How to Do Look High After Using Weed

Taking cannabis has its own perks and pitfalls. Many individuals enjoy the psychoactive effects that cannabis is able to bring. But, it is also important to not to look listened than what you actually feel. Looking high is something that you would want to avoid especially after taking in cannabis. There are various ways on how one can fake it and not look high after your toking session. If you want to know how it is done, read on and find out.

Always keep the conversation short

Ione of the best ways on how you can prevent people from suspecting that you are high is to avoid making any marijuana induced statements. One of the clear ways on how you are able to look high is by making dumb statements.  Doing this trick though can even be fun for some people. Whenever you are in a conversation and you are high then the debt way to do it is to keep your statement short and not exceed five words. If you are asked a question that is answerable by a yes or no then just answer what is asked of you. You need to remember that less talk means less mistake. It can also help once you can avoid making questions yourself as this can reveal thing out.

Always smell good

One of the ways on how you are able to hide your high is to smell good ever after smoking cannabis. There are people that are familiar with the smell of cannabis and it can cause someone to suspect that you have smoked one. And once they will smell cannabis then most of the time, people would want to know where it came from. And in order to prevent being suspected of smelling one then you always have to see to it that you will not smell one. There are different perfumes that you can buy in the market that are great in hiding the aroma of cannabis. The scent that you are able to get will also depend on the budget that you have. That is why in order to prevent smelling weed then make sure that you will smell something else.

Using eyedrops

Another way to prevent making people think that you are high is to use eyedrops. There are eyedrops in the market that are specifically made to reduce eye redness. Redness of the eye is one of the tale-tell signs of someone smoking weed. And in order to prevent people from seeing this one then you need to use something that will help clear your eyes. Eyedrops can help in making your eyes look clear and bright in no time. It can also help once you are able to open your eyes weird than normal to further relief the redness.

Be confident

It is common for people to act wired once they have taken in cannabis. This is one way of showing people that you are high. One of the ways to prevent it is to be confident and just don’t think about it. Once you are able to do this then people will find it hard to notice the state that you are in. The best way to convincing people that nothing is wrong is to act like nothing is wrong.

Other ways on how to hide your high

There are many ways on how you are able to hide that you are high. You need to remember though that this will be useless once you will still be acting like one. Knowing the way that you need to act will prevent people from suspecting that you are high.

One of the ways to prevent looking high is to prevent laughing uncontrollably. One of the effects of cannabis is euphoria which can result in extreme happiness. This is why some people will be laughing at almost anything with no reason at all. This actuation will make anyone around you suspicious. And that is why if you are high and you are in public then it is always better to keep your giggles low key.

Another thing that you should also do is to prevent forgetting things. The brain is made to remember things that are only important as this will help on facilitating a more streamline thinking process. Once the THC will be interacting with the hippocampus, it affects the memory making process of the brain making it forget thoughts, especially on your mid-sentence. This is what you need to avoid and in order to do this then you need to do memory games and visualize your thought process first before creating any statement.

You also need to avoid being extremely philosophical. One of the effects that cannabis is able to bring is divergent thinking. This is the ability to make far-reaching connections out of things that are unrelated. This is also the reason why many artist and creative individuals are using cannabis before they do their work. And that is why in order to keep people from suspecting that you are high then you need to keep your deep thoughts inside rather than putting it out there.

You also will need to avoid doing excessive eating. When an individual is stoned then they will feel that food taste better. This is the very reason why many stoners love to eat and even overdo it. Intense food carvings are one sign that an individual is high. You need to avoid this one to prevent people from thinking that you are high.  You can do it by taking a small snack prior to taking in weed. It can also help once you will be drinking plenty of water to keep your cravings off for the next few hours.

You also will need to avoid being couch locked. Different cannabis especially the strong indica strains will have a deep effect on your body. You need to make sure that it will not be accepting you to prevent people from thinking that you are high. Doing little movement can help in getting your blood moving. This is also one way to feel better after getting high.

Being high is great but there are times that you really need to hide it. Following these tips can help you keep people from thinking that you have just taken in weed and avoid any awkward or untoward situations.