Useful Ideas on How to Make a Homemade Grow Tent

Want to cultivate your Cannabis? DIY growing tents are simple to create and can give you full control over the growing climate of your plants so that you can yield top-tier buds! 

For cultivating your Cannabis, searching for an easy, cost-effective structure? Below, for a portion of the rate of a commercial-bought box/tent, we will walk you from end to end of the easy process of how to make a homemade grow tent. 

Why build a homemade grow tent? 

It is a wonderful experience to cultivate your Cannabis. The best way to establish a deeper bond with this prehistoric plant is to germinate your seeds then watch them propagate into healthy Cannabis plants with tall, aromatic buds. Not to remark, you’ll finish up with a product much superior to what you can score elsewhere. 

Regrettably, not everybody has sufficient space to cultivate plants outdoors and underneath the sun. This is where a Do-It-Yourself growing tent approaches in; the best cost-effective, as well as reliable setup for many individuals, is a DIY growing tent. Although tiny tents are pretty inexpensive, if you have a moment to search everywhere for supplies, you can construct your own grow tent for yourself. Plus, they give you full control over the growing environment of your plants and yield a great reap each time! 

Some essential thoughts on how to make a homemade grow tent.

Have some few seconds to focus on these critical factors for your tent before you begin searching around for materials to be used in building your homemade grow tent: 


Daily watering as well as feeding requires in Cannabis. Guaranteed that your grow tent/box is waterproof, that the area nearby your tent is not compromised by spills or runoff. 


For your Cannabis plants to bloom properly, it requires well-defined dark as well as light cycles. Photoperiod strains can be stressed by light leaks throughout dark hours, inhibiting their growth, interrupting their blossoming, or even causing hermaphroditism. It is also believed that auto-flowering straining relies on steady dark periods for photosynthesis, respiration, and more. Your DIY grow tent must, therefore, be lightproof. 


To grow correctly, Cannabis plants require proper airflow. While, poor airflow can produce hot areas in your grow tent that restrict heat as well as humidity to flow outside smoothly, create a bacterial breeding ground as well as attract pests. To avoid these issues, the tent requires to be well-ventilated. 


Dependent on the extent of the room you have unfilled, your budget, as well as how many Cannabis plants you expect to grow, the size of your growing tent can differ. A 2 x 2m grow tent is doubtfully the most general size utilized by hobby growers, but depending on your desires, you may go larger or lesser than that. Just recognize that your grow tent will require a minimum of 2.5 – 3m tall if you desire your Cannabis plants to attain their maximum potential, to allow them enough room to expand as well as prevent each of them from receiving too much light. 

Let’s get started: Building a Homemade Grow Tent.

It is surprisingly easy to make your own grow tent. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need: 



  • 20 mm of PVC pipes are robust, inexpensive, and suitable for building your tent frame. You’re going to need: 
    • 18x vertical as well as horizontal straight pipes (the measurement of your pipe can vary reliant on how wide you desire your grow tent to be) 
    • 10x corner fittings of 90 degree 
    • 6x t-fittings 
    • 2x Cross fittings 

Grow light (LED)

There are several different lights found in the shop, but for their energy efficiency and reliability, we suggest LEDs. HID lights tend to be inexpensive than LEDs while it can also yield great outcomes, but they will need to be replaced and require a huge amount of energy after two yields. 

Panda Film

Like the dividers of your grow tent, Panda Film performs well. To capture light, remember to utilize the dark side of the panda film outside, then the white part inside to reflect light. 


The business has plenty of fans. We suggest utilizing a fan plus a carbon filter to remove the scent from your Cannabis plants if you are constructing a huge tent for major harvests. A typical wall fan will do fine if you are constructing a grow tent to house only a few plants. 


When you have your supplies, you will require the following resources for your grow tent assembly: 

  • Velcro (for your tent’s opening) 
  • Duct tape (to build the covering for your grow tent using Panda Film) 
  • Hand saw (for PVC pipes have to be cut to size) 

Setting up your Homemade Grow Tent.

Having completed your materials as well as equipment, you may begin following these procedures on how to make a homemade grow tent: 

Procedure 1: The Frame Assembling

If you have not been able to purchase your PVC the size you like, use a hand saw to cut it to size. You’ll need 18 straight pieces of tubing, regardless of the size of the tent you are constructing; 6 for verticals (that should measure at least 2.5m long), 6 for the foundation, and 10 for the tent roof. 

Use the fixtures to attach them and then construct the growing tent’s frame once you have your straight portions of pipe cut to size. Bear in your mind that for extra support to carry your fan, light, etc., your roof must have a cross fixture at the center. 

Procedure 2: The tent’s covering. 

Twice, you’ll have to cover up your tent; once with a panda film (white) of the tent’s inside, and then with another film (black) outside. 

Starting with the walls is the best way to accomplish this; wrap a sole piece of panda film around three of the tent’s four walls tightly (the fourth one should be the tent’s opening). Secure the panda film to your PVC pipes from where the opening of your tent will be.

Afterward, cover another portion using panda film the roof. Make sure that every wall has at least 4-6 cm of overlap, and then stick the edges down with duct tape. Step inside of your growing tent, and search for light drips then use duct tape to cover them from the tent’s outside.

Lastly, in building the opening portion of your growing tent, cut a portion of the film, make sure that it is long and sufficient to cover from the central portion of the tent’s roof down to the tent’s floor. Using your duct tape, tie it to the tent’s roof and your PVC frame using Velcro from the side down to the bottom. 

Procedure 3: Mounting your fan and light.

Install your growing light at the highest of your growing tent agreeing to the manufacturer’s instructions. To stop light leakage, think of pulling out your power cord through a tiny hole in your tent’s roof then seal every side with your duct tape. 

At last, sit your tent’s fan on the floor, and the job is done! 

Grow your Cannabis now!

After knowing the procedures on how to make a homemade grow tent, it’s time to grow them up. Be sure to read and follow the instructions mentioned above. Those were simplified and easily understood procedures and make sure to benefit from them. Blissful growing!

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