How to Make a Smoke Buddy 101

Marijuana smoking does not apply to people who are living in a crowded place like the city and the province. It is hard to deny your cannabis smoking experience because of the strong, intense smell it creates. Learning how to make a smoke buddy is an advantage you should take to ensure that you still get to enjoy your favorite bud.

Fresh buds definitely make a wonderful toke than anything else. Just like the happiness you get when you smoke cannabis raw and dry, the smoke buddy that you’ll learn to make from this article is worth reading about.

What is Sploof?

The tool used to lessen the spread of the strong odor from a burning bud is called a sploof or a smoke buddy. It helps to neutralize such a strong aroma through a filter. 

This smoking buddy is very useful because it filters the smoke directly instead of smoking it through a joint or a bong.

With the recent legal approval of cannabis use in many states, more ways to enjoy smoking the bud has been discovered and is now widely known all over the globe.

However, if purchasing one of those sploofs available in the market is not possible for you, don’t worry because it’s easy also to make your own at home.

Perfect Filters to Use for Making a Smoke Buddy

To begin with your plan of creating a smoking buddy for yourself, you should first know about the kinds of filters that are usually used in making one. Filtering agents are essential in producing a good smoking buddy because it is the part that strains the smoke that comes out into the air which lessens the strong smell.

There are two very common and effective types of filters to use for your sploofs and those are the following:

A. Scented Dry Sheets

If you choose to use these sheets for your smoking buddy, it will be easier to neutralize or balance the smell coming from your burning buds. Scented dry sheets are weaved meticulously in such a way that anything that passes through it is carefully filtered. Usually, cannabis smokers use up to four sheets of this to be sure of its effective cover-up ability.

B. Charcoal

Just like with your refrigerator, keeping some charcoal inside your smoking buddy will help totally eliminate the smell of your weeds. This may be a little pricier than scented dry sheets. However, you will only be using just a small amount of it’s still a good choice. Charcoal is a lot better filter when smoking buds in a public place because the smell suddenly disappears while you inhale all of the cannabis sedating high effects.

How to Make a Smoke Buddy 101

Want to learn how to make a smoke buddy using a scented dry sheet? Read on to learn. Here are the specific steps to follow:

1. Using Scented Dry Sheets

Step 1 – Prepare the necessary tools for the process. 

  1. Blade, knife, or scissors
  2. Either a tube, toilet paper, or an empty water bottle
  3. The filter of your choice
  4. Tape, rubber band, or string

Step 2 – If you are going to use a water bottle, cut it into two, separating the top from the bottom portion of it. Make alternative holes at the bottom of the bottle. Check the cap of the bottle if its size is enough for you.

Step 3 – try to fit in the four dry sheets into the tube and never exceed four sheets because they might cause suffocation or choking during your smoking activity.

Step 4 – once the filters are set carefully into the tube, attach and wrap the wide end of the dry sheet onto the bottom of the tube. A rubber band or string will do well in binding the dry sheet and the end of your water bottle together.

Step 5 – your smoking buddy is actually ready for use now. However, you can also add some nice design and detail to it if you want. Painting or drawing something on its surface using pens, tape, or paint will work wonders for this smoking tool.

2. Using Charcoal

Step 1 – The first step is, of course, to gather the necessary tools you will need particularly the charcoal. It can be bought in a local store or you can use your old stock. You can clean the charcoal by putting it in a filter and then wash it using clean water. This way, too, you can be sure of the charcoal’s effectiveness in absorbing the molecules from the smoke of your cannabis.

Step 2 – wait for the charcoal to be completely dry before placing it on one or two scented dry sheets.

Step 3 – Once the charcoal is already in the sheet, wrap it around the tube and seal them together using either a rubber band or a string.

Step 4 – When all the three steps above have been successfully done, your sploof made of a charcoal filter is now ready for your cannabis smoking indulgence.

Quick Tips in Smoking Using a Sploof

  1. Consider how long you will be using your sploof.
  2. Immediately replace the filter of your sploof if it’s not working as expected.
  3. Smoke and exhale smoke very slowly.
  4. Check the final product you’ve made if there is no more chance the filter will fall off when you use it.
  5. Never burn a joint or a bud inside your tube.

Final Thoughts

If smoking cannabis is your first love, it will be a struggle for you to get rid of it even if it’s about you getting caught or even if you’ll have to be hated by the people around you. In that case, trying these simple steps on how to make a smoke buddy on your own is truly helpful. Follow the steps carefully and keep in mind the tips given to stay safe while savoring your buds discreetly, too. Once you’re able to create a good one, it will be more comfortable for you to smoke buds even in public. So, good luck and enjoy it!

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