What Causes Your Marijuana Stems Turning Red

You regularly check your weed plants to see if they are doing well. Things are going great, and then one day, you noticed that marijuana stems turning red. You keep on wondering what does this mean and why are they turning into these bright red stems. There are various reasons why they turn red. Keep reading below to know. Reading this kind of information will help you maintain and happy and healthy marijuana. You will also get the quality and abundant yields that you want.

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Stems Turning Red

1. Genetics

Some plants will grow colorful stems naturally, especially cannabis strains that create purple leaves or flowers. The stems can appear reddish, but when you look closer, it appears more purple than red. You do not have to worry about this. However, you have to know what strain you are growing, which will help you stop panicking, and you will be at ease knowing that it runs in the plant’s genes. You will also notice that the red or purple color appears on all the stems of the plant instead of one area.

2. Too Much Light

If a stem is exposed to too much light, it will eventually turn into purple, pink, or red in time. In case this is why you will notice that some parts do not have much light in green color. It turns into red because it is the plant’s defense mechanism to protect the stems from light. If you have used UV lights for your grow light, you will know that this commonly happens. Many growers have been trying out different training methods to display bare stems like defoliation or manifold. Red stems are becoming common, and you have nothing to worry about as long as you do not notice anything that can affect your marijuana’s health and development.

3. Different Weathers and Seasons

The different weathers come in different temperatures. Cold or hot days and nights can marijuana stems turning red. In case a discoloration appears after a cold night, a change of temperature is the cause of colorful stems. The stems can look purple and reddish at the same time.

4. Plant Stress

Marijuana plants can also get stress, and they can react in many unpredictable ways. It may sound strange. However, stems’ discoloration is caused by various factors such as bugs, overwatering, and too much heat, which is why you need to pay attention to your plants regularly. You need to maintain a right, clean environment and practice the proper watering when you cultivate weed.

There is much stress that can affect your plants, including nutrient deficiency. However, some plant stress can look like they lack a nutrient, but it is a planthopper infestation. Every strain is different, and some grow best in cold temperatures and some in warm places. You need to maintain a suitable growing environment that will suit your cannabis strain. Also, never place your plants too close to the lights. Some are sensitive to light, and they only want the right amount of light. Plants will get stress from the light intensity you use.

5. Nutrient Deficiency

If you notice that your plant is pale and the stems are red, it might need nutrients more than ever. You will be encountering this, mostly if your weed has stayed in the same container for an extended period. Lack of nutrients will marijuana stems turning red, so growers need to add essential nutrients that the plant needs to have a good quality of dense buds.

If your plants’ pH is too high or too low, this can also affect its growth, making the stems appear red. Lack of nutrients will make your plant’s growth slow; the leaves will yellow, brown edges, and leaves will curl. Plants are like humans, too; if people need nutrients to survive, grow, and develop their cannabis plants.

Anthocyanins: Reddish and Purplish Pigments

Some flower species in nature are color red, blue, and purple. The flowers, buds, and leaves of marijuana plants are naturally green because they have a large amount of chlorophyll. However, for some reason, they can also appear reddish or purple. Some popular strains are cultivated to produce redbuds. While this can overwhelm some, seeing your stems looking red, this is just natural. Chlorophyll can contribute to its green color, but anthocyanins are why some get the color red or purple. Blue, red, purple anthocyanins are found in many plant species like cannabis.

What Should I Do With Red Stems?

It is very overwhelming and shocking to discover that your plants have red stems even when it is in its best health. Do not worry; if it is in the genetic of a plant, leave them be. While you want to do something to turn them into green immediately, the best thing to do is be patient and wait for some days to see if the symptoms worsen. You can adjust your lightings if some stems are red, and some stems look the same with no lights. You also need to monitor their health if they lack nutrients. Plants need to grow well, and not giving them enough nutrients will make marijuana stems turn red, leave yellow, and eventually die soon.

The Bottom Line

If you are a marijuana grower and is concerned with the red stems, you usually do not have to worry. If you are familiar with the strain you will cultivate, it would be easier for you to determine the issue and resolved it immediately. You need to consider many things, such as watering your plants with the proper amount. If not, the plant will drown in water and can lead to nutrient deficiency. Do not wait for any signs of your marijuana stems turning red. It would also help if you must wait for some time and determine other red stems’ signs and symptoms. This time is the best to use so that you can check your plant’s growth and ensure they have enough light, pH is in order, enough water, the right temperature, and have sufficient nutrients.

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