Top 10 Marijuana Strains to Grow in Dirt

If you think that cultivating cannabis plants outdoor is less complicated than cultivating them indoor, then you need to think twice. The truth is that there are lots of things to consider when cultivating cannabis strains outdoor. Unlike when you do it indoors, you can have more control over the environment.

The good thing with an outdoor setting is that it gives you lots of ideas and give you knowledge as to how to cultivate the plants under different seasons. In this article, we will give you some ideas about the top 10 marijuana strains to grow in dirt. If you are interested, keep on reading this article.

MSNL’s Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

There are so many cannabis cultivators who want to grow the MSNL’s Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds in their own backyard because, first, it gives a generous yield during harvest time. This means the growers will be able to reward themselves of their hard work. Besides that, it thrives well in a sunny weather condition. It finds its nutrients in the sun. Therefore, cultivating them in an outdoor setting would be ideal.

True North’s Critical Super Silver Haze FEMINIZED Seeds (Delicious Seeds)

This type of cannabis strain is also great in terms of growth in the dirt because it is versatile and easy to manage. You can use the SOG method for this type of plant. This method along with its basic needs are key principles in keeping the plants healthy and glowing. Make sure to provide proper support for the branches as they grow as they tend to grow tall before harvest time.

Crop King’s Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to cultivating the Durban Poison Cannabis Strain. First, it is versatile as it can be grown in any setting you like – indoor or outdoor setting. We know that this strain is famous for having euphoric properties that can make a person high and alive. Besides that, it improves the function of the mind and enhances the mood of the person. Perhaps one of the reasons why this strain is famous among cannabis growers is because it makes a great yield while growing in dirt.

Seedman’s Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

If you live in a warm climate, then the Critical Kush Cannabis Strain is the best for you to consider growing. This is also another famous cannabis strain for cannabis growers because it yields heavily and rapidly. However, users must be careful when using this as this is considered a potent cannabis strain, with 20 percent THC level. The good news is that it has CBD content that is around 5%. You will love its flavor as well as its aroma. A lot of people use this to get relief from stress, pain, and anxiety. It is a perfect companion during the day if you want to relax and have fun.

Crop King’s Feminized Marijuana Seeds Mix

The Crop King’s Cannabis Strain is also another cannabis that is best cultivated in the dirt because it is easy to manage and requires less maintenance. Besides that, it is perfect for beginners. If you are a beginner in cultivating cannabis seeds, then this may be the right one for you. It can also grow in either an indoor or an outdoor setting. It has different flavors and tastes to choose from.

White LSD Auto Feminized

The White LSD Auto Feminized Cannabis Strain may be hard to cultivate, especially for beginners, it is a worthy cannabis plant to consider growing because it makes a great yield during harvest time. If you are familiar with the basic principles and have little experience in cultivating cannabis, then this is right for you. After all the labor, you will enjoy the result and say it was truly worth it.

Seedman’s Candida (CD – 1) Feminised Seeds

This strain is famous because of where it got it to name from. It was named after the mother of the founder of Medicinal Marijuana Genetics, so you can say that it is a famous cannabis strain. Besides that, it is also commonly used among health professionals because of its medical properties. It has high CBD level, which is a famous property that can induce relaxation and treat some symptoms of chronic illnesses. It also has THC in its content, but lower than CBD. You may feel high when you use this, but all the side effects are completely manageable. It may be suitable for beginners. It is currently being used to treat seizures, epilepsy, anxiety, ADHD, and depression.

True North’s Auto Speed Bud Feminized Seeds

You can cultivate this strain in dirt faster than others. Besides that, this is a fast-acting cannabis strain that will induce mental and physical buzz right away. You will also love the strain’s fruity and sweet flavors.

MSNL’s G13 Haze

It could be that only experienced users are the ones recommended by experts to use this type of strain because of its very high THC level in its content. Because of this, this plant cannot be seen or is not available in a government lab. Because of its potency, a user may experience euphoria and creative happiness.

Seeds Man’s Laughing Buddha Feminised Seeds

As the name suggests, this type of strain will really make you roll on the floor for joy. The strain is famous for making people feel hysterical. It is perfect for those who are looking for pleasure and extreme happiness.

You can cultivate this in an indoor environment and outdoor environment. However, make sure to protect the plants from frost.

It is rewarding to try cultivating cannabis strains in an outdoor setting. A lot of growers would prefer this considering that the environment is friendlier than other settings. Also, cultivating cannabis strains in an outdoor setting is less costly. There is no need to pay for electricity because these cannabis strains can get proper lighting and nutrients directly from the sun.

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