10 Best Marijuana Pipes (2020 Updated)

One of the most efficient ways to consume cannabis is by using a traditional pipe. It is recommended for people who are smoking cannabis for recreation and for people who are using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Pipes can be traditional pipes, water pipes, and one-hitters. To find the best marijuana pipe that’s right for you, check out our ten top pipes for indulging in cannabis.

At a Glance: Our Top 3 Best Marijuana Pipes

The dugout pipe comes with a classic slider lid system and a hidden weed compartment. There is an adjacent compartment where you dip the bat to load the herb and to fire it up. This is a neat pipe that easily fits in your pocket without arousing suspicion.

The Bukket pipe was a standout at the 2001 High Times Cup in Amsterdam. It is a waterless gravity pipe with a very simple design without using water or a bucket. This is portable and easy to clean pipe with a midsection that may be expanded to fill with smoke. This pipe gives you a lot of room for a big hit.

Finally, an acrylic pipe is durable, long-lasting and safe. It is also portable and is a great pipe to use when smoking with your friends. This pipe has a drum-shaped body and therefore it is easy to hold. It also has a stable base and an acrylic mouthpiece for easy use.

Reviews of the Best Marijuana Pipes

Dugout Pipe

Simple and easy to use, this one-hitter has a classic slider lid system which you will find very easy to take anywhere. It is made from natural teak wood with a clean design. How to use the dugout pipe? Just slide the lid to reveal a compartment. This is where you place your herb. The adjacent compartment is where you dip the bat to load the pipe with herb and to fire it up. Place the lid back and the dugout keeps your weed safely so you can take another day. The best part is that this neat pipe fits in your pocket without arousing suspicion.

The Dugout Pipe is a simple one-hitter pipe made of classic metal and wood. It comes with a simple compartment for your herb stash and it fits neatly inside your pocket. No need to arouse suspicion; you can smoke anywhere you want to with this easy to use a pipe. There are a few flaws but nonetheless, it’s a good small marijuana pipe for anyone who wants to enjoy a good toke.


  • Made of metal and natural teak
  • With a hidden compartment for your herb
  • With a discrete and portable design
  • Comes with a slider system
  • Easy to load and use


  • Problems with loading
  • Maybe too small for people with big hands

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The Bukket Pipe – Waterless Gravity Pipe

Do you find the Bukket pipe weird or a piece of art? This pipe was first seen at the 2001 High Times Cup in Amsterdam and from that time till today, it is still known as one of the best waterless gravity pipes in the market. This is a very simple pipe and works without the hassle of using water or a bucket. This is a dry, portable and easy to clean pipe that will easily dose you with your cannabis. The midsection of the Bukket Pipe may be expanded so it can fill with smoke. It is only 5 inches tall when collapsed but can expand up to 22 inches when is released. This gives you a lot of room to get a big hit.

The Bukket Pipe is a gravity pipe that gives you a lot of room to create a lot of smoke for a big hit. It collapses and expands easily according to your needs plus is easy to clean up as well. This lets you easily dose up on your favorite weed or your medical cannabis as well. And because of its design, it could be difficult to use for anyone new to using pipes.


  • Collapsible, portable and dry
  • Can produce massive amounts of smoke
  • Is easy to clean
  • Order different colors
  • Comes with a drawstring bag


  • Can be difficult to use for the first time

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Acrylic Pipe

There are a lot of advantages to choosing an acrylic pipe. This kind of pipe is durable, long-lasting and safe to use. Most acrylic pipes are also portable so this means you can take it anywhere you want to toke. This is a great pipe to use when you want to share smoke with your friends.

This pipe comes with a drum-shaped body and is very easy to hold even with medium to small hands. It also comes with a stable base and an acrylic mouthpiece attached to a durable stem which can be completely adjusted. You will find this pipe easy to cool down with its large body. You must use a metal screen in the bowl to prevent ash and herb crumbs from settling down the pipe and can reach your mouth.

This acrylic pipe offers a modern twist to your marijuana enjoyment. It is durable, lasts for a long time and very safe to use. It is portable and therefore you can use this to smoke with friends. This design is efficient but may be improved with a screen to prevent crumbs and fine cannabis to move towards your mouth and to settle under the pipe.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with a metal bowl
  • With an acrylic mouthpiece
  • Durable and can be used regularly
  • A perfect way to enjoy cannabis with friends


  • Can be upgraded with a screen

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Stone Pipe

This is a dark, speckled stone pipe perfect as one-hitters. This is your pipe if you are looking for a quick toke. This is made from durable stone, carved and developed into a smooth and fine finish. The mouthpiece is slightly flattened so you can easily use this on your mouth. The stone pipe can hold enough herbs to create a good hit. Like acrylic pipes, you must use a metal screen to prevent ash and herb bits from moving down the pipe and to your mouth. This stone pipe is not as heavy as you may think. You can use this easy and it fits into your pocket.

