10 Common Signs of Healthy Cannabis Plants

Each cannabis grower must learn how to interpret the common signs that their cannabis plant show if it is healthy or not. Most of the time, the health of your cannabis plant is shown in its physical appearance. So, you need to quickly understand the signs of healthy cannabis plants to determine if your plant is healthy or has issues that need to be addressed right away.

Even though cannabis plants thrive the same way, these plants depend according to your treatment and care. If you take care of it, for sure you’ll be rewarded with an abundant harvest. With that in mind, taking care of your cannabis plants by applying a good system and methods is very crucial for your plant’s overall health. 

Many factors affect your cannabis plant’s health which includes the humidity, temperature, lighting, watering, and medium to name a few. These factors enable your plant to reach its full potential otherwise it will also ruin your plants. 

Assuming that your plants have proper lighting, watering, ventilation, and other important factors, you can determine its health condition with signs that can easily be noticed. here are the 10 telltale signs of a strong & healthy cannabis plant. 

1. Green Fan Leaves

First and foremost, green straight leaves is a very good sign that your cannabis plant is healthy and in great condition. This is because it is an indication that it receives proper nutrients, light, and water. Commonly, green leaves are good signs of healthy cannabis plants regardless if it’s cannabis or not. So, you must check your plants if it looks lush green without any yellowing or brownish spots on it to say it’s completely healthy, otherwise, it’s suffering from a disease leaf septoria.

2. Straight Fan Leaves

Straightened fan leaves of each of the five fingers of a common cannabis plant are a very good sign that it’s in great shape. Aside from the standard appearance of the cannabis plants, straightened leaves are a sign that the entire plant has received good ventilation, lighting, and nutrients. Straightened leaves are a good sign that it’s trying to grow and expand towards the direction or the exposure of the lighting of your growing environment. This will serve as your plant’s canopy to absorb the nutrients from the light to process photosynthesis. If you notice deformities, don’t worry because these are just part of the growth of a juvenile cannabis plant. It usually has curled leaves which are a sign that it’s not strong enough yet to support itself. This will eventually straighten especially if proper nutrients and watering are applied. 

3. Sturdy Stem

One of the best signs that your cannabis plant is healthy is a sturdy and relatively thick stem. The stem in general is the one that supports everything from branches, leaves, buds, and trichomes of your cannabis plant so it’s always in constant pressure and stress of the weight it holds. A strong stem will make the entire plant look straightened and aesthetically look beautiful. If your cannabis plant looks vertically straight and not slouching, its signs of healthy cannabis plants that it has a sturdy stem. Otherwise, its stem might be affected by the improper application of super cropping and low-stress training to harness higher yield for harvesting. So, before you even decide to super crop your cannabis plant, make sure you choose the sturdiest stem to withstand the amount of stress and damage it takes. 

4. Dense Buds

Dense buds are one indication that tells you that your cannabis plant is healthy. This is because dense or large buds will only appear if your cannabis plant has received all the essential nutrients, enough lighting, sufficient watering, and other contributing factors that you did to make this happen. Dense buds mean that you are going to expect a higher yield for its cycle. 

5. Thick Colas

Colas are the middle cluster of flower that usually forms on the topmost portion of the cannabis plant’s main stem. If your coals are thick and already canopied the entire top portion of your plant; this is a good indication that it’s healthy. Thick colas can grow up to 24 inches outdoors and smaller indoors. If you notice that the colas are thick, just continue your routine because you’re doing it the right way. 

6. No Discoloration

If your cannabis plant looks pale green or turning brown, it’s a troubling sign that it has a problem. Otherwise, if your cannabis plant has no discoloration, it looks perfectly green or purple depending on the strain; then it’s completely healthy. 

7. Extensive Root System

You can only tell if your cannabis plant is growing healthy and strong if it has an extensive root system that can be easily determined if you’re using a hydroponics growing system. For soil medium, you can tell it’s healthy when the roots start to sprawl out of the soil that you need to transfer it to a larger pot. 

8. No Webbing

Another good sign is the absence of webbings on the plant. Otherwise, it is infested with spider mites that will surely leave remarkable damage to your plants. If there are webbings on your plant, act on it immediately. 

9. Tall & Thick Stature

If your plant looks majestic because of its towering size, then you’re doing a great job taking care of it. This will tell you that your plant is strong, healthy, and ready for harvest. 

10. Yields Abundantly

Lastly, a healthy and sturdy cannabis plant will reward you with abundant yield with a great-quality harvest. This means that you applied the right growing methods and placed it in the perfect growing environment. Otherwise, a very low harvest paired with bad-quality buds is the result of improper cultivation. 


All of these 10 signs of healthy cannabis plants will only be possible if you’re spending time, effort, and resources on your cannabis plants the right way. Otherwise, you need to reevaluate yourself to determine what you missed and address it right away.

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