Complete Guide on How to Make a Grow Box From Old Refrigerator

DIY’s have become trendy these days that if you want to be practical and still get what you need, all you have to do is watch a video tutorial of how to do it yourself and you’re good to go. Life’s never been that easy before. For cannabis lovers, it is their knowledge of how to make a grow box from old refrigerator that made things easier now.

Before, all you are trying to do was save more money to buy that thing you wanted. But now, all you need is the internet and a laptop or cellphone to watch it. You’ll have some people teaching you how to produce the same thing as what you see in shops. In your case as a cannabis grower, here’s a complete guide on how to make a grow box from an old refrigerator.

Marijuana is truly an amazing plant or herb that can be for anybody who likes to escape the world and leave all their worries 

Why Should You Make Your Old Refrigerator into a Grow Box?

Growing cannabis on your own is such an advantage because you get to choose what strain you’ll have, how much resin and yield you’ll get during harvest time. Growing indoors or outdoors should never be a problem for as long as you are providing your crops with the right attention, nutrients, and time as well.

Such is the case also of using an old refrigerator as a grow box. It doesn’t really matter if you got a big or small refrigerator, or if you are growing your crops indoors or outdoors. It is simple. Give your crops what they need and in return, you’ll also get what you want from the green herb which is usually because of the sedating high it brings.

How to Make a Grow Box From Old Refrigerator

Firstly, to do a successful transformation of your old refrigerator into a grow box, you need to be aware of the following steps. Your old ref is not the only thing you’ll need in this project. Instead, you may also prepare the following:

– Lights for growing

– Materials for ventilation

– Reflectors

Steps to Follow

Step 1

Check your old refrigerator and ensure that the seal or magnet connecting the door and the fridge are still in good condition so that no leaks or problems will bother your growing crops. You may also remove the signs of Freon inside the ref so it will not cause any bad reaction or effect to your cultivar. 

Remove also everything else except for the wire coils, shelves, compressors, and the door. Only the empty structure of the refrigerator is what you should keep.

Step 2

Clear away the dirt and dust in your fridge as well as the greases if there are any. You can use dishwashing soap that’s mild and will not leave any smell inside the fridge. After that, dry the fridge by letting it stay outside for a while.

Step 3

Prepare some aluminum foil to be used for covering the inside of the ref. Those foils will help reflect the light inside the fridge and guarantee that all parts of your crops are to grow strong and optimal. You may use foil and glue as well. Dry the attachment for 2 to 4 hours.

Step 4

Get the grow lights and measure if their size fits inside your old fridge perfectly. The position of the grow lights, too, is very important so take note of that as well. Then, use a drill to put a hole where the wires will fit. Be careful in using a drill and wear appropriate gear like protection for the eye and gloves.

Step 5

Plan the size of the fans to be attached to your fridge. The rear wall of it should have four holes where the two fans will be attached. Not only does it provide air, but it also allows better airflow inside, too.

Step 6: Once everything else has been done for the crops, the fridge then has to be filled with enough plants. Watching and monitoring these crops is a must until it is finally harvested. When everything has been set and ready, you may now choose where you want to keep it. However, keeping it away from other people’s reach and not letting them know you have this kind of grow box is better.

Important Tips

  1. In case you encounter issues about the grow lights, you can always move your grow box to a part in your home that is warmer and more comfortable for the crops.
  2. The old refrigerator that you should use is the one that has properly sealed doors. Otherwise, you must test your old ref if there is any case of leaks of lights from the inside.
  3. If you want to make sure nobody will ever get mad at you for the smell of your cannabis which you cannot expect everyone to like. Keep your cultivation and the smell of crops to yourself by investing in a carbon filter.

Final Thoughts

To learn this new trick in cannabis growing is to be more responsible as a grower. The buds you’ll gain from this type of growth will taste better together with its psychedelic high. When growing this indoors, it is essential to keep your crops invisible to visitors, family, and other people.

Cannabis is such an amazing plant that they can survive anything. Use it for medication or recreation, it does not matter. What’s important is that you’re able to try this process at least once in your life.

Growing in an old, rented apartment that charges you with a very high amount, your crops will surely grow better because they are receiving enough air and sunlight, too. Get your storage ready to be filled with lots of buds once the harvest time arrives. It will save you time and money if you try this easy and effective way of growing your cannabis. May this article on how to make a grow box from an old refrigerator serves you well.

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