Top 10 Best Grow Room Fans

When planning to grow indoor plants using a grow tent, it is best to consider the quality of fan you are going to use. One of the most important thing in growing plants inside a tent is to know the right equipment that you need to have. As plants grow the harder it is to take good care. You need to have enough carbon dioxide so that plants can get what they needed for their growth.

You also need to consider that amount of air that the plant can get like it should not be moved from time to time. You need to know the exact size fan you will be required in your grow tent. Just follow the formula length x width x height x 1.33. The answer to this formula will be the unit size, or if you want you can go a little bigger with that actual size, you derived.

Proper air ventilation is essential for plant growth because it can avoid problems such as molds, humidity, and heat. These are the following factors that can quickly destroy the plants.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Choices for Best Grow Room Fans

The following are the top choices for best grow room fans in the year 2018. Kindly check them out below:

Ac Infinity Grow Fan– Our number one choice for growing fans. It is designed to ventilate the grow tent properly because of its right amount of heat, cold, and air distribution.

Terrabloom Grow Fan– It is made in Germany. It has a premium inline fan that can ventilate a grow tent with fresh air.

Yescom Grow Fan– It is designed for heavy duty and suitable for any kind of grow tent. Its performance is powerful and efficient with a US standard plug type.

The above mentioned inline fans are one of the best grow fan you can use in your grow tents. Using these fans will surely make your plants grow correctly without worrying about its health and growth.

Review of the Best Grow Room Fans

Ac Infinity Grow Fan

It is made with intelligent technology that has control in speed, alarms, and memory. The blades are working well without any noise inside plus the energy is very efficient. The product includes the power adapter, thermal, clamps, and mounting hardware.


  • It is an excellent fan inside the grows tent plus the energy consumption is efficient
  • Packaging is quite impressive, and the parts inside are all in sound quality and condition
  • The controller is appropriately working and operates well


  • The fan is not quite
  • The airflow is not distributed correctly inside the grow room
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Terrabloom Grow Fan

This grows fan best for your grow tents if you’re looking for an energy savers fan. This can give you a little cost to your energy or electricity cots for 12 to 24 months. This grow fan is made in Germany that ensures the quality and stability of the item. Make sure not to use this fan outdoors since it is not waterproof.


  • Worth the money you pay
  • The fan is working great for 18 hours for three days, and there’s no issue with it
  • Best German grow fan product


  • The fan is quite noisy
  • The flow of the air is not even
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Yescom Grow Fan

This is a mini portable grow fan that is very convenient to bring wherever you want it to place. It can replace bad air in the surroundings with fresh air, and it can control the humidity inside the grow room. It is also useful at home.


  • The price is right with this grow room fans
  • The 4 inches fan is best for a 4×5 to expand the tent. Air circulates appropriately maintaining the growth of the plant healthy
  • It works as what is said to be in the advertisements


  • The fan is quite noisy
  • Upon trying the product for the first time, it caused overheat and did not work again
  • The blades of the fan loosen after 72 hours of using it
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Simple Deluxe Grow Fan

This durable grow fans is best to use anywhere. Suitable in the office, shops, grow room, hospital, etc. It is made simpler but very elegant in designed plus it works well. It has a customized function that is best for controlling humidity, heat, cooling and air.


  • The size of this grow fan is small but works great in different places
  • It can be used as clip-on fans
  • Price is worth it


  • I am thinking of an oscillating fan, but this one does not work as what I want
  • It is cheaply made and very dangerous to use
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Ventech Grow Fan

Ventech grows fan is established and is suitable in different environments wherein a grow room, hospital, and office. It is made of aerodynamic steel to ensure the stability and efficiency of the product. It also has a one year warranty where you can process conveniently.


  • This product saves a lot of money. It helps to reduce the energy and electricity consumption too
  • Price and function of this item is just right for this product
  • Customer service is excellent


  • The fan is noisy
  • The product is broken after a month of using
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Ipower Grow Fan

iPower grow fan helps to boost the airflow in a grow room. It can be used as a ventilator in the kitchen, shops, bathrooms, basements, and attics. It works well in managing the airflow inside, and it does the work to solve the problem.


  • It works quietly and cost energy saving
  • It has a sensor lamp that works automatically
  • It helps to move fogs


  • It has very minimal airflow
  • Not recommended for medium to large grow room
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Genesis Grow Fan

This grow fan is convertible from clip fan to table fan. You can surely enjoy the features at its best. Genesis increases fan is designed with a strong and stable airflow distribution that makes it even inside. It is easy to use and adjust at anytime.


  • Excellent to use in the room, especially if you’re putting some makeup in your face
  • Perfect size for a grow room
  • Can be a good tabletop fan or clip fan in the wall


  • The fan can hold as a clamp in a flat table
  • The clamp on the fan does not have a rubber gripper
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Holmes Grow Fan

Just like with other grow fan, holmes grow fan can be set as table fan or clamp fan anytime. It is useful in the office, grow tents, shops, etc. The head is adjustable, and it has six blades that allow releasing full airflow.


  • It is made of sturdy and hard plastic material with a metal cage
  • The clip is healthy without any worry that it will fall on the ground
  • The fan is quiet compared with other grow fans and airflow distributes just right in the grow room


  • The cables are short which will not allow you to use it properly
  • There are only two settings of speed
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Vivosun Grow Fan

This grow fan is made of sturdy, light and mesh exterior that protects the blades inside the fan. It allows the grow room to have proper temperatures and distributes the ventilation equally inside the tent. This fan is simple and has an oscillating function.


  • Worth the money you spend with this growing fan
  • Customer service is excellent


  • The clamp does not work well
  • The fan is defective inside during shipment
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Comfort Zone Grow Fan

Comfort Zone grow fan a trusted brand when it comes to growing fan. It is made with humidifiers and performs well with exceptional innovations. It is engineered and ensures quality standards of the product.


  • A little fan that works excellently in grow room
  • It adds breeze and proper circulation
  • It keeps the room temperature cool


  • The motor will start to noise as it goes by
  • Tilt is adjustable but stop working
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Buying Guide for Best Grow Room Fans

What kind of grow fan do I need to use? This question will surely help you in guiding before buying a growing fan. In considering what kind of grow fan you need, there are different factors out there.

Size – Consider the size of the grow room.

Budget – It is essential before buying a growing fan. Especially if you’re considering an oscillating fan, model, and a kind of excavator system grow fan.


In general, ventilated grow room is one way of making sure that plants grow healthy in an indoor grow room. If you have the right airflow in a grow room, it will make you worry less because it can reduce and maintain the growth of the plants properly.

Buying the best grow room fan can be a little expensive but this can surely extend your plants growth, and you get the worth of your money without any regrets.