How to Make Cool Weed Smoking Devices?

Are you tired of the usual, traditional, boring glass bong? Have you ever thought smoking a joint is just too unexciting? You can actually make cool weed smoking devices by using simple household items. Plain things found in your home can turn into fantastic smoking devices for weed that will surely amaze your friends. Here are a few of the best cool weed smoking devices that you might find interesting:

Making a bong out of fruit and vegetables

You must have fresh fruit or veggies to make this kind of smoking device. Select tough-skinned fruits and veggies because this will help hold the weed in so you can smoke effortlessly, and with added flavors too.

  1. Take your fruit (an apple, pineapple, watermelon or pear would do) and cut the top portion, the one with the stem with a sharp knife. Set this piece aside.
  2. Use a spoon or a spatula to remove the insides of the fruit. Set these aside as well; you can eat these after you are done smoking.
  3. After the fruit or vegetable has been hollowed out, cut a small hole on the side of the fruit. This will be your mouthpiece. You may use a pen, a glass tube or any kind of tube as your mouthpiece.
  4. Simply place your dried weed inside the fruit chamber and light it with a lighter. You can smoke the weed from the mouthpiece. You will notice an added fruity taste to your weed because of the fruit.

Making a bowl out of a pen

If you need to smoke weed fast and you just don’t have the equipment handy, you can turn your pen into a bowl as long as it has a detachable metal tip and a plastic body.

  1. Dismantle a pen. Remove the tip, the body, the ink chamber, and the cover.
  2. Take the metal tip and invert it. Place the tip inside the end of the body of the pen. The inverted tip will act like the bowl for your dried weed.
  3. Use a lighter to slightly melt the plastic body to attach itself to the tip. The inverted tip should not move.
  4. Now your pen weed bowl is ready. You may now place a small amount of dried weed in the bowl and then smoke it. The other end of the plastic body will be your mouthpiece.
  5. If you are done, simply reassemble your pen.

Making a bong out of an old feeding bottle

Instead of throwing away old feeding bottles, use them to make a handy, low-cost smoking device. Make sure that the bottle is clean and should be free from cracks and dents.

  1. Choose an intact feeding bottle for this project. Dismantle the feeding bottle. You must have the bottle, the nipple, the nipple ring, and the bottle cover.
  2. Clean the pieces and dry these completely.
  3. Take a heating tool like a soldering iron to create a small hole at the lower side of the feeding bottle. This is where the mouthpiece will be installed. It could be made from a glass pipe, a pen or any similar object.
  4. The hole made by the heating tool should accommodate the diameter of the mouthpiece. When the hole is set, place the tube in and use a glue gun to glue the pieces together.
  5. Use a small piece of foil to make a bowl. Let this cover the mouthpiece by wrapping it on the top of the mouthpiece opening. Use a toothpick to create small holes.
  6. You now have a simple bong. Fill the feeding bottle chamber with clean water and place a small amount of dried weed in the Heat the weed up to start smoking.

Making a bong out of a shell

A clever idea is to use natural shells as a bong. Shells are naturally hollow; when the sea creature has abandoned its shell, it can be used as a display or as a smoking device just by using simple tools.

  1. Select only moderately-sized elongated shells. Dry these out completely.
  2. Use a wire tool to clean the inside; flush it with water and soap. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any dirt or sand inside and out of the shell.
  3. Clean the shell well and dry it under the sun.
  4. Once it is dry, use a hand saw to cut off the tipped end. This will be your mouthpiece while the open or large end is your bowl.
  5. Use sandpaper to remove rough edges on the mouthpiece. This end should be smooth because this is where your mouth will be.
  6. Your shell weed smoking device is now ready. You may fill the bowl with dried weed and light it. Inhale smoke from the mouthpiece.

Making a bong out of a coconut

A coconut may also be used as a bong. This is the perfect material because it has a strong shell and the flavor of fresh coconut will add zest to your weed. The coconut chamber will be where the dried weed will burn while a hole on the side of the weed will be where the mouthpiece will be attached.

  1. Remove the husk of coconut to expose only the nut. Chop off only a small portion of the top so you can clean the inside.
  2. Remove water from this hole as well.
  3. Cut a small hole, enough to fit a pen or a glass cylinder in. This will be your mouthpiece.
  4. Glue this securely on the side of the coconut.
  5. You may now place dried weed inside the coconut and smoke it. This will create a fantastic dried coconut taste and smell instead of just ordinary weed flavor.
  6. When you are done, you need to discard the coconut because the meat can go off easily. You may also remove the meat completely, dry your shells and use this as a permanent bong.

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