Top 10 Cannabis Strains for AeroGarden Growing

Marijuana expert or not, people often heard about the traditional way of growing cannabis. It is usually indoors or outdoors. Some growers prefer to have it placed in a greenhouse too. These days, the latest trend is cultivating marijuana on an aerogarden. It is not the most fitting way of raising a cannabis. It is usually found at homes to help homemakers grow herbs that are most likely used for cooking.

The aerogarden works like a drip system to feed the nutrients to the plant like water and fertilizer. There is a bed of sponge whereas the critical elements needed for the weed to survive will be absorbed. It is a practical way of cultivating marijuana for personal use. If you own an equipment and wants to try it out, here are the top strain to choose from if you want to utilize the aerogarden.

Bunker Bud

The strain is known to fully flourish indoors. It has the characteristic suitable for an aerogarden. The compact and sturdy structure of this plant comes from the indica lineage of this weed as it is composed of 80% indica over 20% sativa. Growers should not expect a high growth from this strain. The average height it can get is around 3.5 feet at maximum and the harvest can be done in 49 days.

Betty Boo

The awesome offspring of Purple Jems and Lowryder #2 is called the sexy Betty Boo. It has an abundant amount of yield which comes with her reputation as one of the sought after autoflowering plants. It is not surprising because aside from indica and sativa component, the strain is also packed of ruderalis element. It is perfect for aerogarden cultivation as the height of this girl is just around 20 to 30 cm.

Lowryder #2

This hybrid should be on top of the list for any growers who want to try cultivating marijuana in an aerogarden. The cannabis was derived by crossing Lowryder and Santa Maria. Novice users can get an excuse for not knowing too much information about marijuana cultivation as this baby is easy to raise. At the height of 31 inches, the space it requires is manageable that makes it a great candidate for indoor cultivation.

Platinum OG

It is another indica dominant hybrid. People who are familiar with marijuana know that one of an indica’s main characteristic is to have a compact plant. It is the exact reason how this weed made it on the list. Breeders do not have to think a lot of planning when they decide to raise this cannabis. It grows about 5 ft but this strain does not stretch out of control. Also, there is an abundant yield that can be acquired in about 49 to 63 days.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most potent strains in the marijuana world. It is not surprising given that it was created by combining Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5. No doubt a lot of individuals want to get a piece of this weed and raise it themselves. People worried about how to get it done can take a little detour. If there is an aerogarden at home, it can be cultivated in there without a problem. It is easy and the plant is resilient to diseases.

Royal Dwarf

For people looking for a cannabis to grow inside the house without much trouble, the Royal dwarf is the most suitable candidate. Aside from having a sativa and indica component, this plant is also armed of ruderalis. With that being said, it provides a generous amount of yield. Growers can be left in awe on how this dwarf can produce so much at the height of a little over 1 ft. If you have an aerogarden, it is best to start with Royal Dwarf.


Sadhu is the product of crossing Kashmir and a Himalayan strain. The cannabis is an easy strain to raise as it can be done indoors. There are no complicated methods of cultivation. Also, this hybrid can be harvested in 49 to 70 days and only grows as high as 2 feet. It is a strain that flourishes without a problem in an aerogarden.

Black Domina

This indica dominant hybrid is an easy plant to cultivate. This strain was created by crossing Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Afghani SA, and Canadian Ortega. Growers adore this cannabis as it can produce a high volume of yield though it does not grow very tall. In 7 to 8 weeks this lady can grow as around 4 feet but with a large quantity of yield.


The strain deviated from Cinderella 99 and an unidentified sativa. It is a potent type of marijuana. For that reason, growers want to have a piece of it. Cultivating this cannabis is not an issue because it is easy to grow but the reward is extreme. The flowering time is quick producing a generous volume of yield. Also, this cannabis is perfect if you want to try growing a weed on an aerogarden as it does not grow tall at 3 feet.

Rhino Ryder

This cannabis is equipped with sativa, indica, and ruderalis components. There is no question about its fast phase flowering time due to that structure. Any growers would love to raise this strain as it is in demand due to the high CBD level of the weed. It can reach a height of over 3 feet. For that reason, homeowners who have an aerogarden can start cultivating this cannabis.

Aerogarden is not the traditional way of cultivating marijuana. Expert growers may agree but this method has created a breakthrough most especially for novices. It has the ability to make things easier. The drip factor of this equipment ensures a balanced distribution of nutrients towards the cannabis. If you have one at home or planning to acquire one, here are the most suitable strains that can be grown from an aerogarden.

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