How to Make a Marijuana Clone Box the Easiest Way

Cloning is one of the superb ways to get new cannabis plants. This plant does not come from seeds so that it will reach harvest time faster. Also, this is an excellent method to grow a particular strain that you like. It can give a great advantage, and you will already know what buds to expect during harvest. One way to create cannabis clones is to make a clone box for your weed. The clone box helps you create new clones fast, and you will be able to harvest fast. Here is an easy process of how to make a marijuana clone box.

Why Create a Clone Box?

While the box’s primary purpose is to create clones, it is also a great place to store mother plants once you have taken clones and also a place to germinate new seeds. You can make your box depending on the size that you like and the number of plants you want to grow. Do not worry because you can grow even hundreds of cannabis.

Organizing your marijuana plants can be daunting, and one way to keep them in order is to make a clone box. You will have your seedlings and new clones kept in one place. But, there are other benefits that a clone box can offer a grower.

It Gets Rid of Plants Smell

No matter what type of clone box you create, it can keep the plant’s smell down. It will come in handy, significantly if you are growing indoor and you do not want visitors to smell this odor.

Reduce the Risk of Diseases and Pests

The clones and seedlings will be separated from other plants, and this helps reduce the risk of plants getting diseases and pests. Your plants will be healthier, and your clones will have smaller chances of dying.

Plants Will Be In A Proper Environment

The clone box is the right environment for your clones and seedlings. It will help them grow well while you give them the best of care and nutrients they need. If your plants are in the right environment, they will grow fast; you can harvest quickly and have quality buds.

Your Plants Are Secured

Clones and seedlings need extra are since they are still sensitive. You are sure that when they are in the clone box, it is safe and secure. There will be less risk of them getting damaged.

A Good Supply of Seedlings and Clones

The clone box will help you produce stable new clones and seedlings. You will have an adequate continuous supply of new, marijuana plants, and your harvest will be faster and abundant.

Steps on How To Make A Marijuana Clone Box

1. Choose A Storage

You can use any storage you like, such as a cabinet or closet. Both will work fine in making clones or germinating seedlings. The only problem you will be having is the location. Always think about the safety of your location and the fact that anyone can spot it. Choose a location that no one can spot if you like to make it discreet.

2. Make The Storage Well-Ventilated

Cannabis plants need a well-ventilated area. The ventilation can get rid of the hot air to make sure that the clone box has the right temperature inside. It makes the plants feel fresh and get rid of a few moistures to keep the humidity level right. Considering heat increases, you can create a hole on the top of the box so the plants can have ventilation. A small exhaust fan is also a great idea since it helps bring fresh air and removes the warm air for the marijuana plants. Besides, this is a step that you should never neglect

3. Put Reflective Foil

The reflective foil helps your clones and seedlings get the proper light amount and helps the light reflect throughout the box. Light is one of the crucial factors which helps your plants grow healthy and faster. You can use mirrors of aluminum foil, but this does not work well unlike the reflective foil in spreading light. Although this step in how to make a marijuana clone box is not necessary, it will help so much.

4. Divide Your Clone Box into Three Levels

If you are using a big box, divide it into three sections so you can have a vast space. You can name the three levels on your preferences but always light on every level. Also, the three divisions will help you distinguish your plants and give special care to the level that needs it most. Above all, with these levels, you can store many cannabis plants and grow them.

5. Create Hole to Install Your Lights

Even smaller plants need an equal amount of light. It would be easier if you put your lights above the shield and adjust what the plants only need. Install the lights at the center of your box. Make sure that you properly install the wirings and cables. If you have no idea how to handle electrical work, get help from someone you can trust. But, do not worry because it is easy to install lights, and there are instructions in manual forms.

6. Camouflage

If you want to avoid any suspicions from others, camouflage your clone box in everyday items that you can see in a cabinet. Put a tablecloth above and place some books so that it can look like a regular bookshelf. It is also excellent to put phone, invoices, emails, and some indoor plants to blend in with your house.

The Takeaway

It is subjective to where you can place your clone box. It will also depend on your house, and if you have a grow room, you can place your clone box there. However, if you do not have one, you can make the clone box bendable in your dining table, living room, and other parts of your home. The most important to do is that it can fit well wherever space you place it, and you want to hide it from people as much as possible.

It is ideal to find a place first before creating a clone box so that you can measure the size and built it to its correct specifications. Get a large space if you can use so that you can also create a vast clone box and store many cannabis clones. Make sure that your clone box is near an electrical source if you will install lights and exhaust fan.

A clone box can help you to keep your clone plants safe and organized. If you are planning to clone or germinate seeds, here are steps on how to make a marijuana clone box. It will help you keep your plants grow fast and quickly while you take care of them well.

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