Proper Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation Set Up

The key to successful marijuana growing is to have access to everything that your plants need for them to survive. An ideal growing environment has access to light (either natural or artificial), water, nutrients, and air circulation.

Unfortunately, some growers tend to overlook the importance of air circulation in growing cannabis plants. Marijuana grow room ventilation is something that should not be taken for granted by any cannabis grower.

In nature, wind or air circulation is an important factor for any plants to grow and survive. Outdoors, there is nothing much to worry about since there is a natural circulation of air but for indoor growing, it is important to properly set-up marijuana grow room ventilation.

What is Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation and Why is it Important?

Marijuana grow room ventilation is responsible for the air circulation in your grow tent or indoor grow space. It is usually made of fans for intake and exhaust. These fans are responsible for the flow of air in your grow room.

The main reason why air ventilation is important because marijuana plants need fresh air to survive. It requires a good exchange of air to thrive. Good air circulation involves this process: Fresh-air in and hot air out.

Getting the right ventilation process is important. Unfortunately, some growers get the process wrong thus this affects crop production. You can’t expect a high-quality yield with a poor ventilation system. The air circulation will help grow strong stems and helps the cannabis plants to transpire. If you are growing your plant indoors, consider good ventilation set up.

How to Set-up A Good Marijuana Ventilation System?

Most indoor growers cultivate their cannabis plant in a closed area, a grow tent, a nook, or a space in the garage or inside the house like a cabinet or a closet. These places have very poor ventilation thus there is a need to set up an ideal ventilation system as the plants will never survive without it.

The best that you can do is prepare and invest in materials that you will use to create ideal marijuana grow room ventilation system. You will be needing fans to ventilate your grow room. It doesn’t matter what you are using, either a grow tent or a closet or any closed area, fans would be ideal in setting up ventilation.

  • Extractor Fan. Place the fan securely on the upper side of the tent using duct tapes. When you connect or install the fan, make sure not to leave any holes. This fan will serve as an extractor. The best place for the extractor is on the upper part or top of the grow room. It will allow the warm air with low CO2 concentration to be blown outside the grow tent. If you are using grow tents, they already have special holes on top of the tent dedicated to extractor fans. Carbon filters can be attached to prevent the odor coming from the plants.
  • Intake fan. This is also known as an air inlet. This fan will be the source of fresh air that your plants need to survive. The set up is similar to the air extractor only that it is reversed. The air inlet should have a lower capacity than the extractor fan because strong air can also cause damage to the plants. It should only like a breeze. The intake fan is also responsible for blowing cold air to the grow room and lowering the temperature. Intake fans should also be on the upper part of the grow room or at the top.
  • Airflow. You can install another fan if you want to make sure of the good circulation of air inside the grow room. You can aim the fan the plant in between the grow lights and your plants. You may place two fans facing each other so that the air meets in the middle part of the grow room.

Take note that the size of the fans depends on the number of plants and the size of your grow room. Grow fans are measured by CFM or cubic feet/minute. It is best to consult your local store in buying grow fans so that you will be able to pick the right one for your garden.

Helpful Tips in Setting Up Proper Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation

In setting up marijuana grow room ventilation you must:

  • Have the right kind and size of fans. Again, the size of the fans depends on the size of the grow room and the number of plants that you are growing.
  • Install the fans on top of the plants. Let the breeze flow above the plants. You can install small fans if you need to keep the air flowing but do not blow your plants directly to the plants. Strong air can cause damage to the plants, particularly to the leaves.
  • Install an exhaust fan with filters. Aside from dealing with CO2 and hot air, an exhaust fan with carbon filters will help you control and manage the smell of the cannabis plants. Remember that there are strains that have strong odors and if you are growing one, then this is a must for you. This is important if you are growing your cannabis plant discreetly or you don’t want your neighbors complaining about the odor.
  • Install thermometer. You will need this especially in checking the grow room temperature. Remember, the intake fan helps in normalizing the temperature of the grow room. If it is too hot, you may need to do some adjustments to the fans to lower the temperature.
  • Sealed. As soon as you have installed the fans, make sure that your grow is sealed and there should be no leak parts for light and water to penetrate.
  • Organize. Organize and clean everything like the power chords so that they won’t mess up with the growing space. You may place it on one side so that you won’t get in your way.

Like water and light, the air is of the essence of growing a cannabis plant. Without it, there is no way for the plants to survive. Marijuana grow room ventilation should not be overlooked by any cannabis grower. Good ventilation set up will largely determine your production; better yield surely awaits you.

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