Expert Tips on How to Make a Marijuana Plant Bushy

Starting to cultivate and grow marijuana can be challenging. You want to achieve a bushy plant as much as possible and produce denser yields. It can be pretty nervous but, do not worry because many tips will help you on how to make a marijuana plant bushy. It is a struggle to see your marijuana getting thin, long, and not being bushy. So, here are the tips that will improve you making your weed plant bushy.

10 Techniques On How To Make A Marijuana Plant Bushy

1. Fimming

Fimming is cutting a top of your plant but only a haircut if you are cutting someone’s hair instead of getting off the whole tops. This technique is less traumatic to weed, and it improves the bushy growth of cannabis and will increase the yields. Fimming is more of a training to new marijuana plants so that your plant will be bushy, increase lateral branching, and increase dense buds.

2. Topping

Topping is also a popular technique, and it involves cutting the whole top of your plant. It encourages the plant to grow fuller and thicker around the sides. If you think that it is absurd to cut the top of a healthy and well-looking plant, do not worry because many growers test this method. It will not let your plant grow skinny and tall, but the topping will make it yield more and look bushy. Also, this can make the plant grow more robust.

3. Flushing

This method involves the use of water. You have to pour clean water into the plant’s soil so that all solids and nutrients will be flushed out. It is usually done when the plant is looking for distress and needs fresh nutrients to grow well. If you use a hydroponic system, drain your water reservoir and refill with plain, fresh water.

4. Low-Stress Training (LST)

Low-Stress Training includes slow bending of the branches so that they can grow in a specific direction. It is like the braces for your teeth except this one does not include brackets. Do not worry about plants getting stress because they have undergone that a lot. You should grow them into the correct position so that they can be bushy.

5. Lollipopping

It is a technique that involves removing small low and side branches of your marijuana plant. Removing the small branches makes it for main branches to have more energy. This method is alike to regular pruning; however, you do not want small branches to have energy. Lollipopping gets rid of sluggish branches which allow better circulation of air for young plants. It will make your plant bushy, giving you more yield.

6. Sea of Green (SOG)

One fast technique that will allow you to grow small plants is SOG. It is a perfect way, especially for people who have limited time and can only grow short weed plants because of space restrictions. Sea of Green includes putting your small plants very close together to grow like bonsai. You are putting them together tightly so that no space is wasted. Using this, your plants will develop in a short period, letting your harvest faster than expected. If you look at bonsai plants, there are very bushy because there are small branches that grow now and then. There are many methods on how to make a marijuana plant bushy; it is up to you what to choose.

7. Monster Cropping

The results of this technique are monsters alike. It will give you a bushy plant and also higher yields. You will start to take clones from your marijuana plant during the flowering stage and replant them. During this phase, the clones you replant will also flower very quickly, which results in many flowering buds at one time.

When you clone flowering stage marijuana, they grow bushy, with many side branches. Also, you do not need to keep the mother plant so your clones can grow. There are times that a mother plant becomes big which can take so much area. But, with Monster Cropping, you can clone flowering weed, replant them and you are sure that your plants are bushy and the yield is abundant.

8. Super Cropping

Super cropping involves bending, almost breaking the main stem of branches so that the plant’s nutrient intake will increase. This breaking method will have more robust growth, bushy plant, and higher yields. If you have a specific cannabis strain that can tolerate stress, this is a perfect way to make them bushy. Some growers call this the High-Stress Training but are mindful because too much stress can also have adverse effects on the plants.

9. Screen of Green

Take a screen like chicken-wire or netting and put it above your plant at a specific height. Your plants will only grow at a certain height that you decided. Once the marijuana grows into the chosen height, it will start to grow into the sides, making its bushy. There are so many benefits of growing shorter plants because this ensures that they are exposed to light wherein plants grow healthy and produce high yields.

10. Main Lining

Using the primary lining technique helps you to distribute equal and fair nutrients to all branches growing regardless if they are small and big. This way, your plants all have the nutrients it needs leading to business and getting higher yields. Although this one throws off some growers, it is still a useful technique, especially when you mastered it.

The Conclusion

Many growers keep their plants dense and bushy to maximize space. However, this is not the only reason because growing bushy plants also produce higher yields. No matter what technique you use, it is essential to consider the lateral growth and distance between the nodes of your plants. If you have a long-distance between the leaves, it will grow spindly and slender. In reality, having spindly plants is not good at all because they cannot support denser and massive buds that everyone wants to achieve. But, with bushy plants, you are sure that there is extra support in the plant and you will have no worries about losing your hard work. Also, do not forget to give all the nutrients your plant needs regardless of how short and tall they are. Choose the best technique on how to make a marijuana plant bushy for you.

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