How to Get Rid of Spider Mites in Cannabis

Although insects are small living things, they can be a pain in the ass for most marijuana growers. Just like how spider mites Cannabis can be detrimental to the health of the plants. They can be stubborn and pesky so it’s one of the struggles that you can encounter in your weed plantation. 

Get to Know Spider Mites Cannabis

Spider mites belong to the arachnid family but they’re not the usual spiders that you can encounter. Contrary to harmless spiders, they can suck the life out of your Cannabis plants by drinking their juices. 

What would annoy you the most is that they’re minute so you won’t be able to detect them. So they can annihilate your plants without your knowledge. You will only be surprised that these insects brought catastrophe to your garden. All your effort got wasted. 

They typically reside under the leaves. Their web is all over the plants specifically on the leaves and the buds. They do it to protect themselves and their eggs from predators. It is something that destroys the buds in the end. 

You can find these insects in various colors. Some of them may be more aggressive and more dangerous than others. The one that you should be vigilant about is the two-spotted mite which is so persistent. It can destroy more than two hundred Cannabis plants.

They like dwelling in areas with a hot environment and high humidity. So if you grow Cannabis indoors, you can keep the temperature low so they would suffer if ever they are in your garden. You may also need to pick some debris that may be lying around your plants. So they can’t hide. Ladybugs can help you get rid of them but they can do it on an outdoor plantation. 

Ways on Detecting Spider Mites Cannabis

Looking Closely at the Leaves

You would need a microscope or a loupe to discover the operation of spider mites. They would leave teeth marks as they suck the sap of the plants. The leaves that they feast on would turn yellow and it makes you think that there’s nutrient deficiency. 

But if you get to magnified the underside of your leaves, the presence of spider mites Cannabis will shock you. So it’s wise to check that part of the leaves. You may also see some silvery lining and it’s their web. White dots are the teeth marks. So remember these signs.

Help from Magnifying Glass

To make sure that spider mites Cannabis destructive insects are the ones that destroy your plants, shake the plants over a piece of paper. They will fall on the paper and to see it for yourself, use a magnifying glass. 

Once you confirm that they are indeed the pest, make your move. You don’t want to see holes on the leaves of your plant. It can happen in one week. The leaves turn yellow and they will shed. 

Exterminating Spider Mites Cannabis

Extermination of spider mites can be done in an organic or inorganic way. You have to act quickly as they reproduce fast. So they can finish all of your plants in a matter of one week. They become immune to pesticides so you have to make the following spray solution.

Soap Water

It’s the cheapest way to exterminate spider mites. You only a drop or two of Castile soap or your choice of insecticide soap in a liter of water. Spray them to the leaves and the insects will just slide down.

You can have a follow-up application. You have to soak a cloth with the solution that you made. Wipe the leaves and spraying the soil should be done to ensure that you kill all of them and their eggs.

Neem Oil

Using this oil is considered the simplest way of killing spider mites. You can easily get it from a local store. Once you have it, mix it with some dish wash soap. Beware that it’s strong. You have to give your plants a minimal amount first so you would know how much they can handle.


It is an organic product and it is a fermented bacteria that can exterminate spider mites Cannabis straight away. You can mix it with fertilizer but it’s recommended that you separate them. This solution attacks the nervous system of the mites and other harmful insects. The best part is it’s safe for pets and children so you don’t have to worry about anything.

General Hydroponics Azamax

It’s a natural and safe solution as it won’t hurt the roots of the plants. Its only minds eliminate spider mites, aphids, fungus, thrips, gnats, and other pests. Spray it all over the plants as well as the soil so all of them will be exterminated. Since it’s safe to use and do not allow the pests to return, spray it every other day.

Essential Oil

Cinnamon and rosemary are effective in killing pests like spider mites. You can mix either of them in a little amount of soap. They are effective but you have to inspect that they don’t leave residue on the leaves.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is not exactly organic but it’s still effective. Anyway, it’s safe to use as you even apply it on your skin. It evaporates quickly too. 50:50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water is what you need. Then spray it all over your plants.


This product is made from food-grade ingredients. It can get rid of eggs, larvae, and adult spider mites Cannabis.


The scent of this solution is nice. Mix it first with water before spraying your plants.

Essentria IC3

Mist your plants with this organic spray composed of horticultural oils. It stays active for 8 to 12 hours. You may use it daily or mix it with other products before application. 

Wrapping it Up

Don’t forget the signs that these spider mites Cannabis can leave on your plants’ leaves. So you will know their presence before they destroy the entire crop. Once you are aware of their presence, you can apply the solution that can wipe them out.

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