Why Are My Marijuana Leaves Curling Up?

They say cannabis plants are one of the most challenging crops to grow because not only will it require extra physical and financial effort, it will also need its growers to pay attention very closely. Contrary to this belief is the idea of experienced cultivators who always listen to their plant’s call for help.

Now you may ask yourself ‘why are my marijuana leaves curling up’, and you might also redirect yourself – accidentally – to improper acts simply because you never really studied the wrongness of the occurrence. Marijuana leaves curling up aren’t just signs of deficiency; sometimes it can be more than what you can imagine.

Because of that, here are all the detailed information that you can have access to, to see what this phenomenon really means. Regardless if you’re experienced in the field or not, you will find it easy to grasp the following data.

The Cause and Cure of Marijuana Leaves Curling Up

It’s common knowledge that illnesses or odd appearances that a plant portrays are no product of magic and coincidental events. In fact, might actually be a number of problems that your marijuana plants are going through. Here are the most acknowledged cause and cures of marijuana leaves curling up.

Burning Temperature

Leaving the temperature unchecked will result in many adversities you don’t want to encounter in your growing era. But, this time, you might want to check out the obviousness of what’s going to take place if you fail to regulate the temperature. This specific occurrence is prevalent when the temperature is too high that it stresses the plants. 

Heat stress is usually a recurring problem outdoors but can also happen indoors. Once this happens, the leaves will curl up and turn brown. This appearance is a call for help as it indicates a failure to perform photosynthesis (with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius).  An increase of over 2 degrees Celsius will automatically line your cannabis plant in the danger zone.

  • How do I cure it?

For indoor cultivators, it would be best to have regular conditioning check up to see if there’s an anomaly in temperature, airflow, humidity, etc. Having noticed the marijuana leaves curling up and turning brown, growers may provide temperature regulators like air-conditioners to restore the balance. 

On the other hand, outdoor cultivators will have it worse with confrontations that will come from intense waves of heat, drought, and other conditions that will naturally lose the balance of the temperature. To provide it from happening, they can place a screen shade over the plants. This will not also avoid anomaly in temperature because it can keep pests away. 

Make sure that you are not in the stage where everything is horrendous already because scorched leaves aren’t curable. A tip from experienced growers would be to plant the weed in white containers or pots. Doing so will enable a cooling effect, especially in the root.

Freezing Temperature

If hot temperatures can cause marijuana leaves to curl up, then so is having a cold temperature. At first glance, the edges of a leaf will curl up until discoloration will occur, which will rapidly spread across leaves. 

While it’s true that having a low temperature at night can bring benefits to the bud, it should not be under such longevity. Too much exposure to low temperatures, specifically hitting below 10 degrees Celsius, will eventually kill your cannabis plants. Soon, the marijuana leaves will not only curl up but a complete infestation of bacteria and fungi.

  • How do I cure it?

Indoors, you can treat surge in temperature by adding several grow lights. But then again, indoor cultivators should have at least daily regulation because after all, they can control the environment.

Then, outdoor growers will have to face it naturally. But, by having an early harvesting period, they can be free to move their crops indoors to protect them from the cold temperature. 

Too much water

As usual, improper water practices can breed plant ailments that will be indicated by leaves. In this case, overwatering can be the cause. Too much watering will drown the roots and will wash away some helpful microbes from the soil or and medium. Excessive pouring of water will invite root rot, or also known as Pythium. One of the leading signs of root rot is droopy and curling leaves. 

  • How do I cure it?

Overwatering is an unfair practice that can take place indoors and outdoors. To eliminate the excessive amount of water, growers will have to keep up the wet-dry series they employ during the plant’s development. One way to know if your plant will need water is to pick it up and take note of the weight.

However, if you cannot tell, there are available moisture meter that will test a plant’s behavior after watering it. In that case, growers will know if they should water it more or leave it be until it’s dry. Make sure that you’re quick to respond because root rot isn’t curable any more. Meaning, take marijuana leaves curling up as a warning sign to do better.

Excessive Fertilizers

Heavy usage of nutrients has always been ill-advised, especially by expert growers. Excessive pouring of solutions will cause marijuana leaves to curl up. The curling of the leaves usually takes place when the obscene amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are employed. 

  • How do I cure it?

Fortunately, there are feeding charts you can follow, and it comes with every fertilizer brand. However, it doesn’t mean all types of cannabis plants will respond well to the standard encouraged by the fertilizer brand because they vary. 

It would be best to begin at a low portion and see if there are violent reactions taking place. If not, you can gradually increase the solution until such time that the plants are responding well. 

Take note that overly giving fertilizers will, in return, make marijuana leaves to curl up until they drop and die. Also, bear in mind the correct pH levels too, especially with setups like hydroponics.

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to diagnose your cannabis plant regularly. But, always watch out for marijuana leaves curling up because it’s the most known distress signal that if ignored, will put your plant at risk. You should be able to treat it immediately with the given curing methods and tips.  

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