How to Set up a Grow Tent for your Marijuana Plants

Sometimes it’s not feasible to grow marijuana plants outdoors. It could be that the strain you picked isn’t accustomed to getting plenty of suns or perhaps the plant emits a foul smell that will make your neighbors call the authorities. With these scenarios in mind, setting up a grow tent for your marijuana plants become the best route to take.

Hobbyist cannabis growers can take advantage of private grow tents. However, keep in mind these controlled indoor cannabis cultivations setups aren’t designed for large marijuana growing operations. Still, if you want to gain about 1 to 5 ounces of your favorite cannabis strain per month, then take advantage of a grow tent.

The Benefits of Using a Grow Tent

Before we head to the processes of setting up a grow tent in your place, let’s first tackle the advantages you can get from it. For starters, grow tents are relatively cheap and the overhead costs won’t break the bank or cost you an arm and a leg. Even if a part or module breaks down because of constant use, you can easily replace the item without creating a large hole in your wallet.

Another great advantage of cultivating cannabis strains using grow tents is an easy and quick setup process. You don’t need to have a degree in rocket science to put it all together. In fact, all you need is a few hours in the afternoon which might be a similar time to spend when trying to put together a dresser.

Furthermore, grow tents provide a secure way of keeping the scents of cannabis strains under control. Let’s face it, there are some marijuana variants that have a nastier smell than others. Thankfully, you can tuck away the tent inside a large closet or a corner of a room without drawing unnecessary attention from your neighbors.

Lastly, grow tents allow you to have separate growing spaces. For example, if you already have a strain flowering outdoors, then using the cannabis grow tent lets you pick up another set of marijuana seeds for indoor growth.

Setting Up Your Grow Tent

Setting up a grow tent may be easy and fast, but it doesn’t mean you should haphazardly do the installation process. Proper setup procedures provide an ideal environment for you to acquire satisfying yields from your marijuana plants. You may already know by now that cannabis strains don’t just require water and sunlight for them to properly grow.

Use Maximum Efficiency for Your Grow Lights

You can put an appropriate lighting fixture on top of your marijuana plants but that won’t be efficient enough to spread light across the entire area. To help evenly spread the light across the entire growing environment, put up reflective walls around the plants. Not only will it save you the trouble (and cash) of buying additional lights, but your plants are going to thank you for it as well.

Research and Buy Appropriate Tools for the Right Strain

There are some marijuana plants that don’t mind growing in soil but there are some variants that require you to hook them up upside down. Learning will always play a vital role in cultivating marijuana plants and you should understand the strain first before attempting any cultivating.

Prevent Light Leaks

Aside from using reflective walls for your cannabis grow tent, it’s best to prevent light leaks to ensure your plants are getting the most out of the installed lighting fixtures. You can help prevent light leaks by adding an extra layer of protection around the walls of your tent. A black cloth may suffice but ensure that the fabric is breathable enough so that the plants won’t suffocate.

Use a Waterproof and Easy to Clean Floor

Grow tent kits tend to have waterproof floors to help contain regular spills. These bases should also do a good job in preventing water from leaking out of the tent and onto your nice flooring in your home. Also, ensure that the floor in the tent is easy to wipe clean to halt the production and spread of molds.

Proper Airflow

Vents, airports, and the sealed nature of these tent kits help set up a whirlwind of air circulating inside the growing environment. Installing an exhaust fan with a suitable amount of power can pull fresh air in from the outside and move it around the floor, ceiling, and other areas inside the tent. In doing so, the plants can breathe in plenty of CO2 while preventing problems related to heat buildup.

Install a Carbon Filter to Prevent Smells From Leaking Out

If you’re worried that the skunky or pungent aromas of your chosen cannabis strain will leak outside the tent, then you should take advantage of a carbon filter. This item helps seal the space around the grow tent kit to provide protection from leaking smells.

Keeping Everything Simple

If you’re in a very tight budget, then you can create a grow tent by using the simplest of materials. At its simplest, grow tents only require an exhaust fan and a grow light. However, it’s important to set expectations as the yields may not be as satisfying as compared to using a complete grow tent kit.

What Size of Grow Tent Should I Buy?

Finding the right grow tent kit to buy can become more troublesome than it should. Just try to search for a cannabis grow tents for sale in Google and you’ll see hundreds of models you can choose. As a rule of thumb, if you’re just a hobbyist marijuana gardener, then you should opt for 2’x4′ and 4’x4′ models. However, if your chosen strain grows taller than 4′, then there are tent kits that can accommodate plants of up to 7′ in height.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this page, you should know the gist of how to set up a grow tent for your marijuana plants. All that’s left to do now is to start growing your chosen cannabis strains. In time, you’re going to harvest bountiful yields after your plants’ flowering stages.

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