The stone pipe is a natural, convenient and portable cannabis pipe that you can take anywhere. It looks very unique with its natural color and design. The pipe is not at all as heavy as stone but in fact, it comes with a smooth finish and is light. However, you need to use a metal screen to keep the small bits of cannabis from entering your mouth or settling down the bowl. But despite these features, this remains a cool cannabis pipe to use for recreational or medical marijuana use.


  • Made from a solid piece of stone
  • Easy to use
  • With a smooth finish
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • A decorative cannabis accessory


  • Should be used with a metal screen

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Wood Pipe

The wood pipe is a compact cannabis pipe which is crafted and developed with metal and wooden accents. This pipe comes with two wooden parts connected by a metallic component. You may find this small and discrete however it is very simple to load and use. With this pipe, you can prepare your smoke easily and then use it when it is ready or on the go. You can clean this pipe well because the wood and metal parts can be detached from each other. It fits comfortably in your hand or pocket as well.

The Wood Pipe is compact and is crafted from metal and wood. It comes in two parts which can be detached easily for cleaning. It is very easy to take anywhere and is discrete too. You can hold it in your hand or inside your pocket. This is a good accessory to share cannabis with your friends.


  • Compact wood pipe
  • Crafted and designed from metal and wood
  • With two parts that can be detached for easy cleaning.
  • Will fit comfortably in your pocket or hand
  • You can use this to enjoy cannabis with friends


  • Some find the bowl too small
  • Some find this hard to clean

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SI Pipes – Jack the Ripper Glass Pipe

The Jack the Ripper Glass Pipe from SI Pipes is a classic example of a one-hitter. It is the ideal size to use anywhere without attracting so much attention. It is also the perfect size to use cannabis from (whether recreational or medical marijuana) because it can fit inside your pocket. The Jack the Ripper Double Filtered refillable handheld glass pipe is easy to use but could be a challenge to clean.

The Jack the Ripper pipe is made from durable glass and is known as a one-hitter pipe. This can carry only a small amount of dry weed but it lets you toke secretly anywhere because it is easy to hold and take anywhere. This pipe can also be used to smoke medical cannabis. This is a good way to take cannabis but there are some complaints. First of all, it is a pain to clean because of the small parts. You need to use cleaning chemicals to remove all residue but you also need to scrub it well to remove the cleaning chemicals as well as dirt and residue that have accumulated inside the pipe. Other than some flaws, this remains a good one-hitter pipe to use for enjoying cannabis.


  • Can be reused
  • Can be hidden inside pockets
  • Can smoke even medical cannabis
  • Light and discrete
  • Made from durable materials


  • Can be a challenge to clean
  • Can smoke only a small amount of weed

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Funguys Pipe

One way to express your fun side while smoking cannabis is by using this funny Funguys Pipe. This funky fungus is a pipe with a straight tube design made from poly-resin. It is easy to hold when you grab the mushroom design on the pipe. It also comes with metal parts which may also be removed for easy cleaning. This pipe is easy to load and use. It has a metal mouthpiece, a small bowl and a metallic tube that connects to adjoining metallic parts. You can easily load the bowl. Load this hour before you smoke and when you are done, it makes it easier to smoke afterward.

The parts are completely detachable therefore it can be easily cleaned so it will be ready for your next toke. It should come with a screen though, the bits of cannabis can stay under the bowl or these can reach your mouth as well for a bitter high.

The Funguys Pipe is a pipe that has a fun and interesting design. But this is not all design though. It is made from polyresin and metal. It is easy to use and hold; hold it on the fun mushroom figure body to steady the pipe especially when loaded. This can also be detached so you can easily clean it after every use. However, this pipe needs a screen to prevent the small bits of cannabis to settle into the bowl and moving to your mouth. All in all, the pipe is perfect for smoking alone or smoking with friends.


  • Made from polyresin and metal
  • Very portable and can be smoked anywhere
  • Easy to hold and use
  • With a metallic mouthpiece
  • Can be detached and unscrewed for easy cleaning


  • You need a screen to use this pipe

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Celebration Pipes –Lavastonewear Hand Pipe – Purple Haze

This interesting pipe is made from lavastone and was originated in Maui, Hawaii in 1979. It was handmade in the USA from an entirely family run business. The Celebration Pipes pipe has an exotic and luxurious design. Lavastone is made from composite ceramic with lava rocks that are cooked to more than 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. You will find this beautiful and basically indestructible too. This is actually a personalized pipe that was signed by the artist that made it. It comes with a large 22K gold plated bowl. The gold bowl easily reflects heat, therefore, it can easily burn its contents. The Lavastonewear pipe is packaged in handmade velvet and satin; a pouch that lets you take it anywhere and also makes it a lovely gift. This comes with a certificate of authenticity so be careful not to lose this.

