How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

Weed has a natural smell that can be off-putting. Some cannabis strains have a very strong odor while some have an intoxicating smell due to its wide array of terpenes. It is also very evident how strong weed smells when it is consumed.

The most popular way of consuming weed which is smoking a joint could have a very strong smell, however, this is not enjoyed by all users. If you live in an apartment or a shared space, smoking a joint could become an issue. You must do all you can to hide the smell of weed or at least smoke weed without the smell. Here are some good techniques:

Smoke low-odor cannabis strains

Instead of smoking cannabis with the overpowering odor, you can go for a strain that’s not too smelly like Northern Light, Blue Mystic, Royal Jack Automatic, Royal Creamatic and Quick One. There are a lot more strains that are not too smelly. You can Google or better yet, ask your budtender for help.

Use smoking devices such as sploof

A sploof is a kind of homemade device that will help you control the smell of cannabis. The purpose of a sploof is you exhale your smoke inside the device and not inside the room.

This device is made from a cardboard roll of toilet paper, some tissues, a coffee filter, and a rubber band. Simply place tissue paper pieces inside the toilet paper roll. Do not pack this tightly because you may not be able to exhale through. At one end, cover with a coffee filter and use a rubber hand to secure the coffee filter along the mouth of the cardboard. As you smoke weed, you exhale the smoke through the sploof. No one will be able to smell the smoke at all.

You can reuse your sploof by replacing the tissue paper pieces inside and the coffee filter cover. You can throw this away when you are done too since it is very easy to make one anyway.

Use different ways to consume cannabis other than smoking

If you just can’t stand smoking then you may use other ways to take cannabis. Other forms of cannabis consumption like taking concentrates, oils, edibles, and supplements could be an alternative way for young children, old people and those with respiratory conditions. This way, you can consume or medicate using cannabis without inhaling or smelling any unpleasant odor or smoke.

Use odor-masking techniques

There are a lot of ways to mask the strong odor of cannabis smoke. You may try the following:

  • Open all windows, doors and exhaust fans from where you are located so that stale and smelly air may be efficiently removed from the room. Use two fans to make smoke removal more efficient. One fan blows fresh air inside the room while another fan blows used air out.
  • Use an air purifier to remove smoke smells and other foul odors inside the room. These devices are electronically-powered and work by releasing ions in the air that trap smoke as well as dust, dirt, dander, and The result is fresh air, free from ugly smells and smoke. There are many types of air purifiers in the market, choose one with HEPA filtration system so that dirt and trapped smoke will not be re-released back in the air.
  • Clean your room well. Even if you smoke a non-smelly weed variety today, it won’t help if your room smells like smoke in the first place. Before hosting a smoking party, remove dirty curtains, chair covers and linens, vacuum floors and keep surfaces clean. And after cleaning and replacing linens in your room, try to keep it clean to best control the powerful smell of weed use.
  • Avoid smelling like weed by doing one or more of the following: use a “smoking jacket.” This could be any kind of old jacket that can cover your clothes as you smoke weed. Tie your hair up or wear a hat. Smoke easily sticks to hair so you must tie it up whenever you smoke or vape weed. Take a bath or shower after to remove the strong smell of weed on your skin. Apply perfume or cologne to mask the strong smell.
  • Use charcoal to remove the smell of smoke on furniture and inside the room. Charcoal is a good deodorizer which can suck up smells without emitting any kind of foul odor. It is also cheap and is available anywhere. Take a dish full of charcoal and place it inside a shelf or a cabinet where you store weed.

Smoke weed only in areas where it is allowed

To avoid affecting anyone with the strong smell of weed, smoke elsewhere if this is possible. Do not smoke at home or smoke at your friend’s house or anywhere you and your friends can come together and enjoy weed. If you medicate cannabis then you must only smoke in one room and not in a commonplace inside your home.

Use air fresheners and sanitizers

If you just want to remove the smell of weed after a party or session in your home then you may use an air freshener or air sanitizer. There are many types of sanitizers and fresheners and in different flavors and scents too. Use these after you have thoroughly cleaned your room with warm water and detergent cleaner. Use a rag to clean the walls and the floors.

After a thorough wash, wipe the area dry and then open doors and windows to dry the area up. Use bleach to remove very strong smells. Use a few tablespoons of bleach in soapy water and use this to mop your floors and clean the walls.

Never mix chemical cleaners like bleach and acids because doing so can cause a chemical reaction and can even lead to very strong offensive odors. Check the label of the household cleaning item for instructions on how to use these and for any precautions.

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