10 Most Popular Weed Strains of All Time

Any type of marijuana can be trendy and popular at any single duration of time. However, it takes a special kind of marijuana to be popular, not just for a year or two, but for all time. The following are the 10 most popular weed strains of all time.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a landrace strain of cannabis that originated in the country Afghanistan, specifically, in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Hindu Kush is well known for being a pure indica marijuana and is celebrated all over the world and even considered a cannabis royalty by many people. What makes this landrace even more popular is because many of the modern strains of cannabis that we enjoy today were descendants from this particular marijuana. With its subtly sweet and earthy aromas and very relaxing effects, Hindu Kush is perfect for people who are looking for marijuana to use while meditating or just chilling. Because of its effects, it has become a popular go-to remedy to manage stress and anxiety.

Blue Dream Marijuana

Undoubtedly, Blue Dream is a name of marijuana that you have most likely heard of. It is so popular that even if you have never smoked marijuana before, you are probably aware of it. A sativa-dominant hybrid originating from West Coast, this strain of cannabis has garnered an almost legendary status among cannabis users. Blue Dream offers a well-balanced cerebral buzz and a mild couchlock. This is an attribute that it got from its high THC content that reaches 18% on average. This strain of cannabis is highly recommended for daytime use because of its excellent effect on people’s sociability, motivation, and focus at work. Because of its popularity, Blue Dream is very easy to find in virtually almost any areas where selling marijuana has been legalized.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies is an award-winning strain hybridized strain of cannabis that has become very popular among newbie and veteran smokers alike. It is considered by some as one of the best strains in of cannabis that was developed in the West Coast and possibly the world over. It has won an award before because of its psychoactive effects which many users describe as the high makes you feel like time seems to be flying by.

Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry has become popular because it is a time-tested marijuana. This marijuana has a long, rich history dating back to the 70’s. Since then, Blueberry has been used by generations upon generations of cannabis users that it has become one of the true blue A-list strains. This is a classic and award-winning strain of marijuana that almost every user needs to try at least once in their lifetime. Its long history has made one of the quintessential cannabis strains that many users have time and time again enjoyed. Over the years, it has developed a reputation that not a lot of marijuana strains can ever rival.

Sour Diesel Marijuana

Sour Diesel is a cannabis strain that has been around since the early 90’s but because of its effects, it has remained popular ever since. It is very popular because of its fast-acting effects. It produces high as soon as your first puff. Its high is accompanied by a dreamy and energizing mental buzz. These effects are long-lasting, making it an ideal cannabis to help people who have depression, pain, and stress manage their conditions.

Grandaddy Purple Marijuana

Guess how Grandaddy Purple became very popular. Hint; look at its name. If you cannot guess, Grandaddy Purple, as its name suggests, was one of the very first strains of marijuana to exhibit purple coloration. Because of this strain, we have created a trend of hybrids with purple colorations.

Northern Lights Marijuana

Another popular cannabis that was developed in California, Northern Lights is known for various reasons. First of all, it has become world-renowned for its effects which makes it some of the most potent cannabis strains that will help people who wanted to fall asleep due to the deep sense of relaxation that can be felt from smoking the first puffs. Secondly, it has been listed in the majority of lists of “best cannabis strains of all time.” Third, this strain of cannabis has been known for being “one of the purest indicas” worldwide.

Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is very popular for people who are looking for cannabis strain that has the stereotypical sativa attributes which are very stimulating, uplifting, and produces strong focus to do any activities set for the day. Green Crack is a very potent sativa that has all these characteristics. It can deliver a laser-sharp focus that will help you concentrate on your work for the whole day. It keeps you up but it won’t leave you feeling tired or worn out. You must also anticipate a strong sense of clarity and a heightened sense of energy with Green Crack.

Cannatonic Marijuana

Cannatonicoffers potent effects that are considered to be completely on a league of its own. Possessing some of the record-breaking highest CBD content in the world, Cannatonicmarijuana is widely acclaimed for its therapeutic attributes. Because its CBD content can get as high as 17%, this cannabis strain has been the marijuana of choice for patients who are suffering from symptoms epilepsy, pain, and a variety of other chronic ailments.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana

Strawberry Cough is another potent sativa like the other sativas on this list. What makes it extremely popular are because of two reasons. First, it has a very distinct strawberry taste that cannot be found in most marijuana. Another reason is that of its dual effect, which allows it to improve concentration and focus and at the same time produce relaxing properties for both the body and mind.

This list of 10 most popular weed strains of all time offers a glimpse to 10 very special strains of cannabis. Hopefully, this list has helped encourage you to try them out.

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