Understanding Organic Marijuana and How it is Cultivated

The cannabis industry has grown in the past few years. Along with the huge growth is the high demand for safe and quality cannabis products. Because of this, cannabis experts, with their never-ending quest on how to maximize the potential of cannabis, have found ways on how to produce safe and quality cannabis buds.

So now here comes organic farming that has given birth to organic marijuana. Organic marijuana is now one of the biggest commodities in the cannabis market as cannabis enthusiasts and consumers have grown aware of the safe cultivation practice of organic farming. The good news is; organic farming is possible even if you are growing a small cannabis garden at home. Cannabis organic farming is quite easy and attainable if you know what to do.

What is Organic Farming?

To be able to understand organic marijuana, it is best to understand organic farming first. Organic farming is a growing technique that involves cultivating plants in a natural way. In other words, it cultivates plants without the use of any pesticides and fertilizers.

Organic farming is considered a safe way of growing crops as it does not involve the use of any chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. The practice of organic farming can lessen or reduce pollution, soil erosion, less energy consumption, and increase the soil’s fertility. This growing method does not only benefit the plants but as well as human and animals.

What is Organic Marijuana?

Organic marijuana or cannabis is organically grown. They are anchored in healthy soil. These buds are grown without the aid of any inorganic materials such as pesticides and fertilizers. Hence, these buds are not exposed to any chemicals and they depend on the natural nutrients, water, soil, and sunlight.

Many cannabis growers shifting to organic cannabis farming as organic marijuana is believed to have better taste and smell compared to buds grown with inorganic materials. This means that organically grown marijuana has better quality in terms of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes.

Organic marijuana tends to grow consistent with the help of nature but it is also important to consider the plant’s genetics. To achieve results, consider the genetic composition of your seeds or plant and make sure that they are also of good quality.

Cannabis organic farmers also recommend growing organic marijuana as this will not only promote safe and environment-friendly farming but as well as produce high-quality and chemical-free crops.

How to Grow Organic Marijuana?

Whether you are growing cannabis in a small or big space, you can grow them organically for as long as you anchor them in good quality soil or other mediums like coconut fiber. Going organic with your cannabis can be a challenge especially that you are mostly depending on nature but with several helpful tips you will be able to successfully grow an organic marijuana garden:

  • Prepare your growing medium. For organic farming, the most common medium used is healthy soil. Healthy soil means that it is also free from chemicals that is why it is called organic soil. You may place the soil in a pot or if you have a bigger space you can prepare a plot of land.
  • Creating organic fertilizer. Plants may need additional nutrients so in organic farming there is also what they calla s organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are made of compost, manure, and other organic materials. Still, it will no use any inorganic materials. The organic fertilizers are made of organic materials, when decomposed and mixed, they become a healthy source of nutrients to your plants. As soon as they are ready, they can be added to the soil.
  • Grow companion plants. Growing organic does not mean that your plant will not be prone to pests and insects. The best way to deal with them is to grow companion plants in your cannabis garden. Though you also have an option to use organic pesticides, they can harm the plants. Companion keeps away insects and pests because of their strong scents. Plants like basil, dill, yarrow, and coriander are common plants that organic growers grow with their cannabis plants to keep pests and insects away.
  • Expose your plants to the natural elements. Make sure that your grow space has access to good and healthy soil, sunlight, water, and great air ventilation. These factors are needed by the plants to grow healthy. Organic farming depends so much on the natural environment. Thus, it is important to constantly monitor your cannabis plants making sure that there’s no presence of pests and they get enough of what they need from the environment.

Growing organic marijuana may not be as fast compared to growing it with other methods but utilizing the growth time naturally, exposing them to the natural process and factors needed to grow will make them richer and full thus resulting to better quality crops.

Advantages of Organic Cannabis Farming

Organic cannabis farming has several notable advantages:

  • Organic marijuana has better quality than those grown inorganically. They taste and smell better and have higher potency. The reason for this is that organic marijuana has been anchored to healthy soil allowing them to get the nutrients that they need to produce high-quality yield. It resulted in high-quality cannabis with netter taste and aroma as well as higher potency.
  • Bigger yield. Growing cannabis organically allows nature to take its course. Given the right growing conditions, organic farming produces a bigger yield. It may take some time but with an ideal environment, you are assured that the plants get everything that they need to grow healthy and productive.
  • Environment Friendly. This is why organic farming is growing in popularity. It uses the elements of the environment without damaging it. It contributes to the balance o the ecosystem. Without the presence of chemical products, it poses no harm to the environment.
  • Cost-effective. Organic farming can save you money. It is an inexpensive way of growing healthy and high-quality marijuana. Everything you need is in the environment.

The demand for organic marijuana is increasing. Cannabis consumer’s awareness of the benefits of organic farming has caused many to try this method. Growing organic marijuana is the best way to grow better quality in a less expensive and eco-friendly method.

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