10 Best Weed Growing App Every Grower Should Know

With the latest weed growing apps, you can grow marijuana confidently anywhere. If you’re new to cultivating cannabis, the best weed growing app can help you with growing different strains with a large database of almost all strains available. These apps are also helpful for experienced growers as these can make cannabis growing more efficient. 

10 Best Growing Weed Apps

If you’re planning to cultivate cannabis, have a look at these top ten best apps for weed growing available today.

1. Botana

Rated as one of the best apps for growing cannabis is Botana. Made by Botana, Inc., this app is like having your own online growing journal. You can better care for your plants using lovely photos of cannabis plants and complete data of hundreds of marijuana strains. 

Botana helps users with a lot of issues including cannabis nutritional problems, pests, feeding concerns, and leaf problems. You can use this track one, two, or more indoor or outdoor gardens, take and organize photos, find the best-growing media, types of lighting, and the right strain for your needs. Also, the app will give you discounts on the most updated, high-quality growing supplies available at BotanaDirect.com. 

2. Budlabs

Budlabs was designed for hydroponic growers as this app will help you in all stages of hydroponic growing. This includes how to provide correct nutrients to avoid deficiencies and nutrient burn. Budlabs has a handy nutrient calculator that will help you provide nutrients correctly. 

No need to guess how much nutrients to give your plants after completing an easy s questionnaire. This is a smart app as it will remember your calculations. It can also schedule your growing activities for different crops to guarantee better harvests. Also, this app will help you locate nearby hydroponics supplies stores so you can find what you need easily.                                                                                                                        

3. EZGrow

EZGrow is a daily log of your cannabis growing activities. It can help you keep track of your growing data so you can use this to improve your next set of plants. You can use EZGrow for one or more gardens and will work for personal and commercial gardeners. 

EZGrow allows you to take photos of your plants or videos to document your growing activities. You can also keep track of your plant’s preferred humidity levels, temperature, nutrient and water schedules and so many more.  EZGrow also has a convenient pest tracker so you can remove pests before these can wreak havoc 

4. Grow with Jane

Grow with Jane is another convenient app that is focused on small to first-time growers. It has easy to use tools, grow logs, and convenient scheduling features for fast and easy monitoring. What’s great about Grow with Jane is that it is very private and safe for users. You can use this app offline and help reduce any worries about privacy and safety online.  

5. Growbuddy

Growbuddy is an app that’s great for beginners and experienced growers alike. It is filled with useful features that can help all kinds of growers. The Growbuddy app comes with a complete database of all strains and thus, you can grow all kinds of strains with confidence. 

This app is a growing journal as you can log all your activities, schedule tasks such as feeding nutrients, adjusting lamps, and watering. It can also manage all the factors in your growing environment through the photos you upload. Also, you can use the Growbuddy app to find nearby suppliers and purchase all the things you need. You can also use the app to get expert advice on anything about growing. 

6. Grower Helper

Grower Helper is an easy to use tool that will track the growth of your plants. This tool will let you register your plants as well as your equipment and supplies. Once it has records of the number of plants, the type of strain, the type of fertilizer, sprays, and environmental conditions, it will set reminders and track your progress. 

Grower Helper is ideally for small-scale growers and beginner growers as it can keep you organized and avoid missing any task. With the Grower Helper, you can calculate all your plants’ needs and create alerts to prevent any costly mistakes. 

7. Growtronix

Growtronix is a unique app that does more than logging your daily tasks. It can connect with other growing hardware like smart lamps, humidifiers, pumps, and timers to automate cannabis cultivation. It works through the use of sensors and device controllers which can control all the aspects of your growth. It can also connect to locks, carbon dioxide systems, heaters, smoke detectors, pH level devices and so many more. Imagine controlling everything no matter where you’re located!

Growtronix can also create data stats regarding your plants’ progress. It can present graphs or pie charts so you can study your growing operation based on costs, yields, and other factors. This app is not available on iOS and Android; you must contact Growtronix to buy the software. 

8. Leafly

One of the most popular websites is also available in app form. Leafly can help you cultivate almost any strain. Just search for the strain name from its large database of cannabis strains and you will instantly get results on the plant’s lineage, growing data, smell, aroma, effects, medical uses, and side effects. 

You can use this app to find out what to expect with any strain. It provides the latest information on flowering times, amount of yield, and the kind of environment the strain needs. Finally, you can locate the nearest dispensary and cannabis seed bank using Leafly. 

9. Simleaf

Simleaf is a marijuana plant growing simulator that will help you understand deeply what your plants need. Learn all about your plants’ lighting, watering, and nutrient needs. Use this simulator to grow your virtual plant. This will train you to provide the best growing environment and the best resources for your plants. Once you’re ready, you can now grow a real marijuana plant more confidently. 

10. Weedmaps

Weedmaps will help you all businesses related to weed even seed banks. Use Weedmaps to locate establishments, check the prices and products, and read reviews of different businesses. You will also find reviews on different strains featuring the effects, flavor, strength, and growing information.  Weedmaps has a huge community of cannabis users and growers than any other cannabis app or social site. 

Which weed growing app suits you best? Consider the benefits and any disadvantages of a growing app before you sign up. Use only legit, user-friendly cannabis apps for your next growing activity. 

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