Marijuana Growing Supplies Every Grower Must Have

There is a growing interest among cannabis enthusiasts to grow their cannabis. As the use of cannabis is now legalized in many places, it has given connoisseurs access to use marijuana for both recreational and medical use as well as grow their weed.

Marijuana is a versatile plant tor grow thus some find it easy but without proper knowledge and marijuana growing supplies, you want to find difficult growing healthy and productive cannabis. Marijuana growing supplies are essential to aid you in providing your plants with the ideal environment as well as provide them with important that they need to survive.

If you are planning to grow your cannabis, try to plan and secure the needed marijuana growing supplies so that you can have a good start in growing your cannabis garden

List of Marijuana Growing Supplies you Must Have

Here’s a list of important marijuana growing supplies that you need:               

Grow Lights

Grow lights are very important and mandatory for indoor growing. The grow lights serve as the main source of light that the plants need in the absence of the natural light which is the sunlight. There a variety of grow lights that you can choose from as a grower. There are two popular variety of grow lights that you can choose from:

  • High-Intensity Discharge – also known as HID lights, these are standard grow lights that are commonly used because of its efficiency, output, and value. There are two main types of HID lights. These are Metal Hide which produces bluish-white light and is used during the vegetative stage of the plant. The other one is the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) which produces red-orange light and is used during the flowering stage of the plant. HID lighting setup needs ballasts and hood.
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED). Expert cannabis growers recommend the use of LED lights for indoor growing. LED lights have been developed to produce an efficient and effective lighting spectrum. Though they are costly, LED lights last long compared to other grow lights thus it is cost-effective. It creates less heat so no need to install a cooling system and it is designed to emit a fuller spectrum of light that the plants need to grow healthy and productive.

Fans and ventilation devices

In setting up an ideal cannabis garden, good air circulation is important. The grow space should have a cool breeze that fans can provide. You may have two fans, one should be for the intake and the other is for exhaust. Set the fans at a mild level only so they could just provide a breeze just enough for the plants. The fans or ventilation devices depends on how big is your grow space. The main purpose of the fan is to let the air circulate freely in your grow space.

Thermometer, humidity, and pH meters

A grow room should have a thermometer because it is needed for monitoring the temperature. Humidity and pH meters are underrated as these two usually comes last in the list but they are very important. You will have to check the pH level of the soil making sure that they are in the normal range. Cannabis plants are also sensitive thus you need to check the humidity. Humidity affects the plant’s growth and can stress the plants if they are not on a normal level.

Carbon Filters

If you are growing cannabis strains with strong odors, it is imperative to install carbon filters to keep you grow your cannabis plants discreetly as it controls and purifies the odor in your grow space. Carbon filters are often used in indoor growing.

Sharp pair of scissors, razor or pruner

You will need these tools if there is a need to trim and harvest your plants. Make sure that these devices are heavy-duty and that they need to be sterilized when you use it. You will be needing these tools for as long as you are growing cannabis.

Duct Tapes

Duct tapes are very essential if you are setting up or maintaining your grow space. It is very helpful and can be used in sealing tents, fixing other cannabis fixtures, or even fixing injured plant stems. They come in handy but they are very useful.

Latex-Free Gloves

These will serve as protection in times that you do some training or even during harvest. This will not only protect you but also the plant. It will protect the plants from contamination. Make sure that you get latex-free gloves as they are powder-less and also food-safe.

Mason jars

Growing cannabis will never be complete without the very dependable mason jars. Mason jars mostly serve as ideal storage for your cannabis buds during the harvest and curing process. The lids are tightly secured and they can protect and prolong the life of your buds while maintaining its characteristics and potency.

Watering containers

There is very essential as you will have to diligently water your plants for them to survive. For indoor growing or in small grow spaces, a sturdy 1-gallon sized vessel is enough for you to use. It can be a clean pitcher or container that will allow you to water your plants. Make sure to carefully water your plants, avoid over or under-watering them.

Nutrients and other supplements

Either you are growing in soil or hydroponics, it is best to keep fertilizers of nutrient solutions that you may need as your plants grow. There can be times when your plant may need additional nutrients so having these things on hand will make things easier for you.


Cannabis cultivation can be made easy by having essential marijuana growing supplies that you will need as you grow your cannabis plants. These equipment or tools are what you need to set up or maintain your grow space and you will need as you take care of your plants in every stage of their growth development up until harvest time.

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