is common among all the methods as it is more successful compared to other methods. Depends on the soil that you are nurturing for your seeds. You can use mild fertilizer specialized for potting soil or a seed starter. You will only need a ph balance of estimated 6. You may put it in a small pot so that you can closely monitor the sprouting.

Drop the Seeds into a glass of water

I know this may look harsh for your seeds but trust me this is effective. You can leave the seeds soaked in water for 24 hrs within 7 days. To do this, fill in the glass of tap water, then drop the seeds into it. Maintain the temperature for about 18 degrees Celcius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no need for you to add nutrients for the seeds to sprout. Refill water every day and maintain the temperature needed. You will eventually see your seed to split within 2 to 4 days of soaking. Once the roots starting to sprout from 3 to 5 mm long, then it is now time to take out the seeds. You can now proceed to plant into the soil and make sure the roots are facing down.

Soaked cotton as Seedbed

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The process is the same as germinating using paper towels. You can substitute cotton if paper towels are not available. To moisten the cotton, you can just use plant sprayer to literally water the cotton. Maintain the right temperature to have successful germination. Temperature around 22 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit is needed. Within 2 to 5 days you will notice that the seed is sprouting. You may now proceed to plant into the seed, be cautious when you transport your plant to the soil as there is a possibility that your roots will be damaged, roots are very fragile upon germination.

You now have the idea on how to germinated weed seeds. There’s no need for you to be genius in germinating, by following the proper germination process, a good strategy to back it up, right location and a good environment, you can now be a pro cultivator of weed seeds. You do not need to spend a handful of cash to be successful in growing seeds. Be resourceful in doing the procedures. Start it with a good seed and the rest will follow. Happy sprouting!