The Lavastonewear pipe is made in the USA with a unique design made from composite ceramic. It can cook weed fast and easy because of its gold bowl. And if you are giving this away as a gift, you will find the velvet and satin handmade pouch that comes with this pipe a great accessory. The pouch also lets you carry this pipe anywhere you want to smoke.


  • Unique and a collector’s item
  • Easy to use and clean
  • With a gold bowl that heats weed fast
  • With a velvet and satin pouch
  • Unique pipe with a certificate of authenticity


  • Concerns about cleaning

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Glass Pipe

This is a pipe with an intricate and elegant design. You will find this glass pipe a worthwhile part of your collection because it is so beautiful. It’s fun to watch the smoke passing through the glass pipes too with its many twists and bends. The double coil is not just an aesthetic feature for this pipe. It can cool down the smoke so you can take it with a smooth clean hit. As you can see, the pipe was also designed to be placed on a table without falling off.

This Glass Pipe is made with swirls and spirals which can actually do more than making the pipe beautiful. The swirls actually make it easier to cool down the smoke. It looks like a collector’s item piece but surely you’ll want to use it again and again. The main problem you may have with this type of pipe is that it could be too hard to clean. You may need to use chemicals to remove debris and stuck residue in the pipe’s inner swirls and spirals.


  • Made from clear glass
  • With double spiral design
  • With a deep bowl
  • Spirals cool the smoke before you hit
  • A collector’s item


  • Should be used with a metal screen
  • Can be very hard to clean

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Padded Duffle Bag for Glass Water Pipes

Now, this is not exactly a marijuana pipe. This is a convenient padded duffle bag for a glass water pipe. This bag lets you carry your glass pipe to anywhere you need to go. It has a zippered enclosure with different compartments for different accessories. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps too. You can purchase this in black or camouflage design.

The Padded Duffle Bag for Glass Pipes is a bag specially made for carrying pipes and bongs. It comes with a number of pockets and compartments, adjustable straps and is strong. Some people find this not so thick and in fact a bit flimsy to carry large bongs and pipes which is why it’s recommended to pack your accessories with newspaper or bubble wrap first.


  • With a secure zippered enclosure
  • With adjustable straps
  • With many compartments to hold accessories
  • Comes in two designs
  • Strong and durable, waterproof


  • Complaints that this is not so thick

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Buyer’s Guide

How to purchase quality marijuana pipes

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes fit in the palm of your hand and are perfect for casual smokers and for recreational users as well. You can find good quality hand pipes from an online store or from a local distributor if such a place is unavailable in your area. Hand pipes are usually made of glass, although there are some plastic or metal variations from different retailers. Just be very careful because smaller glass hand-pipes can be very difficult to clean. There are some techniques you can use though like rinsing it with alcohol or acetone because these can make your pipe pristine clean.

Another disadvantage of using glass pipes is that these can easily break. When choosing the ideal marijuana pipe, make sure the holes are the right size. A very small hole can affect the airflow of the pipe and it will also be very difficult to clean as well. If the holes were too large, you would need a “stopper” to prevent your weed from falling through the hole. Make sure that the glass is of good quality since thicker glass is sturdier. You don’t have to replace a new glass pipe in just a few days.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are for more experienced users and are known as an upgrade to an old hand pipe. A water pipe is also called a bong. This has a percolation chamber which bubbles and changes the smoke into water vapor. Doing so reduces the harshness of the smoke and makes your cannabis experience smoother and definitely cleaner.

It should be easy to find a water pipe that will suit your needs. You can find water pipes made of glass, metal, plastic or acrylic but most people prefer glass because these will give you the best hit. If there is a local headgear near you then this is where you will probably find the best pipes. However, you can also find good deals and a lot of great options online.

One Hitter

One-hitters are small devices that are mostly as big as a pen. These can be useful in situations where you want to be discrete about your cannabis usage. The problem with one-hitters is that it can only take a small amount of weed and because it is mostly made of glass, it could be very hard to clean this type of pipe. One-hitters are mostly electronically operated and therefore you need a battery to operate it. Use only the best kind to make sure that you stay safe and secure when you consume cannabis.

Aside from the mentioned devices, you might also look into purchasing an old-fashioned gentleman’s pipe because this can also work as better as a regular hand pipe according to its make and model. On the other hand, wood pipes can actually enhance the flavor and texture of your weed.


Marijuana pipes come in different kinds and material. The point of using pipes is that you can easily take advantage of the hit especially when you are using cannabis for therapeutic uses. It is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis but at the same time, it is very hard to clean and maintain. As there are many kinds and brands of pipes, choose the best pipe and shop for the best features. Soon, you will have the best cannabis enjoyment experience with friends or when you are smoking alone.

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