10 Best Marijuana Strains for Beginners in Grow Tent Growing

Because of how marijuana use has been increasing in today’s progressive world, many users have turned to grow their own cannabis plants at home. But, because of the restrictions in space and in environmental conditions, many of these home growers tend to grow their plants indoors. After all, it’s easier to grow marijuana plants indoors especially if the user has the right tools to help control the conditions needed for proper cultivation.

One of the tools commonly used for indoor growing is a grow tent. These grow tents, as their name suggests, are tents that house the cannabis plants while they are growing. They are essentially made out of flexible material that can be taken apart, transferred, and set up wherever and whenever.

What makes a grow tent useful is that they can house the plants in such a way that the grower will be able to adjust the scenario and conditions needed for cannabis to properly grow inside. This is why grow tents are best for rookie and novice growers with little to no experience.

While grow tents do make things easier for the grower, it still depends on what kind of strain he/she wants to grow. Here are the best beginner strains for grow tents:


Tutankhamon, also called King Tut, is a sativa that is great for social gatherings with friends because of how it stimulates both the mind and the body to make the user more energetic and sociable. With a skunky odor, this strain is perfect for grow tents not only because of how its scent will be contained inside but also because of its small compact size and quick growing period.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is known for its delightful earthy and lemony flavors. In fact, this sativa is so popular that it won first place in its category back in 2004 and in 2012. It’s even a favorite in Amsterdam. What makes this plant ideal for grow tents is that it is prone to pests and other adverse outdoor conditions. It will be safer inside a grow tent.

Melon Gum

A hybrid that came about as a result of the marriage between Bubble Gum and Lavender, Melon Gum takes on a fruity approach that’s worthy of its name. This sweet and lemony strain makes the user feel happy, relaxed, creative, and focused all at the same time and is an ideal grow tent plant because of how it does not need a lot of space to properly grow.

Shiva Shanti II

Shiva Shanti II is a beginner’s plant because of how tough and resilient it is. It is a strain that was meant for mass production and for the general consuming public because it is relatively cheap and inexpensive compared to other strains. Aside from its affordable price, what makes Shiva Shanti II great for grow tent growing is that it is a short plant that yields a high harvest even when grown indoors.

Sweet Skunk

A cross between Northern Lights and Skunk, Sweet Skunk is a strain that hits the mind fairly hard while also offering a good amount of body effects. It hits the user with a euphoric high that tends to improve energy levels while uplifting his/her mood. Sweet Skunk is an auto-flowering plant that’s perfect for beginners. And because nine of this strain’s plants can fill up a square meter, it is great for grow tents.

Maple Leaf Indica

A great indica in its own right, Maple Leaf Indica is a favorite among consumers because of how sweet it is when it comes to delivering a lemony or citrusy kind of flavor while also acting as a good and relaxing aphrodisiac. Because they don’t tend to take up a lot of space while producing a generous harvest, Maple Leaf Indica plants are great for grow tent cultivation.

Power Plant

Power Plant is a sativa that delivers a mental kind of high. This type of buzz instantly uplifts the user’s mood to make him/her feel happy, euphoric, and creative. It’s indica side also helps to make the user feel relaxed without having to sedate him/her. What makes it ideal for grow tents is that it adjusts well to any kind of environmental condition. The grow tent also serves to hide its pungent scent.

Haze Auto

Made from Haze and Jack Herer, Haze Auto is an auto-flowering plant that serves to make life easier for the home grower. It is a sativa-dominant strain that helps make the user feel energetic and happy at the same time. Ideal for grow tents, Haze Auto can easily fit nine plants inside a single square meter. And because it is an auto-flowering plant, it does not need a lot of tending to.

White Widow

One of the most well-balanced hybrid strains out there, White Widow offers a kind of high that energizes and uplifts the user with a cerebral euphoric rush. It is a great social strain because of how it improves the user’s creativity and sociability. It is fairly easy to grow and would thrive well in grow tents because of how it tends to be picky when it comes to environmental conditions.

Northern Lights

A well-known classic, Northern Lights was never meant for beginners to use because of how potent it tends to be. Nevertheless, this popular strain is great for grow tent cultivation because of how it does not need a lot of horizontal space to properly grow and because of how it thrives well when it is exposed to a lot of light. Nevertheless, its plants tend to grow tall.

With the list stated above, any user can now make use of a grow tent to cultivate ten different kinds of strains that thrive well inside that piece of equipment. After all, grow tents help make life easier for beginners because of how they don’t tend to take up space while also providing the proper conditions needed for strains to properly flourish and cultivate.

  1. I m about a month away from being ready for my first grow, indoor with an Optic 4 LED. I chose White Widow auto for my first attempt, I plan on 4 plants if all goes well from the seed. Once spring comes I also plan on trying an outdoor grow, not sure yet what strain I ll try for that. Thanks for all the informative articles, very helpful to a beginner like me.

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    White widow is a joy to grow! It has been hands down the best strain ever.. the ph sweetspot was 6.4.

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