Understanding Cannabis Screen of Green Method

If you let cannabis grow on its own, the resulting thing can either be it become taller or they then to become wide. As then, this is where the start of various growing methods has been introduced to satisfy every grower if they like their cannabis to grow tall or wide.

The screen of the green method or the abbreviation “ScrOG” is a kind of technique that will let your cannabis grow in the same horizontal and vertical stretch. Consequently, this will result in an evenly distributed portion due to how you can impose the screen of green method.

The screen of Green (ScrOG) Method

The screen of the green or ScrOG method is a cannabis cultivation method that utilizes small or enough growing space in your growing room. With the assistance coming from the screen of the green method, you are then preparing your plant to develop evenly from the time it started to enter the vegetative stage. Along this line, this will also help your cannabis to have a fair amount of light coming from the lamp or sun.

To implement the screen of green method, per its name, you will utilize screen over the young cannabis plants you wanted to grow. As the cannabis started to develop, each branch is prepared to lie flat, utilizing a curve tie or something that will secure to it.

  • The thought of utilizing the screen of green (ScrOG) method is to keep the developing cannabis’ tips will be equitably divided along with an even stature.
  • A minimal measure of cannabis plants are just being utilized under this method as a cupboard of just a square meter, a single cannabis plant can rapidly occupy out space.
  • Cannabis branches that would ordinarily lower than any of its branches, getting suppressive hormones and fewer amounts of light are prepared to lie evenly and get a similar measure of light among other cannabis plants.

Screen Sizes

If you are growing your cannabis indoors, then you need to know what are the correct screen sizes under what type of LED lamp or light you have been using. Going about the correct measure of screen sizes under the screen of green method will help you attain the best amount of sunlight and the supplements (coming from the light) down to your cannabis plant.

LED Lamp or LED LightScreen Size
150hps55 x 55 centimeter
250hps68 x 68 centimeter
400hps89 x 89 centimeter
600hps105 x 105 centimeter
100hps137 x 137 centimeter
  • The location on where you have situated the screen relies upon the size and heat coming from your lamp or light.
  • If your LED lamp or light is air-cooled, then you can carry on a smaller distance between the lamp and screen.
  • The lesser the distance between the canopy and lamp, the better it will be. Yet, the lamp ought to not burn the buds so it’s best to keep a good distance.
  • A fan may help to blow away too much heat directly coming from the light if ever you make possible of the option “smaller distance between the canopy and lamp”.

Distance between the Canopy and LED Lamp/Light

The distance going over from the canopy towards the LED lamp or light must be in a correct manner as this may hit critical factors when not done properly. As then, you need to maintain a measurable amount of distance in rightful ways by reading the guide below:

LED Lamp or LED LightDistance (Canopy to LED Lamp/Light)
150hps25 to 30 centimeter
250hps30 to 38 centimeter
400hps40 to 51 centimeter
600hps51 centimeter or more
100hps61 centimeter or more

Main Guidelines: Quick Tips

  • You must place only a single cannabis per 30 centimeter square of screen. If you are unsure of it, then place fewer cannabis plants as opposed to placing more cannabis plants.
  • The distance between the screen and your plant’s medium should be sufficiently huge for you to control the cannabis plants during its training stage.
  • A good measure of 20 centimeters is the best distance to it.
  • You can name whatever cannabis strains out there when it comes to utilizing the screen of the green method as this is one of the best naturals and designated approach to do when planting cannabis.

Benefits of Utilizing the Screen of Green (ScrOG) Method

Even Light Exposure

  • The screen of the green method imposes an even light exposure to all of the branches within your cannabis plant.
  • Untrained marijuana plants highlight one primary cola that transcends beyond the other branches, which means the light exposure highly stays over this part.
  • As then, the screen of the green method will help the branches of your cannabis to stretch evenly, which results in getting an even amount of sunlight.

Increases Yield

  • Through an adequate and even amount of light exposure, the yields from your cannabis will expand the photosynthetic potential in which the key to heightens resin and size production.
  • The screen of the green method additionally changes the primary stem and core cola into a large number of both.

Perfect Aeration

  • The above and beneath part of your cannabis plant will get a satisfactory airflow as the screen of green horizontally evens out the branches. Thus, this likewise helps in having not just even light exposure but also even air exposure.
  • If you add some fan through utilizing this method, this may guarantee you that there will be lesser danger of fungal pathogens.

Maximize Space

  • Almost all cannabis growers figure out how to get a bigger yield from a solitary cannabis plant and this happens when you impose the screen of green method.
  • Consequently, this helps in maximizing the outputs of their cannabis plant due to the proper distribution of elements that every plant needs.


Training your cannabis plant can bring about a wonderful amount of yields along with a noteworthy growing style. The screen of the green or ScrOG method improves every edge of your cannabis plant as all parts of it will be treated fairly.

Additionally, the screen of the green method will keep your garden in the best positions (literally) as this will be placed in specific positions. Doing the screen of green method won’t give you a hard time figuring it out as you only need to place the correct size of screens together with tying it to make it even. As then, the screen of the green method would impose the best results through subtle efforts. 

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